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I’m trying to import/update data to a custom taxonomy including custom meta fields. But the custom meta field is not updated. I’m using toolset to create custom taxonomies and meta fields.

Please let me know if you need access to the site. Thanks Martin


Yes, you can send the details via email using profile page. Thanks


The plugin is working with my requirements when it comes to my custom post type except with one taxonomy type. I PM you.


Please check my email again. Thanks

PLease check my email. Thanks

Please check my email

Hi, just purchased the plugin, but it’s not working at all with Pages. Seems to work fine with posts and custom post types, but it’s returning nothing when trying to export pages. Can you help?

Actually, I think it has to do with the post meta. The page is made up of all advanced custom fields. When I select none in the dropdown it works. When I select “all” it fails.


It exports the custom meta data of post and pages both. Is it giving any particular error message or is it not returning anything ? You can also send access details to us via email using profile page to check it. Thanks

Where to find full documentation?

Thanks. Where to find detailed info of how to work with woocommerce?


exported 45 pages, imported on another site. Processing shows 45 pages.

After that the page number stays the same.

There were 45 pages on the old site, 41 pages on the new one. 2 additional pages were not imported.

What went wrong?

Regards Thomas


By default, it skips the pages with same title. So there might be same title named pages. You can change this in settings page. please check and lets us know. Thanks

Is it working with Multisite installations and can it import export single Multisites to other Multisites and single Multisites to Stand alone Multisite as well as cloning/duplicating a complete Multisite?


It doesn’t work for multi-site. Thanks

Hello I really liked this CRM , I have presales Question 1. I need to uplaod the Orders from Amazon in csv format. 2. My Order records will have few buyer who purchase the item regularly therfore there I need to find the repeat client. 3. every time i upload the it will have new buyers and prev buyers so will this be able to add this in buyers list beacuse i will not be able to match the customer’s id however my email’s will be same.


When you are importing data, you will be mapping it to post or page ? Plugin checks for duplicate record using the post title so if your post title is email then it can check.



Just bought the module today. I’ve tried twice to import posts from another WordPress but the post_content is not appearing in the csv!

Is there a set up I need to do in order to include the post_content, please ?




Ok, I understood now, That field also get exported as in meta field and now you need to map that field against post_content during import. That field name can be found from ACF and if it is not coming in list of meta fields in export page then please check settings page and select meta fields to be export.

Hello, I selected all the post meta but it is not working when exporting, nothing happens, no csv is created :-( I gonna send you credentials via emails so you can have a look.



I have replied to your email. Please check. Thanks

hi It is compatible with wordpress 4.9 and woocommerce 3.2


It is compatible with wp 4.9, for woocommerce it support partial, it doesn’t support import of complex products. Thanks

Hello there!

Any plans for orders / coupon / subscription import / export feature ?

Looks like to me the only missing feature :)



We’re using this plugin for our booking:

Can your tool take the data and export + email to the site owner each morning the appointments for that day?

So, @ 5am, he’ll get an email just before he wakes up with an Excel export of all that day’s appointments so he can download to his phone/tablet while he’s dealing with appointments through the day.


It doesnt have schedule option. Thanks

any option to do so? Custom dev option?


It might be available in future version but currently it is not possible. Thanks

I would like to export a list of attachments (from the media library) that includes custom meta data where the attachment category = “attchmentCatName/attachmentCatNumber”

so my export would include these things..

from wp_posts: post_id post_date post_content post_excerpt post_name guid (this is the url of the attachment itself)

and then all of the associated metadata from wp_postmeta where =

I see that this isn’t possible w/the out of the box product I have purchased from you but there IS a handy dandy little sql upload area. I just don’t know what the sql would be.

Can you help?

Love your product! And thank you! :)

Hi. I tried writing a sql query that would get the attachments I was hoping for…. but I’m returning 0 records and I know there are TWO in my db that should be returned. Will you please double check this sql and let me know? Thanks!

SELECT, p.post_date, p.post_content, p.post_name, p.guid, m.meta_key, m.meta_value FROM wp_posts AS p LEFT JOIN wp_postsmeta AS m ON = m.post_id LEFT JOIN wp_term_relationships AS t ON t.object_id = AND t.object_id = m.post_id WHERE t.term_taxonomy_id = 2267


SQL query export is also an option as you rightly said. I will check the sql and let you know. Thanks

why can’t i reply to this?


i would like to use this plugin to crawl few sites and after that to use your plugin to export this data to XML file. 1. Is it possible to schedule export data to xml file and to always export only last data (to know what data has been exported last) 2. Is it possible to export that data to ftp server?



It doesn’t have schedule feature and export data to ftp server feature. Thanks

Hello, When I’m importing I’m not prompted to match authors to existing ones in the new site.



This is not exporting author names even if the select in the settings

Hi, You have provided the option to export specific posts with their Post ID. If I want to export 20 different posts and I have the Post IDs of each of them, how should I enter them in the given box? separate each ID by comma?


Sorry for late reply. Your message somehow got missed. Yes, you need to enter post id separated by comma. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks

Is it possible to also import the post_id?
I have unique IDs in my csv file and I’d like to keep them.
Thanks in advance!


It uses wordpress function to insert posts and that wordpress function doesn’t allow insertion of post_id so it’s not possible. Thanks

hi i have purchased your plugin and my purchase code is fa315bfc-7bc7-4dc1-a6d9-30e9fecb5958 i am not able to update image from the dropdown box for woocommerce products. kindly revert back as soon as possible


You need to select featured_image in the dropdown for the product feature image.Thanks

hi thanks for your revert i had selected the product image as featured image only but still it is unable to take the image from google dropdown box revert as soon as possible


It might not be able to get the images directly because of dropbox. Please try it by putting image at some other location. This will clear it out whether it is happening due to dropbox or some other issue. Thanks

hi, does it work with woocommerce data? i need a plugin to update woocommerce quantity from the stock, tx


It works with basic woocommerce products It doesn’t work with variable/complex products. Thanks

Hello team, its only now i have taken to use this plugin and am first starting with export. I tried export of items and it hangs. I tried to export one specific page by sharing post-id, and it is showing status as processing. Only menu export worked so far.

I use AIT Themes Directory+ theme and it has pages and custom post types like “item”, events pro, etc etc. I want to see a sample export of each custom post type so that i can see the data in excel file. This can help to prepare my import file for larger data.

Do let me know how can i share you my website admin details etc.

thanks, parag


It has successfully exported 10000’s of entries very fast as reported by different clients. You can share details of admin via email using profile page, we will check. Thanks

Hi, I tried to install Awesome I. & E.Plugin but it conflicts with various plugins needed to run a listing site (wp-job manager etc.). can you help me?



We have replied on email. Just to confirm that your issue is resolved. If you still have any issue, please feel free to ask. Thanks

it was solved, it was a conflict with the Author Avatars List plugin. Thanks!