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Can this be used with row actions? For example I have a custom post type and I’d like to offer a row action in the backend that gives an admin the ability to turn a post into a pre-formatted pdf. Can this plugin be used for something like that?

Hi, the plugin doesn’t have functionality for row actions, we’ll include it in subsequent updates.

^ Sorry this was a response to my thread above ^ Well I can add the row actions easily enough, what I’m really interested is in using ‘template’ for PDF creation. So I can pass parts of a post to the plugin and it’s injected in the right spots on the template and BAM! perfect PDF. :)

Thanks for the response, good luck with things.

Thanks for the clarification. We shall certainly look into that before our next update.

Thanks for the clarification. We shall certainly look into that before our next update.

Hello, I’m looking for a tool like this, but I need to know if it would work with custom post.


Hi, sorry for the delayed response. It only works with the default wordpress posts.


how about the slider pictures, what are in a page/post? Will be these images included in pdf-document?

I use easysliding (http://easingslider.com/) in my pages and ask me, if it works with your pdf-plugin.

I need it seems to be an pdf with images from slider, text, tables.

Thank you for answer. Rezo

Hi, I doubt it’ll pick contents that are being shown using third party plugins as the pdf is generated from the default wordpress post/page functions

Can you add a link to a post for end-users to download a post as a PDF?

Hi, we’ll work on another plugin as this was intended for the back end only.

HI Your demo appears to show the plug-in working with images and text. After buying it I find I only get the text. Am I missing someyhing?

Hi, a pre-sale question. Is it compatible with woocommerce to export products into PDF ? A reply will be appreciated.

Sounds very good. Let me know when available.

Thank you for your message. I actually used a different way, but I keep this plugin in mind for later.

Hello, ask please. The plugin support export russian posts?

At the moment it doesn’t but will work on it and update the file.

Hi, I’ve just purchased this plugin. Generally it does what I need it to do.

However there are two flaws.

1. Images in my posts/pages are NOT shown in the PDF. 2. When exporting a specific page, all pages are exported.

This plugin has huge potential, I would appreciate your comments on the above as I have purchased the plugin believing the items above to be functional.

Hi there,

Live preview doesn’t work -

Not Found

The requested URL /demo/wordpres/wp-login.php was not found on this server.

Can you fix?


Your Demo isn’t working

Hello, quick question,

Images, is there any plans on front-end post?

Can Images be sent to PDF format?

the demo is not working

the demo is not working


We are interested in purchasing your plugin, is it possible to print pages/posts and portfolio items as PDF’s?


Is this plugin out of maintenance? Why it’s still available?

Hey, your demo site appears to be down.