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I have installed Wp-Quiz-Pro plugin which helps in publishing quiz on wp.

Can the quizzes be imported through your plugin?


I haven’t worked on Wp-Quiz-Pro but this plugin allows import of custom posts so if Wp-Quiz-Pro plugin saves quizzes in form of custom post then yes, it can be imported using this plugin. Also, even Wp-Quiz-Pro saves all data in single table, then also, with this plugin, you can import quizzes. Thanks

looks awesome.. good luck with sales… :)

username and pwd working fine. Please check. Thanks

For Woocommerce will it support Import Simple Products, Variable Products, External/Affiliate Products, and Grouped Products. ? how about import product images from external server ?

Plugin allows importing woocommerce basic data as so it supports for now only simple products. Basically plugin works on post and post meta concept for plugins and woocommerce is also organaized in this way so it can be customized for variable, external, grouped products. May be in future, it will have these features directly in plugin also. Thanks


Sorry for the newbi question but say I imported custom data, such as name,address,nationality etc. How would I create a page say ‘Name: Joe Bloggs’ ‘Address: 1 Joe Street’. Will this plugin let me to this.


So what I want to be able to do is import data to show up on the website in a type of profile view. I have 70 Records that need to be online is a kind of profile view.

You can create Page(Title=Name) and page meta fields( Address, nationality, etc) and since plugin allows import of page (post) and post meta so it you can import that details easily.


Cheers, thank you for your reply. :)

Hi there! Seems to be a very interesting plugin! Is it possible to move woocommerce customer reviews from one store to another with this plugin? What about orders and customers? Thanks a lot!

Right now, it support only woocommerce product import. May be in future, I will add this functionality. Thanks

Hello, i purchased the plugin and tried to import some posts. After the import procedure the results are allways empty. I also tried a test xls file from the documentation. What could the problem be?

Hi, do you have read/write access for the upload folder? Please check that. If still issue, please send me access details message via profile.Thanks


would this work for an entire WP MultiSite with all sub sites?

I haven’t tested on WP MultiSite with all sub sites. I think it should work as it just needs to add respective meta details as well.

Hello, I have just purchased your plugin and I have to say I’m very happy with it. From all the importing plugins I have tried yours is by far the most intuitive :)

Now that being said I’m having trouble importing some custom fields and I would like to get your thoughts on this.

I’m importing Custom Post Types Posts which include Advanced Custom Fields in them. As you sure are aware there are many kinds of Advanced Custom Fields (text, image, relationship, taxonomy, etc.). All my text custom fields are being imported properly, however all my relationship and taxonomy custom fields are not being imported properly.

I have an idea of why this might be, but I don’t know how to fix it. Let me explain.

First, I have a flat taxonomy called “bookseller” for which I have created several values, including for example “Viuda de Piferrer”. Second, my Custom Post Type called “data_base” has an Advanced Custom Field called “bookseller_stand”. Third, my CSV file has a column for “Bookseller Stand” and a value like “Viuda de Piferrer” but when I import it this field looks empty. Fourth, if I set the value for this field manually and save it it is saved properly, and if I then go look it up in the data base I see it is saved like this

bookseller_stand a:1:{i:0;s:2:”57”;}

Which is definitely not what I assume the import is generating which I guess will be something like this.

bookseller_stand Viuda de Piferrer

So how should I go about importing these Advanced Custom Fields via a CSV file? Let me say that writing “a:1:{i:0;s:2:”57”;}” directly in the CSV file is not an option as it makes no sense to the human eye.

I understand this is outside of the regular plugin support, and I will be willing to pay you a fee to get this working. Then you can release an update of your plugin with this working, so you’ll get paid by me and you will make your other customers happier, two birds with one shot.

What do you think, can you help me with this?

I look forward to your comments. Thanks in advance! Guillermo.

Hi, I am glad that you liked the plugin. Regarding new custom modification, can you please mail me files you are trying to import so I can check accordingly. You can get my email id by contacting me via my profile page. Thanks :)

Done! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

I have replied email but didn’t got any files. pls suggest.


Concerning the Plugins Data: - Can we export other plugins or just Woocomerce? - I would like to export settings of plugins that don’t have an export option available yet.

Also, can we export specific table rows? - Not the top level row (table) but the sub level row - I would like to export settings of plugins that store their information there so when I build a site is is easier to import that plugin’s settings rather than configure the plugin from scratch again. - For example see this plugin’s setting I would like to export @ - The options of that plugin are stored in wp_options. I just want to export the single row and import it when I need.

Updates work is completed and we are in testing phase so it will be updated surely by this week. Thanks

Great! Thanks! Shoot me a message when you upload it or the changelog or if the demo shows the updates I can check there then.

I will. Thanks

dear, I bought the plugin, but I didn’t check the version :(

I’ve wordpress 4.3.1. I installed it and upload a csv file with woocommerce product, but it doesn’t work. Is there anything I can do? Thanks

Hi, which version of woocommerce you are using?

version 2.4.10

Hi, I have tested with same version and it worked properly. Please send me product file you are using via codecanyon profile email so I will check with that. Thanks


I have custom post type with meta which using 2 other custom post type id: global gallery and tale press id. Now I’m not quite sure if this plugin will work for me properly if I want export/import, because as I can suppose I can export/import only one single custom post category at once and for example in sequence of steps: 1) Export main custom post type 2) export galleries custom post type 3) export table press custom post type

and them import, id’s for tables and galleries will be different that inside main custom post meta data (imported from original db) what break custom post type data integrity.

Please let me know if I’m wrong in my suggestions or you have a way out make it works right with this in terms of this plugin. Then I will buy it.

Thank you!

Hi, I have got your email also, and I have replied to your email. Please check. Thanks

sorry posted the same post twice.

I bought this plugin mainly to be able to export user data, but strangely, it only exports these fields:


None of the user meta and no user role is being exported.

Without being able to export all the information the plugin serves no purpose and is unusable.

I am in need to transfer a large number of users from one site to another urgently, but am now facing great difficulty due to the fact that the plugin does not do what it claims to do.

This is so disappointing.

What am I supposed to do now?

Thank you for the quick response!

If the ID field is not used in the import, how can you determine which records will be updated and which will be created as new?

ID is not selected as default to avoid import conflict. As I informed earlier also, instead of that, we will provide some better solution. ID is just optional now, but anyone can select it. Thanks

Hi, how can I choose which post or product or page I want to export then import to an other website? Thank you

You can select post, pages and product during export and later import them.


Can I export the Wordpress posts in a blogger/blogspot friendly XML files. The regular wordpress XML export file do not works with blogspot importing.


It generate simple xml files..You can modify which columns to be added. I don;t know structure of blogger xml files. I will check and let you know

Hi, i purchased your plugin Awesome Import/Export but It doesn’t work… :( I can’t export post and i dont know how to export woo commerce products. Could you help me? thank you Sebastien

I can’t choose the ID to start the import. When I click on “download” it open a new window but nothing to download !!

Hi, please provide me details as I asked last time also. Thanks

I did it !!!! When I click on “Download file” I don’t have file to download, only a new page with :

user_login,user_nicename,user_email,user_url,user_registered,user_activation_key,user_status,display_name,user_role -savanna_,savanna_,,,”2015-01-18 17:44:12”,,0,-savanna_, @ab636983,ab636983,,,”2015-07-15 07:17:52”,,0,@ab636983, @gustavoballeste,gustavoballeste,,,”2015-05-29 01:45:20”,,0,@gustavoballeste, @hannah_louise,hannah_louise,,,”2015-09-19 11:43:29”,,0,@hannah_louise, @isasamuel708,isasamuel708,,,”2015-10-12 19:32:04”,,0,@isasamuel708, @itzelrojasd,itzelrojasd,,,”2015-05-01 07:00:08”,,0,@itzelrojasd, @naohisa,naohisa,,,”2015-05-21 12:14:59”,,0,@naohisa, 09critbr,09critbr,,,”2015-08-28 10:44:54”,,0,09critbr, 0wleater79,0wleater79,,,”2015-09-20 13:35:56”,,0,0wleater79, 0znek,0znek,,,”2015-01-29 15:50:01”,,0,0znek, 111lionwww,111lionwww,,,”2015-06-30 03:32:53”,,0,111lionwww, 123bar,123bar,,,”2015-05-03 15:32:53”,,0,123bar, 123nathan,123nathan,,,”2015-10-08 20:09:10”,,0,123nathan, 15147_nathan,15147_nathan,,,”2015-11-19 20:25:09”,,0,15147_nathan, 18dadlanik6,18dadlanik6,,,”2015-10-24 04:09:50”,,0,18dadlanik6, 2@k,2k,,,”2014-10-29 16:10:17”,,0,2@k, 2398abc,2398abc,,,”2015-07-17 11:32:03”,,0,2398abc, 30morgause04,30morgause04,,,”2014-11-15 10:45:51”,,0,30morgause04, 4drum,4drum,,,”2015-10-06 03:48:19”,,0,4drum,,583825881qq-com,,,”2015-12-07 12:45:34”,,0,, 5th_raven,5th_raven,,,”2015-08-29 10:41:38”,,0,5th_raven, 64mike,64mike,,,”2015-06-08 08:49:13”,,0,64mike, 71pascale,71pascale,,,”2015-11-18 17:18:12”,,0,71pascale, 73lupo,73lupo,,,”2015-01-19 10:18:18”,,0,73lupo, 7garfield,7garfield,,,”2015-04-25 03:09:04”,,0,7garfield, 911zjk,911zjk,,,”2015-11-22 21:13:11”,,0,911zjk, a_betterman2010,a_betterman2010,,,”2015-08-20 13:07:31”,,0,a_betterman2010,,a-asptelia-com,,,”2014-09-17 12:51:04”,,0,, a02thl,a02thl,,,”2015-12-03 15:38:59”,,0,a02thl, a2566b,a2566b,,,”2014-08-05 05:36:33”,,0,a2566b,


I have purchased your plugin and it’s ok for me to import custom taxonomies. But i have too custom fields in my custom taxonomy !

When i launch the import, i choose the “meta field” option and i set the field with the id of the custom field.

But nothing is imported in the custom fields…

In WP Admin, save and edit are ok thanks to hook create_taxonomyname and edited_taxonomyname

Can you help ?

Thanks !

Ok, let me check for the custom fields in custom taxonomies. I will check and let you know that.

I fixed it, i have just turned line 399 in class file ACS.php into :

update_option(”$taxonomy_$termId”, array( $key => $val ));

Hi, I’d like to know if your plugin preserves custom taxonomies hierarchy when inporting/exporting? I need to export and then import back all my woocommerce product categories preserving their hierarchy.

Looking forward to your reply.

No, this version doesn’t preserve. May be in future version, I will add this feature.

Hi, I’ve some trouble with your plugin.

When I change the separator symbol form ”,” to ”;” my settings are not saved.

When I import a 3 rows file to a custom post, no custom posts are created after the mapping and the import.

Can you help me ?

Best regards Vincent

Hi, it must work, as custom post created. Can you send me what options you are selecting. You can send me access details via my profile page, I can check also there. Thanks