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Nice template gud luck

Thank you!

I would be keen to do a review of this template on my news site – news.pjtec.co.uk

email me for more information – info@pjtec.co.uk

whats your email address?

Hi just sent you an email

Hi! It looks a great app you made! Just a question about it. 1.- I want to know if any wordpress blog works with this app and this plugin. 2.- My wordpress website needs some requested features?

Thanks, DevelopCPM

Can show with the app the home from a website? or only the blog section?

The app can be configured to show anything but it will require custom work to show the home screen

OK thanks a lot for the answer.

Hi, i’ve just bought your solution, but it doesn’t work with my wordpress website. When i test it with wired.com it works for my website i got the same issues it searches indefinitely do you got an email address for the support. Thanks by advance

Have you installed and activated the REST API plugin? I don’t see it active on your site

i did it that why i would send you some screens shots

i’ve installed the latest version and activate it

Great feature, I was wondering if I would be able to enable push notification with this app as well? Like when a new blog post is posted, would it be very difficult to set up push notifications?

I did your suggestion and used that regenerate thumbnails plugin to rebuild your post thumbnails. But that did not solve the issue. The images are still not showing up

If you change your settings.swift to show the full image: static let featuredImageSize = “full” You will see the image on any post that has a featured image set. I tested this on your site and it works. Of course full is the uncompressed original image, you don’t want to use this because it uses unnecessary bandwidth. The problem lies with the site’s post thumbnails, I can help correct that issue, as I do offer WordPress services too, but that is outside of the app template code support. Or you can pass along that information to whomever built the site for you and they can correct your thumbnails.

I also noticed your precious emails were going to my spam folder. I’m sorry if I didn’t respond faster. Thanks for posting here too.

Love this, great start to what I need. I am new to WordPress so I created a new site and have gone thru and setup I think everything required. Only thing is, cant seem to get the featured image to work. I tried wired.com and it works in my app, but not my site. Can you take a look and see if it comes up for you? Ive tried re-generating the thumbs, put full, nothing seems to work. Please and Thank You… wp.davesgraphics.com

iPad support is something I have on my roadmap. They others aren’t hard to add, but I would want to keep it generic enough for most people. How would you use a page of post categories?

Im building a WordPress site that will be for training. The app would allow users to view the weekly posts, but also click the menu, select category, and go to posts on Office 365 Training, or iPad Training, or Reading, Math, etc…

So Posts with that category will show only. Kind of a filter by category.

Sounds cool. Please share when you’re finished. Would love to check it out!

Also, whats the best way to rename my app using the workspace? Not just the title of the site on the settings page, but the actual name of the app.


Thanks, Ill check it out.

Hi there, I’ve been trying to get this running but am also having the problem with Featured Image not displaying. I’ve already updated to 1.1. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi, Did you get it working?

I’m afraid not. I’ve been too busy and it’s gone in the “too hard” basket… We didn’t originally find anything that explained it on the support tab (hunted there before posting the query) and we don’t have it live because there’s nothing worth seeing yet so I haven’t got a URL to send to you. We have simply opened your code in Xcode and substituted the website URL as recommended, then pressed Play to test it in the simulator. The posts and titles are displaying, but not the featured images. I’m not sure if I’m missing some of your documentation, but so far I’ve only seen very basic documentation.

Did you try all the steps on the support tab?

Hello, in the video you mention iAd and turning it on/off. Have you replaced this with any other ad network since Apple is discontinuing iAd?

Hello, I have not. I will probably remove it in the next update. I’m not sure if I want to include an external framework for ads. Personally in my ads I use Fabric from twitter which will then let you connect multiple ad networks. But not sure if I want to add that to this template as an dependency.

I tried to build the app (Xcode Version 7.3.1) with the default setup no changes and get an error “No such module kingfisher”

Hello, make sure you open WordPressBlogAppTemplate.xcworkspace not the project

ERROR= Could not connect. Please pull down to refresh. How can i solve this problem. my wp site is bornozcebi.com

please can you do it for me i can give you my username and password


okay i do it thank you

Hi. I have e question. Has this app a comment function?

Hello, it does not. Only viewing blog posts


Aleey52 Purchased

will there be an update to swift 3?

Yes, just updated a few days ago. Please download the new version!


Aleey52 Purchased

thank you..

Hi, i’m having an issue with Kingfisher. While building, a message appears: “No such module Kingfisher”in views/PostTableViewCell.swift

Hello, make sure you open WordPressBlogAppTemplate.xcworkspace not the project



ichrisj Purchased

Hi, just purchased your app. I am getting the following errors when try to compile in xCode.

no such module ‘Kingfisher’


ichrisj Purchased

I notice in your video that the Rest API is beta 13 could this be an issue? When I just run the app with your URL it works fine. Very Nice Looking actually:-)

Found the issue. I’m actually running beta 15 on my site. Looks like your server is returning headers in all lower case. So to fix the issue, you can edit the strings X-WP-Total and X-WP-TotalPages to be lower case in the file PostsTableViewController . HTTP headers are case sensitive and by default they wouldn’t be lower case, but if you want them lower case, you will need to edit the file so it works with your server setup.


ichrisj Purchased

Just checked the server and get:-

dani@mac:~$ curl -I https://www.hyggelife.uk/sanglobal/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: nginx Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 08:08:44 GMT Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Connection: keep-alive Link: <https://www.hyggelife.uk/sanglobal/wp-json/>; rel=”https://api.w.org/”, <https://www.hyggelife.uk/sanglobal/>; rel=shortlink Host-Header: 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Looks like Upper case and lower case is being used. What do you think?

Very Nice Work:)

Support Admob ?

It doesn’t support any ad network currently. It would need to be added yourself.