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I just purchased this plugin and when I tried to install it…got an error message. Do I need to do something different beside upload plugin zip file …let me know.


What kinds of error message. Please note upload chatroom.zip file and not chatroom-main.zip file. unzip the main then you will find the chatroom.zip file. you also need buddypress to install to use this plugin. after install buddypress please go settings -> buddypress -> then select all component then save settings.

Hi, thank you for this new plugin version. It fixed my images not showing up. However, now I can’t see the offline members. Is there an option I haven’t seen to have offline members to show? Thank you.

Hi, I have seen there are 4 user. the new 2 user may not login for a single time. My plugin needs user login at least once for setting us meta info. Please try to login from each user once and check.

However I have added a new function so that during registration the meta info can set. if you want this version you can send me message to my above email address. I will send you through.


Ok, I see. I logged in before from the former version of the chat. So it’s needed to log again after installing the new update. It now shows inactive users indeed. Thank you ! :) PS: No need for meta info to be set in registration. What’s important is that it works once they have logged in at least 1 time.


Please can you do a customisation to enable friend-only chat for non-buddypress community sites also? I use Ultimate member community plugin. Would appreciate.



Hi, I probably sent you a message. Please send me wp-admin user info to my email ruhul080@gmail.com and also Ultimate member community plugin so that I can check the database structure.


Thanks. Will do.

Hi again. When someone sent a chat message while the person was not logged in, the chat window doesn’t open when he finally logs in. So he doesn’t see right away the message. Could there be a way so that, when someone logs in, he sees right away all chat messages he has missed while logged out?

My new update has a new feature. if anyone get message in offline the message will also go to buddypress message system. So he will get notification in buddypress notificaton system. I will also consider your request of popping up while logged in. next update 3 weeks from now.


That would be nice indeed to have the pop-up chat of missed chat messages when logging in :) Thank you !

will u ever consider an embeddable chat room plugin for wordpress… that i can embed in posts and pages?

Hi, I already have that kind of plugin. you can embed it any page or post. it can be added even every page or post via [chatroom] shortcode.

Please check here: https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-chat-room-group-chat-plugin/14052818

I bought your plugin with my mistake.
I confused with your another plugin names “WordPress Chat Room, Group Chat Plugin.”
Can I get a refund so, I can buy your plugin that able to embed group chat room.

send mail to my email ruhul080@gmail.com. I will send you my other plugin for free. Thanks

Because refund is a long process and handled by codecanyon. I have no role on it. I just trust my clients as you have said you purchased it mistakenly.

Thank you so much :)

Hi Team,

I purchased your chat plugin, and after installing it, the CPU usage of my entire VServer went through the roof. Usually I have a CPU load of about 1-3 percent (with more than 20 websites on my server). After activating the plugin, CPU usage of my whole server went up to 100%.

Do you know this effect and do you have a hint for solving this?

Kind regards,


Hi, go to bpchat options -> Refresh Options then change Chat message refresh rate to 10000 and Friend list refresh rate to 120000 and see what happened.



I have installed your plugin and it is a very nice looking plugin for my site, now there are some issues I am facing.

To be able to use this plugin I need it to be integrated with the bp-messages(i am using the better messages plugin, which supports threaded messages) – so conversations should be stored there. actually i thought it would use the message system. As of now messages only gets stored for å limited time. The friend Tab loads very slowly, I can see that this is the issue also on the demo – is there a way to fix this? it does not show online friends but only a loader. Is it possible to add attachements to the plugin?

Sorry about this since i like the look of it.

My site is

https://sapmi.social/wp-admin login: support pass: 398ewSej

Arvid Hansen sapmi.social

You should not provide user and pass here, change it and send to my email: ruhul080@gmail.com Currently if any user offline then message will go to buddypress and user will get notified. As buddypress is general I have used it. 3rd party plugin is not common and not using by many user.

For the friend loading I am checking the system. check me back in 2-3 days.


Hi, I’m very interesting in BP Chat or Buddypress plugin. I have few questions before buying :

1) Is it possible to use the chat with friends only 2) Is there Hooks (Actions and filters) avalaible to edit the code without loosing the changes when updates. What kind of hooks are available ? 3) Is there a way to override exiting smileys with custome smyleys without loosing changes when updates?

Thanks for everything and congrats for your great job, I’m french so I’m sorry if my english isn’t perfect,


Hi, send me your wp-admin link, user and pass to my email ruhul080@gmail.com so that I can check and give you solution.

I sent you an email, I think Robbie777 has same problem

I Found the solution.I sent you an email with the code to edit. it was a parenthesis error in sql request when using the friends only with buddy press option

Hi, I have updated the plugin to version 2.0.0 but having massive problems with it. The previous version never had images of members showing up but that is fixed but this new version is not showing up any members even if online? It just seems to be showing a refresh or loading icon and nothing at all? The only way we can get to see members show up is if we search in the chat search box for the direct username. I see you have someone else talk about this on here as well but even after logging both members in… it still no different?

Sent you mail with details.. Look forward to your reply.

Hi any news on the fix? I’m interested in purchasing the chatroom plugin as well soon. Just wondered if there is any update on this plugin yet?


robbie777 Purchased

LibertyDev above claims to have the fix.. ain’t heard bugger all from the support yet?


nomenesl Purchased


I am interested in buying the community chat. Can You install if I buy it?


nomenesl Purchased

Dear author, I have begged you via email to assist. Can you please respond?


nomenesl Purchased

can someone look into my ticket, please?

Hello! Does this plugin include the ability to archive or otherwise access private chat history between users? I’d like to use it for a research project, but we need to be able to access the transcripts. Thanks.

hello, no users are showing up in bpchat, i know i no longer have support , but it just keep refreshing


nomenesl Purchased

Would the author ever respond?

Hello Support Team! The demo looks excellent I am planning to purchase it. I just have one question: Is it possible to restrict access by users? I have people allocated to groups and would like to allow the people in the groups to talk to each other but not across groups. Is this possible? Thanks for clarification.