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I really like your plugin but I’ve been having quite the vexing issue with it. I’ve tried to add the search box to a fixed top menu and when you type in anything in the search field the autosuggest box that pops up does not scroll with the fixed top menu. Also the theme’s fixed top menu has an offset so it doesn’t start scrolling until after the page is scrolled past a certain point. Because of the offset I haven’t been able to come up with a CSS solution to make the autosuggest box scroll with the rest of the fixed top menu. I know there is a javascript solution out there but I just can’t figure it out. Please help.

I want to change the view of the “Full Results” page. If someone clicks on “Full Results” he should get to a category page, wehre the related products are (with my filters on the sidebar) Is there any option to achieve that? Thank you.

Hi, i am interested in buying this plugin but i am a little concerned if it is still supported, as here is no answer / update for a long time. also i would like to know if it works with enfold.

kind regards

Pre-Sales Qtn if you dont mind.

I have over 7000 Prods on my WooCommerce Site.

Have you tested the Plugin with a large database ? Will the Plugin instantly show results with large Prod Database ?


DO NOT BUY… developer doesn’t give any support… Customers shouldn’t be waiting more than a week for response… still no reply.

hello before to buy it.. i want to know if the field is working in a visual composer ? thanks

Does this plugin work if loaded using AJAX (with appendTo()) ?

Hi Does your plugin cooperate with WPML?

I write you here, becouse your support site does not work, we always get a timeout. On our site we try to include multi language support for auto suggest plugin, but we was not able to do that. When we try to search something and press ENTER or click on “Try full search …” we always will redirect to MAIN language. But if we for example are logged on GERMAN site we will redirect to GERMAN FULL TEXT SEARCH site!

How can we do that?

Also we are not able to translate strings like “Try full search…” and others, but for now it is more important to german or italian language. Neither with LOCO TRANSLATE or WPML.

Hello Support Team,
Kindly need your advise for “Try Full search” where i can find the text to change it :)

this still getting support?

Hi—working on a WP multisite setup?

Hello SUpport team,
i wondering how i can change add the code function in php file?
please advise

Hi! I would like to know if your plugin is compatible with Pointfider theme. Thanks!


A quick question, is it possible to have the plugin search/auto complete from a specific set of pages on each page.

For example page 1 – search can select from only 5 pages on website page 2 – search can select from only another 5 pages on website page 3 – search can select from only yet another 5 pages on website


Hi, those the plugin search in custom fields and custom taxonomies ? thanks


See Options (Settings) -> Ajax AutoSuggest WP on the left control panel, for localization and configuration that plugin. If you do not see this menu item – then Ajax AutoSuggest have a conflict with another plugin. Good luck!

PS I think the author of the plugin does not understand that many users may not find these settings.


TonKemp Purchased

The plugin is not filtering my Woocommerce product categories!! Check out and search for Vespa… It should ONLY show the (6) Vespa scooters, NOT all the accessories!!!! I have excluded them..

I just paid for it and cant get it working… FML.


Max no. of results is set to 100 in ajax autosuggest settings, but always displays 10 results while searching. Any idea? Please help….