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Hello, I have purchased this plugin and installed it. I installed this plugin in old site and new site as well. From old site i exported the posts which is total 2900 posts using your plugin and it went good. Now when i import that posts to new site using the same plugin its taking nearly 1 hour to import just 20 posts. Then how can i import all my 2900 posts using this plugin ? Please suggest me what we can do. Export is good. but import is too bad. Please help us.

Here is the license code for the plugin i purchased : c5d61d13-ef49-47d0-8a23-a8f1811fcb38

You can send detail via email using profile page. Thanks

Ok. I just sent you the access through profile. please check and let me know. We are in tight deadline. Please help me to complete this soon. Thanks in advance

Hello, Any update ? I had sent you the website access.

Hello! Please add the ability to update posts by id. And the choice is only to update the posts, without creating new posts.


Sure, we will try for to add this feature in next version. Thanks


I need to move a single page with all the comments that are connected to that page and move it to another WordPress installation. Is the plugin going to do the job?

Even better – if I could only take the comments for that page and export them to a file and then import to a WooCommerce product in another website that would be awesome.

Can the plugin do that? :)


Yes, you can first try it on demo also by exporting and importing data. Please check and let me know in case of any issue. Thanks

Hi, I have discovered an odd bug when using this plugin. When importing sample data into a CPT that uses ACF (Text and Text Area) fields it causes a strange issue with the Post Archive. Basically when you are logged into Wordpress some posts are not displayed and others are duplicated. But when I log out of Wordpress they all display correctly.

I have tried deactivating all plugins and even switching to the twenty seventeen theme but the issue remains. Please note this ONLY happens AFTER I have imported the data into the Companies CPT using Wordpress Awesome Import/Export plugin.

Last time this happened I had to do a complete fresh install of Wordpress to get posts to display properly again, but now I’ve managed to replicate the issue.

Any help would be much appreciated!.

Also, when downloading the latest version of the plugin from codecanyon if I open the file wp-awesome-import-export.php the version number says 2.6.1, but on the main plugin page here it says the latest version should be 2.7

I’ve now sent you login details via the ‘Email developer’ option on codecanyon.

Not had any reply and I really need to start building this site so I will leave the site and login details for the sub-domain I was using and then start a fresh install on another sub-domain and try a different Import plugin.


I am trying to load posts to a forum.
My file format is post_title | post_content | post_date | post_author

I am able to load posts to the site but not to a particular forum / group.

How do I specify that the posts go to a particular forum / group.

Please note that my input file is a pipe delimited CSV.


Ok, I will try to add this feature in next version. Thanks

Thanks. I chose your plugin over many other similar plugin because of the support which you offer. I appreciate your conscientious attitude.

I have myself, a shareware product which I have been supporting on my own via a dedicated forum for 17 years so I know how much effort is involved.


It’s great that you are a developer and understand the efforts. We will do it for sure, please allow us some time, we will let you know once done Thanks.


sinsore Purchased

I have used this plugin successfully for importing a few posts. However, I cannot seem to figure out why it will not accept this simple csv that just has a title column and a content column. I have linked to the csv so you could tell me if something may be wrong with my file.

sinsore Purchased

I’ve figured it out. The importer did not like the content wrapped in a ”< div >” or a ”< span >< span >” at the beginning of each content cell. I did a find and replace to remove the opening and closing tags from the CSV and the tool accepted the import.

Ok. great.

So I decided to Export the posts with type Forum, Topic and Reply as XML in order to reverse engineer an XML import file.

Forum went OK but I got an error when trying to export the Topics.

“This page contains the following errors: error on line 84 at column 7: xmlParseEntityRef: no name Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.”


There might be some issue in the data of Topics table that is not allowing to correctly format XML. XML has standard structure as you know and any incorrect data might be causing it. Please check data.Thanks

Hi there.

I’m having a problem with the incorrect dates occuring on post import. Both sites use the same date format, but the months and days are backwards – my sites are set to UK date format (dd/mm) but it looks like the plug-in is reading them in US format (mm/dd) regardless of how they’re set.

I’ve seen reference to date format options in Settings but that’s not available for me.

Am I missing something?


You can set date format in settings of plugin and wordpress setting page. It uses wordpress insert function and consider dates as per wordpress settings for date. Please check.


Ah it’s cos my date formats weren’t the same on each blog. It seems to be correct now – there’s still no obvious date format settings in the plugin options though!

Hi guys… I have built a new website and got your product to import and export data… I have exported Woo Commerce Sales through the porthole but I cannot find how to import into the new website… There does not seem to be an option there in the interface for this. Can you please assist? Many thanks and kind regards

Your demo login does not work. Also, in the browser tab title it says “shit”. Is that supposed to be a joke? It’s not funny or professional.


We have to give access of admin panel to show demo but Someone has misused this and hacked our demo website. We have just resolved this. You can check it. Thanks

In addition to the demo not working and your unprofessional message. The plugin is not working for us and we want a refund.


As I explain, the website was hacked. It was not our message. Can you let us know what issue you are having with plugin. We are here to help you. If it is not working for you, then we have no issue in refund you. Thanks

I am using ListingPro – WordPress Directory Theme can i import listings from csv ? Can this plugin support the custom listing fields of this theme while import ?


Plugin supports import of the custom post fields (normally used by different listing themes). You can purchase plugin and try it. If it doesn’t work then let us know, we will check once and if not working, we will refund you. Thanks

Hello, I just bought and installed the plugin. After activate it, I noticed that I can’t change settings like “default post status”, “duplicate post title” and “CSV delimiter”in settings page. If I change them and click in save, the settings returns to original values. I already test deactivate and re-activate plugins, without success. Any help?


Please send access details via email using profile page. We will check it. Thanks

Sorry mate, but I’m very disappointed with this plugin and would request a refund. My purchase is: 6bcf6b38-a412-45a6-8e01-5c97dffa3d00 Not sure how you can credit me, but I’d appreciate you returning my license fee. I have removed the plugin from my site and replaced with one that fully supports TYPES.


You can submit your refund request here on codecanyon. We will approve it. Thanks

Yes, thanks, I would like a refund.

As described in the comments, Awesome simply did not register the Types custom fields. These were plain single-line, non-repeating fields.

I did my best to look very carefully through the list of avilable fields, but, as noted, it was very difficult due to the cramped select list presentation and the mish-mash of namespace treatments used to display the fields.

In any event, I am not sure how to “request” the refund except through this email.



It works with single line field of types plugin. You can also test same in demo. But anyways, you can submit refund request here on following form after login.


Can the plugin export a single post? Client wants to export his weekly post about a topic. Thanks.


Yes, it can export specific post by Id. Please check demo also. Thanks

Thanks – this is exactly what we need :)

Hi there,

We got a huge website to merge to new website, the old website has over 10,000 posts, I got below questions.

1. How can we move everything include some specific meta data and featured image to new site?

2. Can I moved 10000 posts together or I need to move say 1000 each time? I reckon the import and export process will be time out, since we got so many posts.

3. Can I export post via categories? Then I can move each categories every time.

4. Will it double posts or categories if I already have the posts or categories?

5. Do I need to create a new template to match the old website meta data or I can match them when I am migrating the posts.

I am looking forwards to hearing from you, thank you.

Had to migrate nearly 9k posts. The plugin did most of the job, it got stuck at the end around 99% but I guess nothing’s perfect. Seems that some of my attachments are missing too. Just FYI to whoever’s reading since the plugin dev didn’t reply the last guy; I was waiting to know the answers too.


please send more details about what missing in email, we will check it and make it 100% working for you. Thanks


wslade Purchased

I’m looking for a solution to transfer data from a csv file to post and postmeta tables . The data is for a custom post type with custom fields made using Pods. Can you parse the csv file and put the proper information in the post and postmeta tables?


yes, it can be done using this plugin. You can test it before buying using demo. Please check and let us know in case of any issue. Thanks


wslade Purchased

Hello, I tried the demo and I couldn’t tell if the data was imported or not. My need is to transfer 20,000 rows of data from a non-WordPress database. I mapped my test CSV file containing about 75 rows of data to the post table. All but two fields, the id and post_title, were mapped as Add Meta Fields with their field name. After the import, I tried to export the post_meta table and couldn’t download it. The download link sent me to the demo home page. This is not WooCommerce data, it’s in a custom post type with about 30 custom fields. It would be great if I could see that the imported data is being properly parsed into the postmeta table. Is there a way for the demo to show me the data that was transferred to postmeta after the import?


You can send us csv file via email. We will import data and show to you. Thanks


joolez Purchased

Hi… I have just bought and used your plugin – the issue that I was trying to resolve was having all the featured images imported as the wordpress importer didn’t do this for me – however, inspite of exporting the file and making sure that it was mapped correctly on the import file, the images still haven’t been added. Can you help please


Sure, let me know the details. Please send me details via email using profile page. Thanks


vberk01 Purchased

The plugin does not install. I get an error message: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.


That’s strange. Please send us details via email using profile page. we will do basic installation for you. Thanks