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Hello I purchased your plugin in December and asked for your help but you never helped me, and your answer was of no help to me. My project was urgent, and I had to use an alternative to complete my import and export. I told you that custom post types are not showing up neither do their fields and am unable to complete my process. Please give me a straight answer. If this plugin is not doing what it promised, I am going to ask for the refund. I purchased it to help me.


Please give me access. I will check and let you know. Thanks

Is there a chance to get this plugin to work?

I tried to import a custom post type along with taxonomies and fields.

I have chosen a post type, mapped the taxonomies and fields, clicked import … then the screen becomes a little brighter, the rotating icon apears and rotates and rotates and rotates.

I have a lot of post, nearly 1500. How long does this take?

Can you allow posts with same name (but other ID or slug)?

Actually, I think, I can not import some posts, cause the post title is same.

These are a lot… about 200. Maybe this is what causes the crash


Yes, in setting there is option to skip/update in settings page. Please check settings.



bendrikw Purchased

Hello, form the Netherland, my english is not so good, i’ll hope you understand me; Bought this plugin to import from excel, variable products (fashionshop) to WP / Woocommerce. However, I do not succeed. Is the plugin to be made for this? If so, how does it work? If not, what plugin do you reccomend. Thanks, Bob Wijnia

I try things on the site www.lacostepolo.nl

Yes, it can import variable product also. Please explain issue. I will check and let you know. Thanks


-connect- Purchased

Will this import and export custom fields from users?

Yes, it import user meta also. Thanks

Thank you for the quick reply and yes was able to fix by installing a code in the config file.

Hello, I have a CSV file that I would like to import into woocommerce. Can you please explain me how to do this? I’ve tried some things but attributes aren’t importing and I can’t get hierarchical categories to import. Also I would like to know how to automatically create product attributes.

Kind regards, Daan

Maybe you can send me an example CSV file on how to import hierarchical taxonomies.

Hello, I’m trying to upload users, and I’m receiving this error “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” How can I fix? Thank you, Pat

How come when I download the Users/Roles and try uploading the same csv file all the tables are not visible in the import field? What I’m I doing wrong? Thank you, Pat


Sorry I am not able to understand what you mean by “all the tables are not visible”. Please explain.


After I upload the csv file for Users/Roles, I then have to map out the fields, not all the fields are being displayed in the drop-down menu. See pic here https://www.connectlocals.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/map1.gif


These are meta fields, that must be present before in the website you are importing. Please note that there is no function in wordpress to get meta fields . So we get this fields only once it is saved for a user. so atleast one user must have these fields present. Please check settings page also.