Discussion on WordPress Booking Hotel

Discussion on WordPress Booking Hotel

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Hello Mate your plugin works with new version of WP and Elementor ? and there is a shortcode to use Listing or Grid ?

It might be unexpected problem so we did not receive your email. Could you resend your email to ?

Thank you very much.

Done sent, i will remove my email from above

Yes, we see your email and our team will handle your request. Thank you.

Hello I am developing a multiple hotel website and your plugin may interest me for it. Do you have a demo of the administration?

Hi thoribio,

Thank you for your interest. My name is Theodore from netbaseteam.

For now, the demo of the administration is not yet available. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

For more details and quick discussions, please add me at:

Skype: live:.cid.422392e20b4ec601

WhatsApp: +84 346 253 598

Best Regards,


Hi Folks

Can I use this system for ONE hotel alone? it is for a single business.

Dear Eivanalitycs

Thank you for contacting our team. Yes you can use this system for one hotel with no problem.

Best regards


Hello, I am really interested in your plugin for wordpress. At my hotel I have this kind of business model: people pay to stay there for the day (lunch, swimming pool, sports, etc), so they won’t sleep and check out on the other day. It is really a “day use”. Can I use your plugin to manage the reservations? Thank you.

Dear henriquesv

Thank you for contacting us. Currently, our plugin doesnt offer Day Use option but we can customize to fit your request.

Please contact our staff via email to have more detail on time frame and price. Thank you

Best regards


Hello @netbaseteam,

We face the following error while saving hotel in the WordPress Booking Hotel plugin, please help on same

Fatal error: Uncaught WpBookingHotel\Database\exception\DatabaseExceptionExecuting: Field ‘description’ doesn’t have a default value SQL=INSERT INTO woobooking_hotelproperty SET object_id=0 , type=’destination’ , hotel_id=1 in /wp-content/plugins/wpbookinghotel/lib/Database/driver/DatabaseDriverMysqli.php:542

Dear iFlairwebtechnologies

Please kindly help us to click here: to create an cmsmart account and create a ticket to our dev team to get help on the issue

Thank you Best regards


Thats mean multi branchs hotel?

Dear Mr/ Mrs Livintech

Yes, our plugin allow you to list multi branches hotel and also multiple hotel with different locations

Best regards


I currently use a payment plugin from my local bank integrated with Woocommerce.

Can I continue use this plugin with the Booking Hotel plugin ?

Any news ?

Hello elblind,

Sorry about it one more time.

Actually, your issues need to take our team more time than expectations, anyway, we are trying to resolve everything as quickly as possible.

Hope you can understand this.

Best regards,


Hello elblind,

Please submit our ticket at this link

After that, you can describe your issues in more detail and note your product and purchase code. Then Our developer will check and help you out of the issue better, because we take the priority to check issues on the support ticket system.

Hope you can do it

Best regards,


Question before buying. 1. Is this plugin compatible with the houzez theme? 2. Can it work with several different properties at the same time? 3. Is it possible to sinchronize the calendar with other platforms (import & export) like AirBnB and thanks in advance

Hello Mr/Mrs. Robvieira,

Many thanks for your interest in our product. Some of your request will need extra customization work.

For more detail, kindly contact our product consultant Gary via the following information.Whataspp : +84 8489 89810, or Skype : live:.cid.2bbcb9519a28bdf1

Best regards

Hi Is payment compatible with the WooCommerce ?

Hello Mr Balaos

Thank you for being interested in our product. Our plugins in based on woo commerce and support paypal and credit card.

If you want to integrate other payment platform, please contact our staff – Gary via email or whatasps : + 84 848989 810

Best regards


I have some pre sales questions:

The requirements are based on this link, respectively can be changed slightly – of sure, so that it working together with WooCommerce and it’s payment methodes:

As You see here, we ask the customer to choose for the different cruises, but this can be on different pages as we have

– Four Day Cruise, we have an Upstream tour and a Downstream tour – Golf Cruise is basically the same, but only price different – Seven Day Cruise, this is the Upstream & Downstream tour

In total we have 10 cabins (Twin Cabin Price), with 2 PAX (guests per cabin) normal occupancy (so max 20 PAX in full, used by 10 cabins). Single Cabin Price is the Twin Cabin Price plus a surcharge, cause one PAX per cabin. Ideally customers should be able to book different amount of cabins, respectively normal booking will be the booking Twin Cabin. But if a group of 7 PAX are booking, this would be 2 Twin Cabin Price plus one single Cabin Price. If 6 PAX are booking, 3 Twin Cabin Price needs to get booked.

On a tour (Upstream), there could be PAX booking 4 Day Cruise, but also 7 Day Cruise (this not needs to be booked in one time, as unusually that customers book different tour lengths).

Any booking needs to assign a cabin…

Additional information:

We have basically only one cruise type. It is a cruise ship with 10 cabins for PAX. The charges are per PAX. If there is only one PAX in a cabin, there will be the price plus a surcharge.

The cruise ship is going 4 days in one way (Upstream) and 4 days back (Downstream). The seven days cruise exist only once, as this is 2 ways. The 4 days (Upstream) can have additional activities, in our case Golf.

So we have the prices as follow:

– Four Day Cruise, charge per PAX with 48460 in a shared (Twin cabin). If only one PAX, then a surcharge of 15620 will be added. – Four Day Golf Cruise, charge per PAX with 61870 in a shared (Twin cabin). If only one PAX, then a surcharge of 39160 will be added. – Seven Day Cruise, charge per PAX with 82240 in a shared (Twin cabin). If only one PAX, then a surcharge of 27660 will be added.

The prices can vary – as there is a seasonal price (on date periods, 1. May till 31. Oct, and 1. Noc till 30. April)

–Cruise type will only affect the per cabin charge, nothing else? Correct –If yes, for the above point then how the charges will be calculated for each cabin00whetehr it will be defined per cabin wise for each cruise type?

The charges will be per PAX, not per cabin, only depending if there is one PAX or normal occupancy 2 PAX.

–Do the day length of the cruise will be defined by the cruise type only? OR there will be any extra field part from type cruise selection to select duration also?

As this is a fixed route from this cruise ship (You see the type of this ship on the given link), the length is fixed and given.

Upstream is starting every Monday, Downstream is starting every Thursday. The 7 days cruise is 2 ways (starting on Monday)

–How will be the surcharge of the single room calculated? Will it be defined per cruise type-wise?

As mentioned, it’s charged per person, if there is only one PAX per cabin.

Is Your plugin able to do so?



Dear Simon.

Thank you for being interested in our booking plugin. I have carefully read through your requested workflow. Some of your request is actually available in our plugin currently but some would require customization and development request from our team.

For further discussion in detail to find a suitable solution, please feel free to contact our plugin consultant via email : or whataspp : +84 848989 810 or skype : live:.cid.2bbcb9519a28bdf1

Best regards


Hello dear,

I want use this booking plugin for reservation room. Is it possible to set the plugin somehow that in some months some days will not available to book ?

For example on April, from 20th to 23th no one can book anything. and also in May from 10th to 15th no one can book anything? Is there any setting in the plugin that i can make it like this?

Best regards.

Dear Mr/ Mrs Jafari

Thank you for being interested in our product

You can set block reservation on sudden days and period and open on the other day. You can do that at admin dashboard

Please feel free to contact our staff if you have further question via email : or whataspp : +8484 89 89 810

Best regards

Netbase team

Hi, This is Multi Vendor Hotels Support?

Dear Mr. Akbar150

Thank you for being interested in our plugin. Our plugin has integrated multi vendors system yet but we do support multi location management. In case you want to develop the multi vendor features, please feel free to contact our staff via email : or whataspp : +84 84 89 89810

Best regards Netbase team

Hello, I’d like to know if it is possible to sync calendars with airbnb and booking. (ics or ical). Also I have a website with multiple properties they’re also on those platforms. So I’ll need multiple calendars, each one synced with their Airbnb calendar. Will it work with your plugin?


Dear Mr/ Mrs Robvia

Thank you for being interested in our plugin. We don’t have the OTA calendar synchronize feature yet and synchronize for multi vendor as well. We will try to develop it in the future. But if you want to develop this feature for your website, we can provide customize services, please contact our staff – Gary Ng via Skype :

live:.cid.2bbcb9519a28bdf1 or Whataspp : + 84 8489 89810 .

Expect to hear from you soon

Best regards


Only now i downloaded and installed this plugin. Why do you have in the description photo Stripe as payment method when in the plugin is not available?

This is a new misleading info about your product.

You should add as soon as possible Stripe and the other features that were misleading like multi vendor.

Have a nice day.

Hi AcvilaSoft,

Thank you for your contact. About your issue, please can you provide us screenshots that show “Stripe as payment method”? We appreciate if you can do it. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,


Hello AcvilaSoft,

Thank you for your reply. We’re sorry about this mistake. Actually, we have supported 2 types of payment like Paypal and bank transfer. We will update this information again on the web and hope you can understand this.

Best regards,


Hi, 1. How the hotel owner can add his hotel and rooms in the platform? 2. When the client pays for a room, who receives the money from the client (the website or the hotel owner)? 3. Can be set a commission for website to keep from all the sales? 4. What theme did you use for the demo site? 5. Thank You.

Hello AcvilaSoft,

Many thanks for your purchase.

1-2-3 This theme does not support multi-vendor yet. So only the website owner could add the hotel rooms and received the money from the client. That also means you could not set the commission yet. If you want to build it as a marketplace, we could help you to integrate the multi-vendor feature but it will require an extra amount for the service fee.

For more information, you could contact our staff via skype or WhatsApp + 84 354 816 268

4- The theme we used is twenty-twenty

Best Regards,

Netbase Team


In this case your demo is misleading. Displaying multiple hotels implies multi vendor availability.

A correct demo would have been only with 1 hotel and rooms for that hotel.

Have a nice day.

Hello AcvilaSoft,

Thanks for your feedback. We will forward to the team and have possible updates in the future,

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. You can submit the ticket to the team here:

Best regards,

netbase team


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