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I just purchased a copy of Slate Pro and am trying to use it on a simple wp multisite which is made up of one main site and two satellites.

I would like to be able to have three independent Slate Admin settings on the three site. Is this possible ??

The only way to activate the main site settings is to turn on the ‘network activate’ setting which then doesn’t allow for any changes on the satellites sites. If I ‘deactivate’ the network setting – then I can alter the satellites but not the main site. Is there any way I can customize the main site and the satellites ??


Hi Rene,

How you described it working is correct: you can either have Slate network activated and have all sites look the same with a single license, or each individual site needs its own license key for them to be modified individually.


I’m having some trouble with my wordpress installation so am having to start a fresh site install and want to activate my Slate Pro on the new site.

On the old site I’ve deleted the Slate Pro Plugin but when I go to put the license in the new site it tells me it need to be “deactivated first”

How do I do this as I’ve deleted the plugin from the old site ??

Many thanks


You need to enter the license # at the same domain name it was originally activated on. It will say activated, and then you can deactivate and use it on a different domain.

If you have trouble, please contact me directly through my profile page here and we’ll get it figured out.


T0R Purchased

I would like to use Admin Menu Editor plugin to customize the menu. Is this plugin compatible and can I turn off the menu editor feature included with this plugin?

I haven’t used that plugin, but I’m guessing it should work fine. You can’t turn off the menu editor in Slate Pro, but you can just not use it, which would leave it as the default WordPress settings.


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is there a way to make the top admin bar span across the entire width instead of bumping into the left sidebar?

No, this isn’t an option in Slate.


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If using on multisite can each subsite set their own logo and favicon? I want to hide this plugin from them, where would they make those changes, from theme customizer?

No, if you want each site to have their own Slate settings, each site would need a separate license. Multisite allows you to set all sub-sites the same.


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Hmm just want to make sure we understand what I’m trying to achieve. Every user should be able to set their own favicon, without using Slate to set it. Currently that can be done from another part of WP. I just want to make sure Slate will not overwrite the favicon that users setup somewhere else in WP.

Not sure how the plugin handles favicons on a multisite installation but it shouldn’t overwrite each subsite’s favicon.

Can you please clarify how Slate works regarding this? If it does in fact overwrite each subsite’s favicon is there a way to disable this?


T0R Purchased

I’m testing out Slate (not pro) and having trouble while using Tabify plugin

When activated on a page or post Tabify shows up above the Screen Options and Help pull down links. It should show below these links, not above them. Please see the screen shot and look at the Others and Details tabs. Do you think this can be adjusted if I purchase the Pro version?


I’d take a look at compatibility during my next update, but I don’t have a specific timeframe and can’t be certain I’d be able to make it compatible.


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OK thanks


T0R Purchased

Hide “WordPress” in Page Titles – which Page Titles? I’m not aware of any page titles in the backend that include Word Press in the title.

The title of the HTML document, shown in the browser window or tab


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I installed your plugin and activated it, then erased the site and created a new one under the same domain and when I try to activate it, it says something like this.

Looks like this key is already activated. It needs to be deactivated before you can use it.

How do I deactivate the old one if is deleted?


ab786kr Purchased

Yes…I need to reset the activation..

It’s been reset, please try activating again


ab786kr Purchased

Successfully activated!............Thanks…..


T0R Purchased

Having trouble with footer.

When creating a post for example and right sidebar is longer than main middle content block the footer on the bottom overlaps some of the right sidebar on the bottom.

Also, went to options and turned off the footer but it still appears :(

Hi there,

Are you able to post a screenshot of what you’re seeing somewhere?

Hi there,

Just bought the Admin Pro plugin and installed it on a multisite network. The free plugin works fine. The Pro plugin installs and looks great but I can access the admin pages for the plugin. I am running version 1.1.3 which was the latest downloaded through Codecanyon. checked the error_log and there are no entries there so it doesn’t look like a fatal error. I can’t disable all other plugins to check if there is a conflict with a plugin since this is a live busy site. Are there any incompatible plugins you know about or another way to check it. I have uninstalled the free version and am only running the Pro version. Thank you for your help

Sorry, just found it in Spam. BTW, I have figured out that it doesn’t work on PHP 7. It runs fine on 5.6, so there is something that makes it not work on a PHP 7 installation

Good to know, I’ll investigate

Hey developments,

I’m able to load Slate Pro fine with PHP 7. My guess at this point is a conflict with the theme or another plugin.

Are you able to setup a development environment and try Slate Pro with a default WordPress installation, then activate your theme and check, then activate the same plugins you have on your production site one by one and check?

Hi there,

I expected to test first your free plugin before buying the pro version. But I really expect it works on a php 7 installation. So please keep us informed on the bug submitted by developments.

Moreover, can you please give me some information about the differences between the free and pro version?


Hi Moxymore,

As I just commented to developments, I’m able to load Slate Pro fine with PHP 7. I believe the issue is with their theme or other plugins.

Dear support I need to deactivate my license considering the site get corrupted I cannot do it: Licensee: Massimo Iaculo

Item ID: 9722528

Could you please help with this?

You should now be able to re-activate your license on a new site.

Hi still same issue. After a whole restore form a backup, on the same domain, license is not active. I there any way to have the customer resetting the license? Anyway, could you please reset again. Please consider that restores happens and license should stay active for this cases. Thanks a lot.

Have you tried entering your license # again and received an error? If you’re entering it on the same domain name where everything matches the previous activation (http vs https, no www vs with www, etc) then it should reactivate.

Hi, I recently bought this plugin and it is great! Is it possible to add the functionality to change the CSS to tweak it? (Some of the menu items are too long causing it to push its icon above it.)

Kind Regards

Hey torkild,

Adding a custom CSS field is on the roadmap, but I don’t have any timeline for when it might be added.

In the meantime, you could always update the plugin’s CSS directly, or enqueue a separate CSS file (so it doesn’t get overwritten in an update).

I’m running a multisite and the changes aren’t taking effect across the network as expected. Our root site is at a sub.domain which is unique. Otherwise, it is a sub-directory install with domain mapping. Any ideas on why the theme would cause conflicts?

Hi btwebgroup,

You have Slate activated as a network plugin, correct?

Does any Slate styling show up on the sub sites, or does it look like a regular WordPress admin?

If the styling is showing up but the colors are wrong, it’s possible the user of the sub site has specified a color from their Profile page, which might override the network settings.

If you’d like to contact me directly through my profile page on Code Canyon with login details, I’d be happy to take a look.

Hi Sevenbold. I will contact directly with login details.

Let;s say I’m in an edit post page. All the WP/Plugin notices stick out past the content area and go under the right sidebar :(

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks, hoping to get an update out to fix that in the next few days


T0R Purchased

Sounds good, any updates yet?

Hey T0R, apologies, not yet. Hoping to make some time this weekend.

Hello I need reset my license early have http right now it https

Please try reactivating your license key now.

Thank You :D


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I would like to change the post title size that’s currently 30 to something smaller. How do I change that in the code? Which file?

You’d need to manually change the CSS file that sets that size, but it’d be overwritten the next time Slate updates.


T0R Purchased

Enjoy your plugin but noticed a conflict with the following plugin Changelogger –

Installed on multisite: Changelogger not showing up on the plugin page. So I deactivated and reactivated Slate Pro and it fixed the problem.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Thanks for the kind words!

Are you sure the Changelogger menu item wasn’t hidden in the “Admin Menu” settings? If you deactivated and reactivated Slate and it worked, it’s possible it reset it from being hidden.


T0R Purchased

I’m sure that’s not the case. The problem isn’t that there’s a menu item not showing up. If you take a look at the plugin page, there’s 1 screen shot of what the plugin does. The plugin basically displays the changelog (text) below each plugin that needs an update, on the plugin page.


T0R Purchased

It’s handy because it saves a click or two to see what’s new with the update and displays all that information under the plugin.


gramdtel Purchased

Hello, I just bought your plugin Slate PRO yesterday and I like it, however your plugin is doing conflict with another plugin Im using on my website: “Loginstyle Admin Login Customizer & Styler”, Im using this plugin a lot of time ago to design the look/template of my “Login Page”. I would like disable the Login Page Template option in your plugin Slate PRO, there are any way to do it?

I would like to use your plugin for my Login Page Template however dont have the options I’m using with my current plugin for login template.

Congrats for your work and I will buy more licenses this week. Thank you in advance.

Hi gramdtel,

Unfortunately there’s not an easy way to disable how Slate changes the home page. If you’d like to contact me directly through my profile page here we can discuss some options.

Hi. Just looked at your screenshots and I think it does what I want, but can you confirm a couple of things. Can the plug in hide any of the menu items that run down the left on the Wordpress dashboard, including theme specific menu items, such as theme options etc, of just the standard wordpress menu items? Also is there the option to only hide or show the top admin bar or can you hide specific links?

Hi sims158,

You can hide main menu items on the left admin menu, but not their individual sub-menu items.

For the top admin bar, you can hide the WordPress logo or the whole bar, not individual links.

Presalse question: Does this plugin also allow to style the password protect page screen (using password protection function of wordpress)?

Hi BuPtmpl23,

The password form that shows up for a password protected post is on the front end of the site, which Slate doesn’t style. That would be styled by your site theme.