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Does it work with all webhosts?

Backup & Clone Master plugin has been tested with Hostgator and a few other hosts to make sure it provides secure protection for WP sites. ZIP and TAR archiving has been introduced so the plugin works properly on both shared and VPS hosting. Backups to Dropbox will only work on servers with PHP 5.3.2+ (since Dropbox is using some values added in PHP5.3.2).

Will the plugin backup my WordPress settings, my custom theme, and configured plugins?

Yes, the plugin creates backup of your whole site, including your installed plugins and themes, with their configurations, as well as posts, comments, pages, permalinks, and other settings.

Can I clone my WordPress settings to a different WordPress site without copying my posts, comments, and pages?

Yes, you can clone your WordPress settings, including your themes and plugins, but without your posts and pages. The plugin gives you flexibility over what you clone.

Does it work on WordPress Multisite installations?

Yes, Backup & Clone Master can be used to backup and clone WordPress Multisite networks.

Can I clone my site to a different domain?

Yes, the plugin can clone (copy) the whole site to a different domain and/or different host.

Does the plugin also move featured images?

Yes, the Backup & Clone Master backs up everything, including the featured images. We have performed multiple tests to make sure all your data is secure with our plugin.

When making backups, can we have an option to exclude some directories?

Yes, you can exclude specified folders from your backups.

Can this be used to only backup/clone the database?

Yes, the plugin can be used to only backup / clone the database data. You have a setting to clone only your database data (without themes, plugins, and media), and you can also choose if you would like to clone your site with or without posts and pages.

What is the easier way to clone my WordPress website?

If you are cloning a site to an empty domain, you can create a full clone of your site together with WordPress files, and just upload those to the root of your empty domain. If you have WordPress already installed on the domain, where you would like to move the clone, then you should install Backup & Clone Master plugin on the original site, and then also at the other domain. Then, you create a clone, and restore the archive on the plugin page of the second domain.

How does the plugin deal with .dev sites and migration to live sites?

The cloning functional in Backup & Clone Master plugin lets you easily transfer a WordPress site from development environment to production server.

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