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I need to transfer content from the old website to a new and want to use this plugin. first I tried to use the license code on both wp installation (assuming that’s the idea). as this didn’t work, I bought a second license. and now I still can’t activate the second page. why??!


In the plugin settings page, it might be exceeding the default POST limit of php. Please go to the plugin settings page-> import , select only few or required meta fields and save it with the licence code also. It will work. In case of further issue, please send us details via email, we will check it immediately.


i’ve export my old site (success) (multisite subdomain) i want import in my new site (type is not permitted for security reasons.) (multisite subdirectory)

can you help me ?

solved (i add file csv in Network Admin Area >>> Settings >>> Upload Settings)

but, i try import post (i just find “select and add meta fields” in Map Fields)

Hi, 1. Ok. 2. You mean to say you are not able to see any fields in dropdown? Please check in settings import whether fields are selected or deselected. You need to select the required fields in settings -> import.


old site : use cloudflare and jetpack. so, image url

can i export & import not include in new site ?


By default, it will include the complete url of the old website image. Thanks

i’ve try import post (i wan’t import post+image+featureimage to new site/domain) but, image not download to new site and not change url to new domain

Hi, can you show a sample php setting for 1500 post. Thanks in advance


It depends on the amount of data (like image size, text fields) so needs to be adjusted accordingly. You can try for higher memory and execution once and lower it after usage. Thanks

Thank you very much

Sir you have several comments here about the purchase code issue, I would have thought it was fixed by now so I purchased. I have something to get done asap, how can I fix this issue now? Also its mindful to tell people about issues “clearly” before purchasing so you are not wasting peoples time.

Hi We have to put purchase code restriction in last version because some people was miss using it. We have already explained in comments and description about it and also fixed it in next version. Next version is taking bit more time than expected so we probably release it with fixed.

Can you share your access details via email using profile page. We will check it now. If it’s not working for you then surely we will refund you. Thanks

I used this plugin last year to import 365 scheduled posts to my site and it worked great. This year I did the same thing, but every day that passes, the post doesn’t get published and instead it says “Missed Schedule”. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

I think I fixed it.

Ok. great. Let us know in case of any information. Thanks

Hello, my purchase code is 91321ad0-fbad-4bc7-9aef-343cf22f7058

when importing I have a message like “file not allowed for security reason”

but with the test cvs on your site plugin all works…what am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance

Thanks for reply! I don’t know how to do this check. But images inside the post are imported, the problem is only for the featured images…


You can send us details via email we will check it and let you know. Thanks

Hi, I’ve just sended all info via emal. thanks!

Hi there. I have a custom post type (Competition Entries) and I’m using a check box added via ACF to mark the winners. I need to use your plugin to export the winners data inc other custom fields like name, age etc (all added via ACF).

I can't see my winners check box in the post meta options.  Do I have to add this in somehow?


You need to have atleast one dummy entry containing that checkbox value so that it will appear in the meta box. There is no function to get meta fields directly in wordpress so it requires one entry to be detected. Thanks

I need to import something very specific: coupons for GravityForms. They are not a custom post type. Can your plugin handle this? Thanks in advance for your response!

Actually, I just saw in the demo that you can import directly into WordPress tables (which might work for what I need to do). I’ll buy the plugin and give it a try!

For some reason specifying post_author on import is failing for me. I even went through and replaced old user IDs with the new user IDs in the export file. Any ideas?

Importing to Wordpress version 5.0.3 (might have something to do with the version?). Author IDs in the import file range from 3 through 9. The author in the database meanwhile ends up being 1, which is also the user ID that’s logged in for the import. I haven’t tried running it as any other user.

Tried as a different user, still ends up being an author ID of 1.

Alright, after a couple hours of debugging, discovered that the importer wants the user login name rather than a user ID.

Dear Author,

I have purchased your Plugin and not able to import Varriable Products correctly by CSV. Everytime CSV imported multiple poducts not single varriable products. Please Also send me demo CSV format of varriable product in Woocommerce suitable for your plugin.

Please help me as soon as possible.


Please send me your file and access details, we will check it and let you know. We will send file to your email id. Thanks

Hi, When importing posts, images are not loaded. Where can I see the detailed instructions for setting this plugin? Thanks!

We could have checked it if you want but we have received your message about refund before immediately. You can submit your refund request on envato if you want. Thanks

I’m very sorry, but I have already acquired another similar program, with the use of which I have no problems. I submitted a request for a refund through evanto. Thanks!

Seven days ago in this topic, I sent a request for a refund, as the functionality of this plugin does not suit me at all!

After that, on your advice, I submitted a request for a refund on evanto. Why so far I have not received any response? How long should I wait for a refund yet?


My first time using this plugin, and my experience is that it is not working. I have 6,263 posts to import, but it times out after 321 posts, it keeps showing as if it is uploading, but nothing.

I have increase the memory on the htaccess, and wp-config, But nothing. Any help. Please.


You need to increase both memory and timeout for php settings. Also, Some times the increase in memory doesn’t work as server doesn’t allow it, please check using phpinfo function whether the changes has effect or not. As you may see, the plugin is importing some posts but due to lack of memory and timeout, it is not able to import all posts. so just needs to correct it.


Hello, i can not import i get message “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” Can you please help? Regards

I just purchased and installed on 2 servers one for export and one for import

The export server is not accepting my license code :( It just refreshes the page but does not accept the code.

I have deactivated all other plugins – still have the issue.

Hi, we have just release a new version with separate page for the license as it was causing some confusion for users. You can download latest version. It is not license code issue, it is because of the settings not saved. Settings not saved because of over limit of php post data. As many plugins and theme data save data in post meta and due to which sometimes it exceeds the limit. So required post meta only needs to be selected.


Refund please – cannot activate license so using other plugin.

Hi In the plugin settings page, it might be exceeding the post limit of php. Go to settings – import page, select the few or required post meta fields and save it. It will work. Thanks

I have already used a different plugin – should have read the comments, only read reviews before purchase. Did not work, refund please.

Hi We have received your message around 1 am. So could not reply at that time. It’s only requires selection of few fields as it may be exceeding the post limit. If you are having difficulty in installation, we can do it for you. Thanks

HI impossible to activate plug in with my code :99676f65-cacb-4ec5-ab7d-4a1dad52afe6 Have u an issue? website Regards SV

Hi It may be due to many post meta fields, it is exceeding the post limit of php. . Please go to settings->import page and select the few / required post meta fields and save. It will work. Thanks


badjesus Purchased

I am trying to use my purchase code.

When I click save, the screen refreshed and I see the fields all of a sudden show for a breif second below, and then everything is hidden again and it asks for my purchase code.

So basically, when I click save, it won’t save the code.

I have tried Firefox, Firefox dev edition, Chrome, IE and Edge. None of them will work.

We also don’t have a lot of plugins set. I have never had a plugin conflict on this site.

I just purchased your plugin today.

edit : I just saw all of the other posts with this issue. How do we get this resolved? I can’t wait for a new version? I need this fixed asap.

edit 2 : I saw your post above saying you have to change the import features to be able to use the plugin code???? Now I was able to activate, and I seem to have other issues. Why is your license dependent on the number of rows of meta data? This is just ridiculous.


badjesus Purchased

Yeah, this thing is brutal. Give me a refund please. It appears to be unusable due to I am assuming, the validation on activation and the meta data fields volume.


It is not license code issue, it is because of the settings not saved. Settings not saved because of over limit of php post data. As many plugins and theme data save data in post meta and due to which sometimes it exceeds the limit. So required post meta only needs to be selected. Though we have just release a new version with separate page for the license as it was causing some confusion for users. You can download latest version.


in my csv file, i have a html post content.

How to import html correctly?


You can import the data by field mapping. Plugin imports the data as it is so HTML will be also imported as HTML content without any modification. Thanks

Hi thank you for you reply, I mapped the fields but the result is wrog. I see the tag on the public post (


We have checked it. There must be prevent xss (Cross side scripting) is enabled on your server that must be causing it to change to characters instead of actual tags. We have also rechecked with latest version and it is working properly with HTML. Please test it with fresh wordpress to confirm it. You can send us details via email, we will also check it for you Thanks

Hi, I’m looking for a plugin that will enable me to transfer a bunch of plugins and all associated content from one site to another, specifically LearnDash LMS. Will this plugin of yours do this please?


We haven’t checked LearnDash LMS. If data is saved in multiple tables of different plugins, then it won’t be possible but if data is saved as in custom post, custom meta fields, then our plugin can help you to transfer data. Thanks