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WordPress Blog Android App

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The App has the Following Key Features:

  • Android 5 Material Design and New Toolbar
  • Posts are Fetched using ultra fast JSON
  • Search for Posts / Tags / Categories
  • AdMob Support (just paste your Ad ID!)
  • Push (using GCM) with Custom Plugin and New Post Notification and Custom Messages
  • Fast and Optimized Image Loading
  • Bookmark Posts
  • Random posts
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • YouTube Video Support
  • Very Fast and Easy Translation
  • Infinity Scroll
  • Logical Linking between the different Functions
  • Comment Posts Inside App!
  • Modern Design (Cards)

What’s included?

The App comes with the following files
  • App Project
  • The Configurator
  • Documentations
  • Image resources (including psd and svg files)
  • Plugins for WordPress

The Configurator

The first WordPress App including a Configurator! The Configurator will help you to customize the project, so you just need to import into eclipse and run it! What it does:
  • Set the app name
  • Set the package name
  • Set the blog url
  • Set GCM Sender ID and AdMob Ad Unit ID
  • Define the api base (using the json api wordpress plugin)
  • Define an app icon
  • Set the primary, primary dark (for Android 5 and above statusbar color), toolbar (the new actionbar) text color and secondary color
  • Define your workspace directory, so it just places the whole project there (now including the libraries)

Earn $$

Because of AdMob integration it is very easy to earn money. The documentation includes a step by step on how to activate AdMob. And if you don’t want AdMob the documentation also shows how to remove it.


We created a demo website at for you to test everything. You can login with the following information: username: demo password: demo When logged in, you can create post or edit them or write a sample GCM Message (when you use the app for the first time, it can take some minutes because Google isn’t that fast with new registered devices). The demo website will be resetted every hour. If you need something special for the demo site, contact us and we will see if we include it.


Version 1.5.0    15.01.2015
- Complete redesign of the app
- Android 5 (Lollipop) full support now (including SwipeRefreshLayout, Toolbar, FloatingActionButton,...)
- Configurator redesign
- Time ago function
- easy enable/disable of features like admob, time ago, and many more
Version 1.0.2    08.12.2014
- Android 5.0 support (Material Design and new Toolbar)
- new Android 5 Drawer Toggle
- Settings Pages now with Drawer and ActionBar (Toolbar) on all devices (even pre Android 4)
- AdMob  bug fixes and AdMob Interstitial support
- Configurator software fixed bugs and added GCM and AdMob support and complete new design and workflow
Version 1.0.1    16.11.2014
- little bug fixes
- AdMob support added
- YouTube video iframe support added
Version 1.0    13.11.2014
- initial release