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Yes, It’s in mobile. Chat window if zooming in when trying to chat in mobile. Please help us with this.,


I have bought your plugin, but there is a problem that I cant fix. When you close a chat window and go to another page the chat window will pop up again.

Can this problem be fixed? Its quite annoying ..

Thanks and Kind regards,


But if you close the chat window it should sty closed and not pop up if you change the site.

Are you working on a solution? It happens all the time.

I got one logic. I will make it such a way that it open only if new message come unless it will remain close. I think it will work for you. please give me 7 days to update.


I have the problem that the website content is not cklickable as long as a chat window is opened, and the website content is on the same height as the chat wndow. When the chat windoes is closed again, the content is just normal clickable.

Can you fix this issue?

Thanks and kind regards,



marvc Purchased

2 questions: 1. Are there any shortcodes for this plugin? I want to create a “chat” page displaying the latest community chats. Be also cool to display chat users & groups within the sidebars on the page. 2. I can no longer find the settings in my dashboard. I run ver1.1.6. 3. Is it possible to move the chat box from lower right to say lower left?

Any responses appreciated


Please send me message with problem to my email ruhul080@gmail.com with wp-admin user and pass so that I can solve it.

Hello to you ! first of all, good job for this plugin it’s really nice !

I have a little question for you.

Actually, when i click on an other web page, when it’s opening, it’s maximize all of my discussion window …. is it possible to minimize all the discussion window when we change the website page


akashyap Purchased

Hi . Awesome plugin . Everything is working perfectly . Can you tell me how I can hide the admin user from chat. I know HTML CSS , but only too little php to be able to understand how exactly to proceed. Would it be similar to removing admin user from buddypress members list ?? Just let me know that and I will try to do it like it. I still am understanding that code..


I’m making a business directory website. And I’d like users to chat to the business owners.

I am not sure that your plug in can serve to what I am looking for or not..

I’d like to have a “Chat now” button on each listing page. So that people can click on it and send a chat message to the business owner.

By doing this, I don’t want here http://imgur.com/8OZDZbq to display all members. I want to display only the users that they click “Chat now”.

Is this possible?

Hey, the chat-plugin chows always, that every user is online. So next to all users in littlte chatbox, the online-icon is green as if he is online. But that’s wrong for sure. How can we fix this? Best regards, Dennis Marschner