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I get the following when adding debug($the_query); to a theme I’m developing.

Fatal error: func_get_arg(): Can't be used as a function parameter in /home/user/domain/wp-content/plugins/buggy/buggy.php on line 26


What does $the_query contain?

If you want please send me a email so we can figure out whats going on in a more detailed way.

I just bought this, thank you.

Do you have a standalone self contained version that can be included into any php project? if you created a single php file version, similar to but to the console like your wordpress plugin i’d buy it in a second. Amazing for my workflow, I want this for all my php projects now, thanks!


glad ou like the plugin! I have no intention writing a standalone PHP library. I don’t even code and PHP anymore :).

But check out the code. I think it’s easy to port it to other web-based projects.

What is it exactly, to find errors in the Blog?

It seem that the plugin does’nt work anymore (WordPress 3.8). The console stays empty. Any chance for an update?