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We brought this plugin to export user data with custom meta fields created with ProfilePress. The export works for basic data, but no data is exported for any of the custom meta we select in export options.


Have you selected user meta fields during export to be exported? In case of issue, give me access, I will check. Thanks

I just installed the plugin and I’m getting an error admin-ajax.php 500 (Internal Server Error) when attempting to export user data to an excel file and pdf files, the only thing that’s working right now is a csv file. Also there’s some missing images (ui-bg_highlight-soft_75_cccccc_1×100.png, ui-bg_glass_75_e6e6e6_1×400.png, ui-bg_glass_75_dadada_1×400.png, and ui-bg_glass_65_ffffff_1×400.png)


You meant that csv file is working fine but pdf and excel export are not working? PDF and excel requires reading of library files and generation of temporary files, please make sure that files have appropriate permissions.

In case of still issue, please contact me via profile. I will check. Thanks

I double checked to make sure the dir were set to 755 and the files to 644. Are the permissions supposed to be set to something else? The missing png files are not in the directory at all either.


Ok, then let me know the access details via my email. I will check it. Thanks


We have been using The Events Calendar. We are getting rid of that and need to export all the data to Toolset. The data includes: Location Teacher Title Description URL links Tags and Categories

Can you please verify that your plugin can do all of this.

Thanks! Cindy


If it’s a custom post type and custom meta data then yes, plugin can export and import data easily. Thanks


Just bought your plugin and it does not work.

exporting using dates does not work.

how am I supposed to export woo orders and import them again. there isn’t an import option

my license. 2722c549-d83b-4565-8bc2-c31adf7751fe

please advise




Exporting using dates is not working or entire plugin is not working for you? Please explain. So I can suggest accordingly.

I am also curious if this will work with the Events Calendar (by Modern Tribe). I want to be able to export events within a date range. Possible?


We don’t have this plugin. You can purchase our plugin and try with it. If it doesn’t work then you can let us know. We will check it, if we are also not able to make it work then you can ask for refund, we will do that. Sounds fair? Thanks



I was wondering how i can import 300 user accounts, where i set the password en the user does not get an email for password change.

Thanks in advance!


You can do settings in the admin of wordpress to send email or not when a user is created. Thanks


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Hi There, nice Plugin, thanx. I want to use it for User Import from another WP Installation, so it works fine – but there are two bugs? First is, if i set a role at the import – the imported user is not visible in this role, i can see the imported number in the role, but when i klick on the role no user is there. Second i can not disables new user notifications, not for the Admin and also not for the user. Thats not good, because at first i want to test it many times, and me and the user get an E-Mail every time, thats not elegant. So what can i do?

Hi, 1. You mean role is showing but users are not showing inside that? I will check it once. 2. This is wordpress option, you can disable in settings to send email when new user is created.


thought it would be great for exporting the media library but there is not option for this, not so awesome.

Should have checked the demo, my fault!