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Hi. the plugin will not let me enter the administrator error: wp_w2_contact_form / wp_w2_contact_form.php: 6111 – public_html / wp-includes / pluggable.php on line 1167

page looks good. only the error when entering the wp-admin

Hi, What is your WordPress version ?

Thanks was the wordpress


How I can upload attachments in different directories depending on the selected email address from the form? Thanks in advance.


sorry there is no feature to do that. You can use PHP callbacks mecanism of the plugin to implement manually this kind of feature. Send me a private message via my profile for more infos.

Let me know. @+

Awesome plugin! I highly recommend it!

Hi, happy you like this plugin. Thanks for great feedback.

Hi! Is it possible that I can to create a booking form for my API? I need to link the Channel Manager URL.

Thanks you!

This plugin implements PHP callbacks fonctions to allow developper to add specific features but I need to know more about what you want to do exactly to be able to answer.
Can you describe to me the feature you want to implement ?
Let me know.

Good day – how do we integrate the recaptcha plugin instead of the drag drop no spam control? I have included the recaptcha keys etc but don’t see the setting to include it via the drag and drop builder?

Hi Thanks for your answer – there was problem on my side. There seems to be a bug with the recaptcha on mobile devices. The submit button doesn’t show once the “I’m not a robot” checkbox button is clicked. The submit button is then invisible – and this only happens on mobile devices.


Can you send to me a private message via my profile with the url of the form page to be able to check it on my mobile ?

Let me know. @+

Hi, I’ve sent the private message as requested.

Hello. I am getting the following messages testing my contact form on my website. “Your email has not been sent. Your entry is incomplete.” I have tried so many things and nothing is working. Please advise.

Hi, It seems you have some required fields with the same name attribute. Make sure each field has an unique name attribute. If you need more help send me a private message via my profile. Let me know. @+

Hi, make sure the name attribute of each field is unique. If you need more support send me a private message via my profile. Let me know. @+


Thank you for a great plugin -

I was wondering if the user can click at an “add more” button

for example

the form is

name: last name: date: comment

and then under this and before the submit button i need a button saying add more – and by clicking a second form should appear with the same fields

name: last name: date: comment

and then again an add more button (as many times the user wants)

at the end the user can click the send button

I appreciate any help with that


Sorry there is no feature to do that.


how to test the form in my localhost? i know it will not send email while im in my localhost , i disabled sending email by commenting the following lines $values = $contact->sendEmail(); if (!$values) { //not sent } else { $isSent = $values; }

but still the form is not saving in database anything. can you help please

Thank you for your relpay , i uncomment that code and i did what you said in the form setting, but still not saving the form in database, and i just notes something, the wp_w2_contact_form_fields table is empty , but i have added many fields .


I made a test by setting the parameter mail recipients to blank and the the plugin save the form values without sending mail (as you need). Maybe there is something wrong with your local WordPress install. Try to set your WordPress in debug mode to check the errors.

The table wp_w2_contact_form_fields is used to store messages fields values. So if you don’t have message saved this table is empty.

Let me know. @+

yes its work fine now thank you

hi , i have issue with exporting CSV , when i press export button nothing is downloading ! instead i found the file downloaded in this patch \uploads\export , but this is not fine , i need when i press export to download the file on my pc not on the server

Hi, Normally after pressing export button a link is generated to be able to download the exported file. @+

can i add export link to be in wordpress dashboard , i mean i dont want to admin to go to the plugin admin , i want him to be able to export the excel from the main dashboard of wordpress, how can i add link there?

Hi, Sorry for delay I was in holiday. There is no automatic feature to add export link in WordPress admin. You can do it by creating a WordPress plugin. @+


We just buy you plugin. Great work, thank you!

But not all functions working as need…

If i create form on 2 steps (pages) that not showing on front-end. Just dont showing nothing. BTW, in sourcecode i see some form code… Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/gimpit But in preview mode of formbuilder all is working… I see the form, next page link, all is ok… When i remove pages from form and live only fields all is working correctly… I see all fields and buttons on front-end… I wery need 2 steps form… And wery urgent….

Help please!


Hi, See answer in your mailbox. @+

Hi, I’m interested on the plugin. Can I add images on the form?

Hi, images as HTML content ? or images as mail attached content ?

hello, I’m unable to save a setting that’s been made. And can not show any mailform created other that the default one. I’m selecting the correct page, save it, then tools, save form but it doesnt save.


Sorry for delay for quck response send message via my profile.
There is certainly a PHP error that breaks the save features.
Can you send to me a private message via my profile ?
I will try to fix your problem.
Let me know.


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