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hi, exactly what i was looking for! one q though: i want to create a “windows metro style” page with buttons that are symmetrical but differ in size (exactly like windows metro-style) is it possible?

The buttons are not specifically metro style, but you can mimic that look by using a flat format or custom background color, setting the border width to 0 and then fiddling with the width and height for better consistency.

The buttons themselves do follow the same styles generally so they will all act the same way no matter the size. One thing I should note is that icon only or text only buttons will center, but combinations of elements will move to the left side.

That being said, you also have the option to build your own custom class modifications in your theme CSS and then just make sure the buttons you create have that custom class attached (Button Details Panel).

Icons overtop of text will require CSS modifications targeted at the bottun.

What you are asking for is possible, it’s just not designed to do it right out of the box. If you are willing to throw in some custom CSS to override the base styles, it should be possible.

Thank you for asking about this, it’s given us an idea for a new product. :)

you’re welcome and thanks for the reply. waiting for ok of a client, if it will be a yes i’ll buy!

Lovely pluggin. I have tried the demo creating a button. I see when I write many text instead appearing a second row, the text disapear completly. Is it apropiated if the use I try to do is for large sentences of text in the button? Thanks

The buttons are not designed for longer sentences, though you can adjust the custom width, height, and line height settings to work with longer text.

We will consider this type of formatting for future updates.

Hyper well done bro ! The most complete button creator down codecanyon ! congrats ! Seb

On the builder page, yes, we’ll look into a better way to handle that. In the WordPress editor though it should stay at the top.

also, flip fx are kind of buggy when mouse is over, it constantly repeat the fx and result in a visual glitch. ANother important point : if the user clicks your preview button, it reloads the page and all of the settings are lost. Last but not least : this would be great to have a possibility to save produced buttons for later use/customization. That’s all I have to say.

Thank you for the feedback. :)

1. With the flip effect, it is CSS3 and unfortunately subject to the browser rendering agent (Not a scripted effect, pure CSS3). If we find a way to smooth it out, we will.

2. In the button builder, the goal was to create an exact version of how the button would be like on the page, but I see your point. We’ll see if the URL can be adjusted in preview mode or somehow keep the button from working using JavaScript so you can see the click effects better.

3. Any button produced can be re-imported back in for editing. It’s not as fancy as saving as a CPT (though we have considered it and may end up putting that in there), but any code produced can be copy/pasted back into the import tab and loaded directly back into the builder for changes or to use as the basis for a new button.

Hello, this would be great to be able to define personalized colors and gradient for buttons but to have pre defined ones as styling is really important in webdesign and webdesigners just can’t rely on pre built/defined stuff. Cheers, Seb.

Thank you very much for the feedback and purchase! There are some custom colors that can be used for the buttons, but they are limited. Additional color work is something on our radar though and any breakthroughs will get added in as we build them.

Is it possible to generate button code and use on a non-wordpress site, simply by copy/pasting the CSS/HTML? Thanks

Sorry, the plugin isn’t designed to do what you are asking. We’ll consider this for a future update or new item.

Hi For Host Reduce Usage CSS Transitions Must Be Enabled or Disbaled ? And For Font Awesame Better Internal Or External Use? any Guidance

CSS transitions are optional for effects, it just adds some CSS3 code in (it’s already loaded in the main styles, but is only applied when the option is used).

Font Awesome can be loaded internally or externally, it’s your choice. If you want to reduce server load and usage, we would suggest loading externally through a CDN. If the CDN’s aren’t working for whatever reason, then load internally.


It appears that the buttons are not responsive? They do not resize when the window size is changed : ie, to mobile.

Is this supposed to happen? Thanks.

A bit more information, this seems to be specifically with icons – the text will disappear completely. Without an icon, some words will disappear. I expect that they should wrap and the button get bigger vertically (or the font get smaller).

That is possible if there is a larger amount of text on the button. We tested them with only a couple of words.

Do you have a link to your site we can look at?

How would one go about adding fontello icons to the icons list and will they appear in the icons list?

Unfortunately, we do not have a process to add additional icon fonts to the list. Currently that is manually supplied by an array in the plugin. As an alternative, you could screenshot an icon and upload it to the sidebar as an image.

Greetings, This WP button tool is awesome! Out-of-the-box it works VERY well!

My only issue I’m having right now is configuration of custom features. I’m not seeing how to make the Customer Background Color the main color in the final shortcode.

It keeps making the default button color the only color that shows, not the hexadecimal color I put into the customer background color field.

Is there a switch I’m missing, or a particular way I need to format the button to make this feature work? Cheers!

Greetings! Thank you for the quick response! It appears that when I used the Shortcode > Customize: Custom Background Color > Hex Color… I put the hash ”#” symbol when I put in the hexadecimal color. With the # symbol in the box, the color assignment fails. When I took it out (noticing that the pop-up window has the # symbol, but NOT in the editable area), the color suddenly worked! So that was my mistake! I didn’t realize that the plugin already includes the # and did not require me to add it. Problem solved! Thank you!

Glad it worked out!

Thank you—5 Stars!

Hi, are these buttons responsive and is this a none off payment or do we have to renew the license after some time?

The buttons are semi-responsive. Most of the time, they won’t need to use responsive code unless the button text is pretty long. If you find you need responsive styles, please send us an example and we can see what we can do. There are plenty of possibilities outside of the box with these types of elements.

The license is a single payment for use on a single website, the only renewal (which is optional) is for support after a period of six months.