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WordPress Admin Theme

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WordPress Admin Theme

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Alter white label wordpress plugin

WordPress Admin Theme is a WordPress plugin to customize the entire look of your WordPress admin section and you can customize most of the admin elements as your wish.

WAT comes with 43 in-built color themes which will help you to get started quickly on customization. WAT has Simple to use GUI to manage elements of the wordpress admin section.

WordPress Admin Theme (WAT) offers Multi-site support. It means you can display your own color/elements settings to your network users/admins Or you can let each of your network users to customize their admin theme as their wish, Yes there is two choice to choose from. Interesting right?

Wordpress Admin Theme Features

Multi-site Compatibility

  • As a super admin you display your own theme and customize elements what to display to all your network users/admins.
  • Or You can let each of your network admin to customize their individual blog admin theme.

White Label Branding

  • Remove WordPress logo.
  • Custom logo options for login and dashboard pages.
  • Custom login Theme.
  • Custom admin Theme.
  • Customize wordpress dashboard widgets and display your own text and RSS widgets.
  • Customize admin bar links.
  • Customize footer text.

Color Themes and Fonts

  • Unlimited Color options + 43 in-built themes.
  • Google fonts feature.
  • Set any font for any element individually.
  • Flat color and Shadow effect color options.
  • Build your own theme for wordpress admin.

Admin menu management and Privilege Users feature

  • Add or remove all or any admin menu items.
  • Re-arrange all admin menu items.
  • jQuery Sliding menu for admin menu.
  • Show specific menu items to non-admin users.
  • Show all menu items to specific or multiple admin users. You can select to which admin users to show all admin menu items.

Admin Bar Management

  • Manage Admin Bar.
  • Ability to add custom links to admin bar.
  • Customize Admin Bar color.
  • Customize Admin Bar logo background color.

Documentation and Support

  • Detailed Documentation.
  • Dedicated Support System. You can open support tickets privately at for your purchased products.
  • Fast Support.

Import and Export feature.

  • Backup all the settings to your local system.


Changelog 4.0 - Jan 11, 2016
 * Compatibility with WordPress v4.4
 * New options to set admin bar menu hover background and font colors.
 * Improved css for admin bar elements.

Changelog 3.1.1 - Oct 12, 2015
 * Fixed Menu hover issue in admin bar with WordPress 4.3.1

Changelog 3.1 - Sep 21, 2015
 * New Feature added: Option to disable automatic updates
 * New Feature added: Option to disable emails regarding updates
 * Fixed issue with remove help tabs on some plugins
 * Fixed issue js conflict with Gravity forms

Changelog 3.0 - Aug 26, 2015
 * New Feature added: Inline css styling.
 * New Feature added: New method for fetching FontAwesome icons, eliminating wp_remote_get method.
 * New Feature added: Option for logo left margin for admin section.
 * FontAwesome icons upgraded to v4.4.0

Changelog 2.1.1 - Jul 15, 2015
 * Fixed Error: Admin submenu display issue on some multi-site newtwork installations.
 * Fixed Error: Google fonts not loaded on SSL enabled sites.

Changelog 2.1 - Jun 28, 2015
 * Fixed Error: in fetching font-awesome css contents.
 * Fixed Error: Font icon styles printed on the site.
 * Fixed Error: Removed WAT complied css enqueued on Site front end.

Changelog 2.0 - Jun 15, 2015
 * Integration of SASS language to create css styles.
 * New Feature added: Choose between Sliding menu and default hover menu with a click of selection.
 * url typo in Customize Admin menus page corrected.
 * Corrected few js errors.
 * Improved CSS for faster loading.