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HI Really almost ready to buy. Just need one critical check with you:

basically I need to be able to generate a 5 dollar referral coupon or store credit keyed to the referrers email .. Normal stuff

BUT - I need to be able to generate and download the affiliate urls for the referrers so I can mail them their referral link.

I want to basically give all my 3000 existing customers their link via email, as part of a launch.

Go to Aweber and give it to them.

I can import the referral url as a custom add on to their opt in data, so I can say for this email, send this referral link.

Can’t find a plugin that will allow me to pre create the referral urls.

Not wait until they login to claim it. They won’t. I think we can do that with yours.

Form the documentation, I should be able to see everybody’s referrer url, and then maybe download it with the user data.

That would be totally cool!! Please god I hope your plugin can give me a way to do that.

Pre Purchase Question – Is this plugin still support. I haven’t seen any responses to the comments in several months and there hasn’t been an update in almost a year.

Hi, I just purchased your plugin. Where can I find the documentation?

Hello, i think there is little error with this plugin . when you click on ””Pay”” tab or ””Transaction ”” it show popup with error i checked the whole installed pluigns on my site ,but not found anything which is conflicting with this plug in.

so must be issue with this plug in. Please can you resolve?

Do you have a “Refer a friend” option with the software for quick referrals/affiliate coupons?


You wrote on the description that

“With this plugin you can easily extend your Wordpress installation with a referral system. Immediately after the plugin activation you’ll be able to give your users the ability to refer your website or blog and also to check how many and who really did registered all of this just by inserting a shortcode on any page or post. This plugin tracks only registrations and not sales.”

With this referral system in place, will the affiliate also get the registrations/leads details?

Thanks in advance.

hi Can it be implemented to my wordpress site https://www.plustech.co.id ? do you provide trial?


I have purchased the plugin wordpress affiliates & referral by oceanicbreeze. After installing the plugin says “DataTables warning: table id = example2 – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7". The browser you use is safari. What should I do ?

The plugin has multilevel option? If it hasn’t, are you going to add multilevel option? How much cost this add-on?

Kind regards.

If you would update the Plugin? If yes i would buy it in Feature :)

I would like to know if there are some woocmmerce multi-vendor plugin that are officially supporting this plugin, for example: WC Vendors, wc marketplace, marketika, multi-vendor, YITH Multi Vendor, Dokan.

This Plugin will these kind of function? 1. User are encourage to recommend more user and we need to track which new member(s) are recommended by existing user. 2. User profile with all his/her recommended member in a list

2 pre-sales questions: 1) is the plugin wpml ready? 2) Can the plugin get succesfull affialite purchases registrations from an own build shopping cart within an onlien application on a subdomain of the wordpress site?

and is this plugin actif? I dont see changelogs for more then a year now…

I think nobody supports this plugin anymore. So sad. :(

Do you have any screenshots on BuddyPress integration?

can i use this plugin to build a site like ultimatecycler


we would like to avoid that every customer could ask to become an affiliate. But we are testing the affiliateWP plugin at serene-marceau.com e currently every customer can click the “become an affiliate” button in the affiliate section and then have access to his control panel

We did check in General Option – General Settings “Automatically Affiliate” and it’s not checked, so how could we avoid to publish allow everyone to become affiliate?

We would like this kind of control and invite only selected affiliates.


Will come an updated Version of Plugin comes out?!

Is this a dead plugin? It looks like no recent comments from the author ??