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Hi, I really like your app and I will buy it. But can I use Disqus comments with it or not ? Thank you!


It won’t work out of the box, as you need to modify the json wordpress plugin AND the app code


can you add a feature “refer to earn” means when any one refer our app to others and after successfully install he earn some money or point ?


Sorry, but this will not be added, as this is not a feature that belongs to the initial idea of what the app is meant for. If you need this feature anyway, you can write us at: premium@pixelartdev.com and we will help / assist you


I have a website with Newspaper theme of WordPress. Does you app support Post Categorizes and Sub Categories of the post in News Layout ?


the app supports categories, but what do you exactly mean with news layout?



mangup Purchased

support forum/site is offline

back online server was down sorry for that and thanks for notifying!

Hi there, Is it possible to use my wordpress intranet with this app? (users needs to login first). And send a push notification as soon as someone postst something on the activity feed? (I use buddypress)


it may work, but not out of the box. As we don’t have a login option in the app yet. But you can try to implement this by yourself.

I think the bigger problem is the activity feed, as it seems like a custom post type. If it’s a normal post or just a category then alright, but else it is more complicated.


will it work for woocommerce. Any trail version available?

It is not build for woocommerce, so with other words no official support for it. But you are free to try it.


I add many images in a post but when i try to save then no save option show. why ?

i talk about app, not wordpress. user want to save image in mobile.

if i use your old version and click on image then save option appear but in latest version, i am not able to click on image ? how to fix this problem ?


What do you mean with save option? Our app never had a save option, only a bookmark option for the post not image. And this bookmark function is still there. The only thing was that it cached images to load them faster but didn’t saved them anywhere.


Duvidas antes de comprar?

É Assim, posso transformar meu site “Wordpress” em um aplicativo semelhante ao do anuncio, é você poderia disponibilizar um (.apk) para testes?

Please ask in English, as we don’t understand your language


Hello good afternoon

  Was testing the script I saw that image links do not appear in the application, you know how it is possible to correct!

please contact us using our support forum at http://support.pixelartdev.com because we don’t provide support here.


Hi this app get updates?

Hi I purchsed your code today. I have followed all the steps mentioned in documentation but couldnt compile the app. Do you have a video of the steps end to end. It would be really helpful.

[2016-09-21 15:34:15 – WordPressBlogApp] Dx PARSE ERROR: [2016-09-21 15:34:15 – WordPressBlogApp] Dx unsupported class file version 52.0 ...while parsing android/UnusedStub.class [2016-09-21 15:34:15 – WordPressBlogApp] Dx 1 error; aborting [2016-09-21 15:34:15 – WordPressBlogApp] Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1

where are you author? please repy

i couldnt register in your support site.

Hi Author, since you are non-responsive, and I’ve purchased your product and now I am waiting for your response to get little bit of support.

I am not yet able to compile your app because of some error. So, I request you to refund me the amount that I’ve spent in purchasing your product.

Hi, everything about this app is really good especially the push notifications but there is only one thing that is holding me back from purchasing. I tried out the demo apk and found that the bookmarking feature doesn’t work offline. Please make it so that when we go offline we can still read the posts that are bookmarked and I will definitely purchase your app. Thank you. :-D


The importation of the source code into my Eclipse went alright as well as the compilation. I just need a minor help:

-My Post Images aren’t showing instead I see the logo of my app (probably because I use a custom field ‘Image’ )

-I need to remove ‘Page’ from the menu

-In a post towards the bottom next to Comment button, there Images button when I click it the app crashes.

- Finally I would like to use a custom font (I saw Italian.ttf in the assets folder, so how to enable it ?)

That’s all. After you help me out with this I will rate your item.

Thank you,

Fixed it!

HelloHow it works Would you give me the code to be able to edit it and do it apk? Or from the WP Admin panel?

Hi, I tried the demo and added a youtube video. I noticed that it on the Android app in portrait the video element is wider than the screen. Is there something I could have done in setting up the post so the video fits exactly the width of the screen so the user can play the video and see it properly? Thanks.

How to make notifications show an image as well? Thank

needs custom work. it is not part of the app and can’t be done how it is at the moment, because notification text is sent by the website and is not fetched


Thank you for the reply! Could you please link to an example or anything ?

Project work on Android Studio?

can be imported, but project structure is made for eclipse


Hi, I am facing below issues: 1. When I share the post images using share on social network(facebook, whatsapp etc.) it sends the Image URL and not the image itself in Mobile application. f. Please look into this or give me a solution for this. 2. Do not fetch post image with content on Mobile application and roll over the image to next page in Mobile. Please rectify this issue.

Sorry but your request is customization and not bug fixes. We are not providing customization for free. If you need customization please send us an email at: premium@pixelartdev.com

Okay, please give me an overview how to customize this. And where would be the functionality to be added in Android or wordpress?

Hi please just let me know where I have to customize in Android or Wordpress?

before i buy this script

i want to ask

this code can download (image,jpg,jpeg,png,gif,doc,excel,etc) from app? or upload from app?

for notication with onesignal or not?

Can i use this for a wordpress video blog where only members who subscribed through the membership plugin can watch videos???