WordPress Book List

WordPress Book List

Finally, an easy way to record and categorize your entire library for all the internet to see!

Try out the free version here, and Check out a working demo here.

UPDATE: WordPress Book List Premium Features are now available! Receive all of the fantastic features you see here, plus:

  • Import your entire Goodreads library
  • Add links to Author’s websites
  • Use as a Storefront for your books
  • Bulk-upload titles by ISBN number
  • Add your Amazon Affiliate ID to each book you display
  • Get access to the WPBookList Mobile App!
  • Randomly display classic & famous literary quotes
  • Rate each title and display the rating for all to see
  • Display Amazon reviews based on country
  • Customize the colors of WPBookList
  • Set the default sorting option site-wide

Just Download & activate WPBookList, click one of the ‘Activate Premium Features’ buttons, and you’ll instantly have access to every WPBookList feature!

What are these StylePak things I keep hearing about?

StylePaks are additional $2 add-ons that instantly change the look-and-feel of WPBookList. Check out some demos of the currently available StylePaks below:

Also, be sure to check out the new ‘WPBookList StylePak Subscription Plan’!

How does WPBookList work?

Simply plug in the ISBN number of your book (or download the free Smartphone Companion App on Google Play or the App Store) and let WordPress Book List scour the internet for all information possible about the title, including:

  • Cover Images
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Editor’s Description
  • Category
  • Links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, iTunes Books
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date

Additionally, WPBookList allows you to record your own thoughts and opinions on each title for all your visitors to see!

Some additional features include:

  • Import your GoodReads Library
  • Add books by simply scanning the barcode with the free smartphone companion app!
  • Display classic & random literary quotes
  • Display attractive review stars
  • Multiple ‘Libraries’ for different pages and purposes on your site
  • Sort by Category, Titles Finished, Page Number, and more!
  • Search by Title and Author
  • Display a title in your Footer or Sidebar
  • Download & Backup your entire library to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Add titles to your GoodReads account
  • Display titles that link to Amazon in the body of a page or post
  • Track how many books you’ve completed
  • Track how many total pages you’ve read
  • Track how many signed titles you own
  • Track how many first editions you own
  • Social media links for sharing your titles

Try out WordPress Book List right now!

Also, If you end up being thrilled with WPBookList, then be sure to let everyone else know with a 5-star review here on CodeCanyon and over at The WordPress Plugin Repository!