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Just a gentle reminder that all WordPress headings in admin screens have changed from H2 to H1, H3 to H2, etc in version 4.3, way back in July 2015. Please change your plugin’s heading structure so it’s semantically correct.

hello bro this plugin support rtl ?

arabic site ?

Unfortunately no, Slate isn’t setup for RTL. Hopefully I’ll have time to add that in the next major update.

What is the latest version of Slate Pro? 1.1.3? Automatic updates are not appearing in WP for this plugin. Should I download the latest zip from CodeCanyon?

Yes 1.1.3 is the latest version. If the update isn’t showing up in the admin for some reason, yes, you can just download from CodeCanyon.

Hi there,

Having switch the main URL of the site before deactivating the license, I am now getting the message: “Looks like this key is already activated. It needs to be deactivated before you can use it.” Could you please deactivate so I can switch re-license to the correct URL?

Thanks a lot!

Hi imageshub,

Your key is deactivated, please try activating again.


nasan Purchased

Hi there, the logo and background are not showing on the login page, please help.

Hi nasan,

Do you happen to be using a custom login URL? If so, you’d need to set that on the Settings page in Slate.


after Licensing, the Menu Item disappears and I only have access to the color schemes. Deleting and reinstalling the plugin doesn’t solve the problem.

Regards Sebastian

Hi Planfeuer,

If you disable the plugin on the Plugins page, it should remove any settings and go back to default.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, are you seeing any error notices? What version of WP are you using? Can you contact me directly on my profile page here so we can get this figured out?


lulawoo Purchased


I just downloaded Slate this morning and I’m having issues with the admin menu.

I selected a lot of options to hide from user one, then I selected one option to hide from user two, which reverted everything back to normal on user one. So I went back through and selected all the options again for user one and this reverted everything back to normal for user two.

Other than that, all seems to be well, and the login page looks awesome. The custom colour picker is a bit tedious – just picking 4 or 5 colours to go across everywhere would be so much easier than having to go into each section.

Thanks, Lucy

Hi Lucy,

I’m sorry the description of that feature wasn’t more clear. What’s happening is correct: you can select menu items you want to hide, and then choose which users it applies to. It’s not possible to set up different hidden menu items for different users, it’s only a single set.

In a future version of Slate I hope to have more robust user permissions, but I don’t have a timeline.

Hi, is this PHP 7.x compatible and also compatible with Hide My WP plugin? Thanks!

Yes Slate is PHP 7 compatible, but I don’t know about Hide My WP specifically. Slate does provide for you to enter a custom login URL if you’re not using the default WordPress login address.


chozen Purchased

The “Top Level Background Selected” option under the “Admin Menu” section doesn’t work.

Hey chozen,

Is your admin menu collapsed? That style only works when the menu is collapsed, either by clicking the link at the bottom of the menu, or being at a tablet sized width. I just confirmed it’s working for me in WP 4.7 and 4.8. What version are you using?

Hi. Can this plugin create new user Roles and assign Capabilities to them? Thanks.

Hi Aguskc,

Slate does not create roles at this time.

Is there a demo site for Slate Pro?

Hi there,

There’s not a demo of the Pro plugin, but you can download the free Slate plugin from to see the styling changes.

Hello, great plugin. Was just experimenting with the colouring. I’m having trouble setting the content background as white. It’s a light grey currently. Is there a way to overwrite WordPress’ content background colour to make it update proofed?

I’ve noticed visual problems with this plugin, likely due to bugs in the code. The content isn’t white, the tinyMICE editor and post title styling is broken. Basically the plugin is not outputting as advertised. I’ve tested it on multiple installations and the problem persists. Could you please update the plugin with fixes otherwise I will be requesting a refund.

Hi Onlyonemj,

I’ll be updating Slate Pro very soon with fixes for the items you mentioned above.

These issues are due to updates in WP 4.8. As far as “not outputting as advertised,” please note that Slate Pro hasn’t been updated for WordPress 4.8 yet, which is shown in both the “Software Version” details of the plugin and the Release Notes at the bottom of the plugin page. Definitely not trying to mislead anyone with compatibility info, just been a little slow to update.

Thanks for getting back to me. From what I understand the CSS classes and elements remained largely unchanged through many WordPress updates including major ones. You might want to restructure how your plugin is built in order to be future-proofed as it shouldn’t break through core updates? I have since created my own plugin instead as delivery was urgent at the time.


I have a question about the Slate Pro plugin I would like to purchasse. We’re setting up an affordable Wordpress website platform and we’ve already registered 30 clients who would like us to build their new site. At the moment we’re still looking for the plugin to give them the best possible experience. I came across your plugin but I just want to make sure I’m able to use the plugin on multiple Wordpress installations (multiple domains)? Buying 40 licenses will of course be a bit too much :)



Hi Boy,

Slate supports WordPress Multisite, so you can buy a single copy of Slate and style all sub-sites the same. If you need each site to look different, or if you don’t use Multisite, then each site would need its own licensed copy of Slate.

A quando la nuova versione? Poiché ho urgenza di acquistare questo plugin o la concorrenza. Grazie

Hi! Is it possible to hide a Admin Bar menu items (such as WPML language icon)? If not can you add this feature or add a custom CSS fields?

Hi heartdust,

Thanks for your purchase!

It’s not currently possible to hide individual admin bar items, just the WP logo or the whole bar.

I’ll add it to the list of possible future features, but don’t have any kind of timeline for when that might happen.

Hi, Hide my WP compatible? Thanks

Im interested in this plugin but wanted to review the documentarion prior to purchasing to ensure it meets my needs. Do you have any documentation that I can view?

Redirect on login


CatLady916 Purchased

Hi there, LOVE the theme! I’ll never try to customize myself ever again! Have one question, very similar to the one someone mentioned before about the login page settings not working on Multisite when using a Mapping Domain plugin. I’m using the /wp-admin login URL still but would like to change the name later but is there a fix to get the global settings across the mapped subsites? It’s okay they’re not individually styled so the theme can work on the backend across the multisite. Thanks so much!! :)