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Hi there just using the plugin on my website but it’s sending the content through http only and I need it to work with my SSL over https, how can I modify it to send the info over https instead?


it’s posible to set the your plugin to search only between product tags?


Hello, how can I ask for refund? the plugin is not the thing I was looking. Thanks

Here is my requirement, I want to have text autosuggest eg: FAQ and when the user selects a answer it should redirect to the answer which has a unique hashlink tied to it. for eg: . Please let us know.

Hello, I received the plugin through my theme I purchased.. For some reason my search is not working correctly.. Its pulling up random content.

hi there, does the installation charge include some customisation as well? as i have already installed but it does not work on my template

Hi, How can I get refund please ?

The plugin has been updated to version 1.9.9. It contains new PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, jQuery and browsers compatibility as well as some improvement and bug fixes. Please update your install to the latest version.
More changes and improvements are coming.

I purchased this plugin and the functionality to exclude categories does not work. This is extremely important for me to have working on my site.

Plugin doesn’t work as expected and the developer seems to have gone MIA. I’m going to request a refund.

Is it possible to integrate with Google Analytics ( If not, how can I get statistics for search terms?


Thank you in advance for the answer. Presale question: we want to create a name search through more than 1 million names we already have. For e.g. let/s say that you want to reserve a name like “company” and first you want to search if the name is available. Your name “company” will than be searched through the 1 mil. existing names we have and if it finds another name identical “company” or similar like “company 123”, company “abc” it will tell you that the name is already taken or matched with the others.

Is it possible to do that search with your plugin?

Hello! Do you support custom taxonomy? the last answers for this questions dates from 3 years ago, so I was wondering if this was implemented. Thanks!