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There are some major issues + security vulnerabilities with this plugin: First, the code is very messy second chat is vulnerable to cross-side scripting attacks. if user types HTML into chatbox, that html will be rendered out. This needs to be fixed asap

Presale Question- Does this plugin have the ability to create chat rooms?

Hey I have a buddypress based ecommerce site. What are the user acess and controls e.g. only contact friends etc

Hey I’m having issues with the plugin, when It searches for friends or I make it Friends only it hangs/ constanly refreshing. I’m running buddyboss social marketplace

hello a client gave me have this plugin installed on their website which am working on. It doesnt show friends to chat with. What could be the issues all though i created 2 users and they were online and are already friends as i set option to buddypress friends only.

Seriously, this plugin isn’t working, I Fixed the problem alone because nobody answer my mails and I have send them an e-mail with all modifications and they still do nothing. They didn’t say thank you or anything else.

For everybody has problems with this plugins you can contact me here : https://liberty-dev.com/contact/

Hi I’d like to request a refund there is massive security vulnerabilities in this plugin and overall just too many issues with the code for us to use this.

Hi, what kind of security vulnerabilities. If you can mention the issue, then I can check. If you do not want to use it you can get refund. You can not blame about security without giving detail.


Very happy to see you again,

Have you fixed the major security issue (I mean sending code in messages that will be executed) ? (ex: if you write alert(‘test’) in the message area it will display a popup to anyone receives this message)

Have you fixed the Mysql JOIN errors in few queries that makes a lot of people having issues with buiddypress ?

Hello! What is the template called on the site bpchat.wpapplab.com . I want to buy your plugin and that the profile displays notifications as on the demo site. Thank you.