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great plugin!

Is there a plan down the line to add the option to change fonts for titles and body in the admin?

This would be really helpful!

Please let me know!



Hi Bill,

Thanks for the kind words!

There isn’t at this time, but I’ll add it to my list of feature requests.

Thank you for this – I believe this will be really helpful and will make the admin more unique when you are able to add custom fonts.

Also may I ask something else – I don’t seem to find in custom settings the option to change the color for the body { background: #f1f1f1; } to a custom color..

Is there a way to change this?

Thank you for your help in advance,



Hi Sevenbold,

When will the new update come?

“Hi Onlyonemj,

I will soon update Slate Pro with patches for the items you mentioned above.

These problems are due to updates of WP 4.8. Regarding “do not publish as advertised”, note that Slate Pro has not yet been updated for WordPress 4.8, which is stated both in the details of the plugin software version and in the notes version at the bottom of the page. . Certainly not trying to fool someone with compatibility information, just been a bit slow to update. “



sash280 Purchased

Hello I have buy Slate Pro 2 times, and we have change the Websites and deleted them before deactivate the licence. Can you please delete the register. So we can reactivate the new two Sites.


Cheers Sash

Hi sash280,

You should now be able to reactivate your licenses.

Hi I would like to ask you if is possible buy some agency licence for slate pro.

I ask you, beacause I like you plugin and I would like use it on all our pages.

Thanks for response.


Martin Gregor

How do I deactivate the key as I moved from one hosting provider to another. When I reenter the key, the message is to deactivate key before using it. The key is not being used elsewhere. Thank you.

Hi aang777,

Sorry for the delay. If you’re still having an issue, let me know and I’ll deactivate your key so it can be used again.

There’s a bug on the Admin Menu Settings. Check box options are duplicating. I can send you screen print and additional info; let me know. Thanks!

Thanks, will be taking a look at this over the weekend.

thank you!

Sorry I’m behind on getting to this. Still on my radar, will be investigating ASAP.

I tried to update my theme in wordpress and it says I need the license Key,.. however I already added this when I uploaded slate pro and when i now re enter it says this code was already activated? What do i do… I only use Slate pro on this website no other….. Best Anna M

I deactivated the theme and re activated it again to try and prompt the key to be accepted

Hi annaclairemorton, please try activating again. I’ve reset your key.

thank you that worked

Is there a way to use this plugin on multiple different sites? I want to use it to create consistent admin page designs for all of the websites I manage without having to start from scratch each time. I’d be willing to pay more for this feature if possible.

Hi webgrowthpros,

Slate is multisite compatible. So if you create your sites as part of a multisite, they can all look the same based on your settings in the main parent site.

Alternatively, you can export/import your settings into individual sites, though in that case each site would need its own license.

Hi there,

I just purchased your slate pro theme, really love your work. but would you please help me make the logo above left menu fixed on the top? your help will be highly appreciated.

best regards Wayne

Hi Wayne,

The whole top menu and side menu should both stay fixed while using the WordPress admin at desktop sizes, which should mean the logo stays at the top-left at all times. Is something else happening?

hi, there,

please take a look at the screenshot at

the LOGO just scroll together with the content! please let me know how to make it fixed. i tested on edge and safari browser on desktop, same issue.

This is default behavior in the WordPress admin when the left hand admin menu is taller than the browser window. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the rest of the menu items.

Slate doesn’t set the logo to a fixed position, it gets scrolled with the rest of the menu.

I can look into adding this as a feature in a future update.


ab786kr Purchased

hi.. i have one request, would you please reset my activation. so that i can use on my new site with same domain name. plz reset…thanks

It’s been reset.

hi there,

there’s a problem with visual composer 5.4.5, the fixed VC header is covered by the admin bar. please fix it. For VC 5.4.4, there’s fine.


iwayne1688 Purchased

is there any news about this issue?

Hi iwayne1688,

No, unfortunately I don’t own Visual Composer and can’t test it. Generally I can’t guarantee other plugin compatibility with Slate since it changes so many things in the admin.

If you have to have Visual Composer support, I’d be happy to issue you a refund.