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ArshaK Purchased

Hey there, just activated this on Wordpress and added the license key as well. I can change the login page, but as for the admin colors, I can’t change that. I selected the custom color option too and nothing seems to work, I keep seeing the default blue color.

Can you guys please tell me what’s going on? Thanks!

Hi ArshaK,

Please check your user profile page in WordPress (/wp-admin/profile.php). I’m guessing you have a color chosen for your profile.

Any user with already chosen colors will continue seeing that color. “Default” needs to be selected for custom colors to show up.

Just a gentle reminder that all WordPress headings in admin screens have changed from H2 to H1, H3 to H2, etc in version 4.3, way back in July 2015. Please change your plugin’s heading structure so it’s semantically correct.

hello bro this plugin support rtl ?

arabic site ?

Unfortunately no, Slate isn’t setup for RTL. Hopefully I’ll have time to add that in the next major update.

What is the latest version of Slate Pro? 1.1.3? Automatic updates are not appearing in WP for this plugin. Should I download the latest zip from CodeCanyon?

Yes 1.1.3 is the latest version. If the update isn’t showing up in the admin for some reason, yes, you can just download from CodeCanyon.


imageshub Purchased

Hi there,

Having switch the main URL of the site before deactivating the license, I am now getting the message: “Looks like this key is already activated. It needs to be deactivated before you can use it.” Could you please deactivate so I can switch re-license to the correct URL?

Thanks a lot!

Hi imageshub,

Your key is deactivated, please try activating again.


nasan Purchased

Hi there, the logo and background are not showing on the login page, please help.

Hi nasan,

Do you happen to be using a custom login URL? If so, you’d need to set that on the Settings page in Slate.


planfeuer Purchased


after Licensing, the Menu Item disappears and I only have access to the color schemes. Deleting and reinstalling the plugin doesn’t solve the problem.

Regards Sebastian

Hi Planfeuer,

If you disable the plugin on the Plugins page, it should remove any settings and go back to default.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, are you seeing any error notices? What version of WP are you using? Can you contact me directly on my profile page here so we can get this figured out?


lulawoo Purchased


I just downloaded Slate this morning and I’m having issues with the admin menu.

I selected a lot of options to hide from user one, then I selected one option to hide from user two, which reverted everything back to normal on user one. So I went back through and selected all the options again for user one and this reverted everything back to normal for user two.

Other than that, all seems to be well, and the login page looks awesome. The custom colour picker is a bit tedious – just picking 4 or 5 colours to go across everywhere would be so much easier than having to go into each section.

Thanks, Lucy