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Hi, just add kenburn effect and it will be perfect !

Great, thanks for the feedback.


Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks, much appreciated


looks good – anyway i can allow users to stop the image BG slideshow – so if they like say of the slide backgrounds they can stop it to keep it?

Thanks for your enquiry. The image slideshow works if you have uploaded more than one image. If you have a single image, the page will stay fixed with hat one image.

If there are multiple images you determine the time frame that each image is displayed in the plugin settings. There is no setting at this stage to stop the slideshow. What you can do is extend the time frame that each slide image is displayed.

The users will always be able to navigate between the image if you have decided to display the navigation controls.


Hi, Before i Will buy iT à questionnaires. Is it possible to set à value for THE z-index.??

Please let me know. In avance Many tanks

Kees de Graaff (The Netherlands)

Hi, I think you have posted your question in the wrong product. This is the WordPress Backgrounds Pro plugin. Is your question in relation to this product?

If so, what element would you like to set the z-index against?

Thanks Broady

Thanks for your quick respons No i’ve put this question on the right place. Can i control the z-index value of the background this plug-in will produce “Wordpress Background pro”

Please let me know


At this stage there is no setting in the plugin Control Panel to change the z-index, however you can easily change it through the plugin CSS file. Broady


That’s a very quick respons :-) it’s here 6.01 am. Where are you? States? Rio de Janeiro? Bangladesh?

anyhow: thanx a lot

with high regards

Kees de Graaff

In Australia, replied on my phone. You are very welcome. Broady

Hi !

I need this one the replace the slideshow of my theme which works bad ( I use dynamix from envato ). I didn’t understand very well how this plug-in work.

I need to create a slideshow background which always maintain its proportions and NEVER stretches the image. Is it the right plugin ? The live preview it’s not trasparent and I can’t see the background image in the lowest resolutions.

Anyway, does the plugin overwrite the background of the themes ?

thanks !

When creating slideshows as page backgrounds it is best to always use large images.

This plugin will overwrite the theme background, however you should first disable the plugin which is creating your theme slideshows.


hello sir, will background override my wp footer of my theme? my footer looks like this page’s footer. thanks..

The plugin will only override the main body tag and add the background to that. It will not change your footer.


Hi, where could I find a live demo of this product? the button doesn’t work…

Hi, Yes you are able to set a different image slideshow for each of your pages. You can created unlimited slideshows.

You have a few options when creating the slideshows for example:
  • Speed
  • Fade
  • Display Controls
  • Button / Caption BG Colour
  • Button / Caption Text Colour
  • Controls / Caption Position
  • Controls / Captions Design


thank Broady for the answer. But concerning the other question? is that possible to set only image movement without transitions (fade in/out or similar)? I need just an image roller, hope you are able to understand what I mean… Gianfranco

Hi, The settings for the image slideshows are as above mentioned. At this stage I haven’t put in an option to disable the fade effect. You can view all the image slideshows effects by viewing the image slideshow settings on the plugin demo site.

Hope this helps Broady


I’d need that the full background image surface is clickable. Not only a small link in the left down section.

Another thing is that I’d like that the image do not resize when watching on different resolutions…

It is a sponsor’s background banner which shall be clickable.. There will be only one banner.

Sorry for the double posting I have already sent you an email (contact at vladan dot fr).

Thanks, Vladan

Also, your above requirements are outside the functionality of the plugin. This may be something that you may need to add to the plugin to achieve.


Hi Broady, I don’t think I’m able to code anything. That’s why I’m trying to get a plugin which works in my environment. Server might (or might not) be an issue. If I can’t get the plugin working OOB, including the requirements I think I’m gonna have to find another one or find a developer which will help out with it. Thanks. Vladan


Were you able to check your server logs to find out if there were any errors when you activated the plugin? Do you now have it working.

From what you are saying it sounds as though you may be after maybe an advertising style plugin which allows the full background to be clickable and the functionality to track click throughs.


Hi, Can i have a clickable background image with your plugin. For example : Thank your four answer Regards

Hi, At this stage you can add a link to be displayed in the bottom left hand corner which is clickable.

Making the full background clickable is not possible at this stage.

I will look at adding this feature in the next update.

Thanks Broady

OK thanks for your answer St


I was convinced to see the sales pitch on Envato and purchased this plugin. But I am very disappointed to see it does cause conflict with other plugins and themes. Please advise.

If you need, i would give you access to our site. thanks

The plugin has been working fine. What plugin is it conflicting with.

I am sorry that I do not have a magic ball and can ensure that the plugin it compatible with literally the thousands and thousands of WordPress themes and plugins available.

More details, like the theme you are using or the plugin you are stating that it conflicts with would help.


I just tried again, it literally do nothing!

Hi – I can’t seem to find if the plugin plays the audio along with the youtube video in background? I see audio only as a background – I am looking for both audio and video at the same time – does this plugin have this function? Thank you!

does this support rtl ?

would this work on a woocommerce page since they are configured a little differently from wordpress? Thanks!