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I installed your plugin on my site (tech-magazine.it), but I don’t see any lazy load effect on the images. Can you check please?

What values should I set in “Customize images selector”?

Thank you

I will need a copy of your theme, please private email me using my Profile contact form.


Thank you very much for your support, I send you my theme.

Hello fayway, do you some updates? Thank you :)

Anyone else seeing a glitch where the images that should be on the page don’t appear until you start scrolling? Looks bad and i’m sure many people will just click the back button if they see this!

it seems to be a jQuery version incompatibility after the last wordpress update. Waiting for a new plugin update, I just disabled the loading mask feature.

Hi! I just purchased your plugin today. Fantastic. Works quite well except for the fact that it doesn’t play well with a very popular (7,274,016 downloads) WordPress plugin called “NextGen Gallery” version. 1.9.12 @ http://wordpress.org/plugins/nextgen-gallery/

I’m currently using latest WordPress 3.5.1.

I’ve tried out 2 FREE lazy load WordPress plugins that work very well with NextGen Gallery. These are: 1) BJ Lazy Load @ http://wordpress.org/plugins/bj-lazy-load/ 2) Simple lyteload @ http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-lyteload/

The reason why I didn’t use those plugins is because the lazy load feature didn’t work “everywhere” in my blog, although they worked 100% well on my NextGen Gallery photos.

The irony is that your plugins lazy load function seems to work well everywhere on my blog EXCEPT on NextGen Gallery photos.

Bummer. I just assumed that because those free plugins worked on NextGen… yours wouldn’t have a problem as it’s a “premium paid” plugin… I’m going to be heavily using the NextGen Gallery plugin on my blog as well as 2 other sites I’m developing…

I hope you can update your plugin to work with NextGen Gallery soon.

Forgot to mention the specific problem with NextGen Gallery photos… The thumbnails that NextGen Gallery generates show up blank when your plugin is activated.

I’ve currently disabled NextGen Gallery plugin on my blog at http://fruityoaty.com ... but I can enable it if you need to see a test demo of the problem. I suppose it’s better if you just download the NextGen Gallery to troubleshoot the compatibility more fully… Anyway, thanks in advance for any response…

OK, me again. I finally got it to work with NextGen but in a weird way. When I create a post/page… in the upper-right corner, the “Images Lazy Load” settings box appears where a user can check “Enable” box to turn on/off lazy load per post/page.

In order for the thumbnails that NextGen Gallery to appear AS WELL as the lazy load to work on the page the thumbnails appear on… I actually had to uncheck the “Enable” setting.

Kinda weird. DISABLING the lazy load on the page… actually ENABLES the lazy load function to work on NextGen gallery page.

Anyway, it works… but the solution is not really intuitive/obvious…

wordpress 3.6 compatible?

Yes it’s compatible

Amazing plugin man thank you!

I do not understand why the plugin slows the page load? plug-in is designed to increase speed.

with turn on plugin

with turn off plugin

what do I do now? think that wasted money?

Does it work with wordpress jetpack-hosted (Photon) images?

hello and happynew year!

1.Does it work with mu?

2.Does it work with w3tc plugin?

3.Does it work with jig plugin?

Please feel free to contact us via our Profile contact form for more details about how to test our plugin compatibility in your environment. Kind regards

Please feel free to contact us via our Profile contact form for more details about how to test our plugin compatibility in your environment. Kind regards

Fayway, I am interested in buying your plugin but why don’t you just provide a link that explains how to test plugin compatibility in an environment?

I need to know if your plugin can lazy load the content on this page: http://goo.gl/Ypd9bN


Please email me using my Profile contact form for more details about testing our plugin in such a complex environment.

pure support and no updates!

is this compatible with modernizer theme? http://themeforest.net/item/modernize-flexibility-of-wordpress/1264247

I’m using the gallery they are providing. All free lazy loads doesnt work on it, how would I know that this would?

Please feel free to contact us via our Profile contact form for more details about how to test our plugin compatibility in your environment. Kind regards


Images dont appear until Scroll, which is a huge problem…

Other issue is that on a scroll its causing the text to also fade which is fine other then the fact that their is an overlay and marin errors.

Can you fix or should i request this for a refund?

Please private email me using my profile contact form to provide me more details about your case, it seems to be just a conflict with another plugin/theme that can easily be fixed. Regards

Hello. I bought your plugin, but I have a problem with Yoast SEO plugin, when I activate “WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load”, the titles at my website changes (the titles are configured with Yoast SEO), and when I deactivate your plugin, the titles are working well.

Is there any way to fix this?

Hi Thank you for report, can you please provide me more information about your theme too ? Kind regards


I purchased this plugin but can’t get it to work.

Two questions: 1.) Does this plugin not work with images to which CSS animations have been applied? 2.) Can you configure/set up the plugin for me? I am more than happy to pay.

Thanks, AJ

will it work on woocommerce page?

Hi, We can not be 100% sure of the result because it highly depends on the used WordPress theme… We also cannot be safe from a conflict with another plugin… I suggest to contact me using my profile contact form to figure out a way to test the plugin before buying it. Regards

Can I lazy load the comments in my posts?