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plans for android?

Thanks for your question, we are working also for the Android version

Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you so much ! :)


B6a7 Purchased

error import JFMinimalNotifications error import NVActivityIndicatorView

looks like missing files ?

Hello, in first time thank you to purchase the APP. This problem looks like a problem related with pod files. Try to Clean the project from Xcode, then open the terminal and go in the directory of the project. Now type: “pod install” and now Build the project from Xcode. If the problem persist please contact us on our email we give you full support.

Can i create with this my own app with my own wp url? own icon, etc?

If you answer “yes”. what i need for this?

thanks :)

Absolutely YES !! When you download this APP inside you can find the Documentation ( IT and EN languages ), in this PDF flie there is a step by step how to that help you to config: Logo, Fonts, Colors, URL, Push Notifications, Google Analytics etc ! We also provide support, so for any problem send us an email, we are happy to help you :)

I think i will buy the next days. :) and which tool i need for test my app before i will release? thank you very much. :) i i need help i will ask you!

Thank you :) If you don’t have an iPhone or an iPad, you can do all your test with iOS Simulator in Xcode

@MDS-Lab Please can you lnbox me? I have 5 major questions to ask you.

Sure! Check your inbox or contact us on our email we give you full support :)

does it support RTL ?

It’s not a good idea to give it to your customers, that you don’t have commitment, you are 1 day late ; (

Hello, we are a little bit busy, for all of you, with some updates to this APP. We have sent you an email check it.

Hello! We have updated the project with RTL Support!

Realy? I have buy this now, will create aa apple devolper account and must pay 99$ every year??

When is it real.. so can i have back my money? i need this not anymore.. :/ is to expensive… maybe i want buy this for android.. when it come out.

Currently we are not able to provide a specific date, but it will be released as soon as possilbe


So.. how can i edit this App? i have download yet “Xcode_8_GM_seed.xip” but i cant open this. is it doesnt work on windows 10?

The App work with Xcode 7, we extend the support to Xcode 8 when get out from beta… To run Xcode you need an Apple Computer or you can run it under windows emulating the OS. You can see some information here: http://www.smartappmarketer.com/xcode-for-windows/

Hi, Google Admob integration is there ?

hi, i will take the app with customization but i am waiting for the update actually. Can you have any planned date ? Thank You.

We are going to release an update during this week !

Hello! We have updated the project with AdMob!

Ciao ho aggiornato a Xcode 8.0 e Swift 3.0 e mi da questo errore: Use Legacy Swift Language Version” (SWIFT_VERSION) is required to be configured correctly for targets which use Swift. Use the [Edit > Convert > To Current Swift Syntax…] menu to choose a Swift version or use the Build Settings editor to configure the build setting directly.

ok, allora provo a vedere di aggiornalo, grazie

Ok, se non riesci contattaci! Noi avviseremo quando verrà aggiornato!

Ciao! Il progetto è stato aggiornato per Xcode 8 e Swift 3!

Does this app work with Xcode 8 and swift 3? is it integrated with admob ?

That’s exactly what we are going to publish during this week :)

Hello! We have updated the project with AdMob and now the app works with Xcode 8 and Swift 3!

Hi, Its a Good update. I want to know is it possible to Save Articles and can be read in offline ? I seen this feature in android apps based on JSON API. If possible then its a very good feature. Thank You

Thank you ! Offline article reads is in our roadmap !

Bought it today and tried to run but it doesn’t open simulator. Build succeeded but nothing happens. I tried to do pod install to see if pod is the issue, but was this error popped up. Need to fix this urgently please help.

pod install Analyzing dependencies [!] Unable to satisfy the following requirements:

- `ReachabilitySwift` required by `Podfile` - `ReachabilitySwift (= 3)` required by `Podfile.lock`

None of your spec sources contain a spec satisfying the dependencies: `ReachabilitySwift, ReachabilitySwift (= 3)`.

You have either: * out-of-date source repos which you can update with `pod repo update`. * mistyped the name or version. * not added the source repo that hosts the Podspec to your Podfile.

Note: as of CocoaPods 1.0, `pod repo update` does not happen on `pod install` by default.

Hello! Thank you for purchasing this item! ReachabilitySwift is present both in Podfile that Podfile.lock.

When migrating to Swift 3, we launched the “update pod” command, in fact some pods were not updated to Swift 3 and we were forced to remove them from the pod and enter the libraries files directly in the project.

We have tried to download the zip file of the project from CodeCanyon and it works properly.

 we have the 1.0.1 version of CocoaPods, you have tried to update CocoaPods with the command ”$ [sudo] gem install cocoapods”?

You try to re-download the project from CodeCanyon and try to do Run, but you have to properly configure the Config.swift file, for example if you do not enter your website, the application will not work.

You must also set to false the GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ENABLED variable, unless you have configured the file “GoogleService-Info.plist”, otherwise if the variable is true and the file is not configured your application does not work.

When you run, controls what is printed in the Xcode console.

Thank you. Best Regards

Hello, is there a possibility to add facebook and twitter share? Thanks

Hello, the App have the share ! Inside the posts at the bottom users can add a comment or share on all the APP installed on the device so FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Mail etc…

great! that’s a deal closer for me! ;) Thanks

do you have admob interstitial ads implemented?

Not yet but you can easily implement it in the APP

Hi, why you dont use this api plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/rest-api/?

https://wordpress.org/plugins/json-api/ – old project which will no longer be updated

Hi thanks for your suggestion we consider that in next release

Ciao e complimenti per l’app. Alcune domande

1.Supporta google adsense? 2.Supporta disqus? 3. Per le immagini, supporta la gallery? nello specifico noi utilizziamo il tema newspaper con visual composer. puo’ dare problemi? 4. Supporta le push notification?

Grazie e buon lavoro

Salve e grazie :-) Rispondo alle sue domande riportando i punti da lei citati: 1. Al momento ci sono gli AdMob di Google ( adsense ad-hoc per il mobile web ) 2. No i commenti usati sono quelli nativi di WordPress 3. No non c’è una gallery ( l’app è testata su un sito che utilizza proprio il VisualComposer) 4. Si ci sono le push notification :-) Per qualsiasi informazione non esiti a contattarci. Grazie e buona giornata

Hi doest it show wordpress pages too?

I want to use it in for Persian Wordpress site. I read that the app supports RTL Language. I want to know that how it shows RTL. My users use english as their default language but they want see App in RTL. Is it ok ? Or can you help me make it ok? More explanation: Some RTL app shows RTL when the language of Device is RTL. I want app shows RTL for all users. Many Thanks

And Do you have an estimate for android version release.

Hi simorq that not possible because we use the device language ( so your user see the app in English ) The RTL support is managed by the iOS system not by us. If you need this kind of customization we need to write a custom app for you. If you want to discuss about it please send us an email.

About the Android version: we can give you some update during next month.

Hi, I don’t know anything about android development. Will you offer customization service with an additional fee? Also, how does your push notifications work, is it parse?


I just bought your code, and tried to test but this error appears “No such module ‘JFMinimalNotifications’” even after running ‘pod install’ from the root of the project does not solve the problem.

Please help me to solve the problem.

I thank you in advance