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If a user is offline and I send him a message, will he receive it when he logs in? does it automatically pop up?

yes. it works like that

HI In chat system, user is showing online even if user is offline Can You Help to solve this issue Thanks

That’s wired. Thanks for contacting. I will look into this.

Pre Purchase Question: I love the plugin. Here’s what I want to do.

1. I have a portal for Students and Teachers. And I want students to be able to chat with the teacher of their choice. The sessions can be paid or free depending on the choice of the teachers.

Is it possible to build something like this with this plugin? I’m also not interested in installing Buddypress or some other community plugin. I’ve read that this plugin can perform well without BP as well. Is that true?

2. Do you also provide customization for the same?

Thank you


This plugin will work without buddypress. If your portal uses membership plugin like paid membership pro then my plugin can limit chatting only for paid user. But you can not charge user for certain session or time to limit chat.


No we are not using membership plugin you mentioned. But we are using DocDirect Theme: http://www.themographics.com/wordpress/docdirect/

It has its own registration process. We want to enable our registered users to chat with each other privately. Even if there’s no integration for payment, is it possible to integrate the plugin with such functionality? All we need is to let these users chat with each other privately in their separate window.

anybody registered in your site can chat with each other privately. In fact this plugin only allow registered user to chat each other.

Hi need some info how to:

.) Make Group List the main chat overview page .) Not show Search and Member overview

The group chat works as i’ve made some buddypress tests. If you need an account let me know. Will pay for it if needed.

Thanks Patrick

Hi mircode, i know that. But we use it on a member site where only the group members should chat within the group list and we don’t want to see all members in the overview window. So we would like to start with the group view and hide the all members overview and also the member search.

ohh. currently there is no built in system to do it. we need to customize it. If you want to customize it send me message to my email ruhul080@gmail.com



ignasr Purchased

Hello, can you help my with your wordpress buddypress users chat plugin? I need help how to use same databases in your plugin as in buddypress messages to have same messages in both places


LoveZone Purchased

Hello Can you please help me why group chat not working in my site.

Hi, bpchat is only for private one to one chat. not gtoup chat.


Hi There ,

can this plugin used in theme (to be sold on Themeforest ) ?

also what you think about multisite support ? i mean what unexpected result when using on multisite ?

Thanks .

yes. you can buy extended licence to use in theme to sold in themeforest.

Multisite does not support currently. But the update version will. If you want I can send you beta version which support multisite. But you have to purchase first.


Hello, great plugin. We are going to use on www.SkyRooms.IO

I am having an issue that on SOME pages, the existing chats pop up. On other pages, it does not. Any ideas?

Any plans to add file sharing? We’re switching off www.Iflychat.com because they’re too expensive for startups.

Yes I have plan for file sharing update. Can you please send wp-admin info to my email ruhul080@gmail.com so that I can check.


Chat isn’t synchronized on mobile devices until a full page reload occurs.

Can this be fixed?

which browser you are using on mobile device so that I can check.


Issue: When selecting a GROUP, my regular friends are appearing. My friends are listed + My group members are listed.

Fix: Only show members of the group when selecting a group


Thanks for contacting. I will check the issue.


hello, i have a problem. the plugin tells me that all members are always on-line, when in fact it is not true. Each member makes me see the green ball. Even when I try to update does not change anything. How can I fix the problem?


Hi, Please send your site address.


Hi, I had another use buy the plugin for me. Purchase code 77c7bd22-553b-451e-879c-96a68533a883.

I’m having the issue that after transferring our site to a live environment, the plugin isn’t working anymore. There is no chat window. What could have caused this and how do we solve it? Thanks.

Hi, I do support only via comment through purchased username. please send message via the codecanyon account who purchase this plugin.

Hi, there.

I’m having the issue that after transferring our site to a live environment, the plugin isn’t working anymore. There is no chat window. What could have caused this and how do we solve it? Thanks.

Purchase code 77c7bd22-553b-451e-879c-96a68533a883.

Hi, let me check the live site too. Please send me wp-admin info to my email ruhul080@gmail.com

Hi, I tried looking for the solution, but can;t find any here… Right now ( not using buddypress) all user accounts can use the chat. I only want specific members (admin, moderators) to be able to chat. Now everybody can chat. How can I achieve this? Thnx!

Hi, send me the user roles who can chat. Then I will send you a code. you need to put it in header.php file in theme file.


HI Mircode. user roles ‘s2member_level2’ and ‘admin’ need to be able to chat

send me message to my email ruhul080@gmail.com with wp-admin user and pass.


Hi, I got in touch pre-sale about limiting the live chat to specific membership types, we’re using paid memberships pro, could you give me an email on hello@heartit.co to discuss please? I will give you admin access and everything you need to know then. Thanks a lot. Thomas

I sent you mail

Hello Sir I want to discuss you about this item, if someone is using my licensed version in his website then what we can do. And suggest me how can we prevent that

Can you please send me the link. If he did not purchase the item then we can complain to envato and they will take legal measures.


Prebuy Question:

I see you have solution to integrate chat with Paid Membership Pro plugin. Please tell me is it possible to integrate it with another membership plugin? I want to buy this one:

ARMember – Complete WordPress Membership System https://codecanyon.net/item/armember-complete-wordpress-membership-system/17785056?s_rank=1

Want to limit chat acces based on membership level. Thank you.

I have not try this one because I do not have this plugin. if you share armember plugin with documentation to my email ruhul080@gmail.com I could tell you by checking the plugin. Since every plugin has membership related API or functions it could be integrate.


Thanks for fast response. I dont have it yet, waiting some answers from author. If I decide to go with Armember I will sent it to you. I read a lot about Armember and also about your chat plugin. I am pretty sure those are the best and must have plugins especially for BuddyPress websites.


Hi. Could this plugin work on multilingual site? I need it in two languages. If answe is no, then please tell me is it possible to make it WPML compatible somehow?