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Is there a way to disable the license activation ?

I switched my site to https, and now the license is not picking up.

Can you deactivate the domain associated with my license.

Please, let me know.



Thanks for replying, i have other account, but i’m pretty sure i purchase this license with this username: teamglobalusa.

Maybe when i subscribe in the slate pro admin interface i did it with username fearlex ?

I’m trying to setup a dev/staging/prod deployment enviroments, not sure if Slate Pro supports this, but i’m trying to move it from the staging to the dev area so i can do the updates there, and then move it to staging/prod.

Please, let me know if the different environments is possible, and if not, please deactivate the current domain associated with it.

Thanks in advance.


The previous license has been deactivated and can be used again.

Slate doesn’t support dev domains though, so don’t both with activating on your dev address. Wait until you’re done and activate on the live address.

Excellent, thank you !

We are planning to use Slate Pro for our WP Multisite instances. How can we use the licence for our product where we have 3 environments: dev, staging, and production, and multiple instances for each environment?


Sorry, right now I don’t have a way to support 3 separate environments with the same key. I’d suggest having your production site have the license installed, and simply update your other installs by hand.

I’ll add this to my list of future updates.

Sorry, I forgot to deactivate it before destroying whatever site I had it connected to. Could you please deactivate from your end so I can re-activate it on my personal site?

Hi jcooper36, you can re-activate now.


I tried to change Color Schemes in my wordpress. But every scheme i save, still the same default, it didn’t update to new scheme i chose.


Hi TQ,

Does your individual user profile already have a color chosen? If so, Slate won’t override it. Your user profile has to be set to ‘default’ for Slate’s custom colors to work.


ATingle Purchased

A1 Plugin, extremely impressed. Highly recommended. 5 Stars.

Thank you!


when i buy this plugin, can i use it in my different projects? or do i have to buy a license for each project?

Thank you very much!

Each site using the plugin requires its own license. However, the plugin is multisite compatible if you use multi-site and want all sub sites to have the same style.

I’ve a presale question
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one real site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check for updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your plugin on my localhost and on a real site at the same time (simultaneously)?
Will I be available all the features without entering any key in the localhost?

You’ll have access to all features except automatic updating through WP (though you can still download and install new versions manually). I plan to ignore localhost and other internal addresses with valid keys in a future update.

Hi there,

I can’t activate my actual license. It says it’s been using in other website and i can’t find it to deactivate it

Can you guys update my license or remove this one and give me another?

Hi Glavobix,

I’ve removed the activation associated with your account. You can now reactivate on a new domain name.

How do I deactivate a license key on an old site so that I can use the plugin on the new site…?

I don’t have access to the old site it’s been deleted and I’ve done a fresh wordpress install for the new one. I’ve never had to manually deactivate plugins before deleting a site in order to deactivate license keys. Is there a way to simply deactivate the old ones by entering the key on a new site?

I’m not seeing your username listed anywhere in our license database. Did you happen to change usernames from when you activated the license previously? You can send me a direct message on my profile page here and we’ll get this figured out.

Yes, I sent a message from your profile form.


kostax Purchased

Hello, thank you for creating this neat plugin :)

I read the documentation PDF, but the info I’m looking for isn’t in that PDF. I need some clarification about the “custom color options” tabs. In particular, I’m trying to change the background color of the “admin content” area. Is this even an option? I checked out several other admin plugins, and noticed it was very easy to find & change the background color of the “admin content” area. Apologies if i’m overlooking it, but can’t find it.

Also, I’m not really sure what the “sidebar/sortables” tab is, or where those colors will appear if I change them. Is there detailed documentation about the “Custom Color Options” section? If not, can you create detailed documentation so we know exactly what each option controls?

Hi Kostax,

Currently Slate doesn’t allow the background color to be changed — it’s forced to be white. There’s a bug right now on certain versions of WordPress that causes it to be gray, though, and we’ll be fixing that shortly.

As for Sidebar/Sortables: when you’re editing a post, that’s the area to the right where you typically Publish or select Categories, Tags, etc.

I am getting the following message, how do I reactivate and it tells me my license key is already registered. “It looks like you’re using Slate Pro without a license. If you like Slate Pro please consider entering a license key to help support us and continue its development. You’ll also receive free updates and technical support! Visit Seven Bold for purchasing information.” Thank you.

Hi aang777,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

You have to enter you license key on the website it’s already activated on. Once it’s entered and shows as activated, you can click a deactivate button, and then you can use it on a different website.

If any of the website address changes (with/without www, http vs https) then it won’t match and will say the key is already in use.

If you’re unable to access the website it’s activated on, please contact me through my profile page here with your license and website details, and I can reset it for you.

Yes, please reset as I installed an SSL certificate. Thank you

Your license was reset, please try activating again.

hii good day, i need you help with my purchase key, i have installed on a demo but now we dont have that working and im unable to get inside the FTP to erasure the plug in , can you help me with this please

than you

Hi there,

I’ve removed the activation on your current site, and you can now reactivate on a new site.


curtm275 Purchased

There seems to be a conflict between slate pro and the tablepress plugin, which is essential for my site. Is there any way I can get these 2 plugins to play nice? I’d like to keep using slate pro…

Hi there,

Can you describe what you’re seeing that looks like a conflict between Slate and TablePress?

I can’t guarantee third party plugin compatibility, but if it’s something that’s straightforward to fix I can include it in the next update.


curtm275 Purchased

When I try to edit one of the table posts, there’s a gray column covering half the content. Never used to be an issue. I don’t know if its something introduced by WP 4.7, or if one of the plugins changed.



nward85 Purchased

Recommend to add the ability to hide all sub menu items as well, and to do this by user roles. The client side admin theme has this ability. Would be great if you did too.


nward85 Purchased

Thank you for the update! Still a great admin theme though :-)



nward85 Purchased

Maybe a way to clean up the user edit pages (profiles) too? Client’s do not need to see everything in there


dbrd Purchased

Hi there, I’m using this on a multisite network. It works as expected on unmapped sites, but with custom mapped domains background images on the login page are not loading. Should I expect this to work, or do I need to load the background image with my own custom CSS file?

Hi dbrd,

Would you mind contacting me directly through my profile, and give me a link to the site where you see this happening?


dbrd Purchased

Yes, I will – sorry for the delay for some reason I don’t get notifications from codecanyon about comments


dbrd Purchased

Hi there, I’m using this on a multisite network. It works as expected on unmapped sites, but with custom mapped domains background images on the login page are not loading. Should I expect this to work, or do I need to load the background image with my own custom CSS file?


TOMIB Purchased

theres a away customize for got password page match the login page ?


TOMIB Purchased

here the picture what i’m talking about

Hi Tomib,

This may be a bug, I’ll be investigating.


rynoska Purchased

Hello, I’m attempting to deactivate a license key and reactivate but can’t find a path way to deactivate

In the Slate Pro plugin, on the License page, you can deactivate a license. Note you need to be on the exact same domain name. If you’re still having trouble, please content me directly through my profile page on CodeCanyon.


bk3k Purchased

On one of my sites in Multisite I have a favicon showing next to MySites in the top admin bar. Where is this configured/added?

Second question, When you mouseover MySites, the favicons show up next to the site name. Between some of the favicons and site names are X’s. Some of the sites have them and some do not. What causes this?

Hi bk3k,

I don’t think what you’re seeing is due to Slate. On my multisite installation, I’m seeing the standard WordPress icon next to My Sites, which looks like a group of houses (it used to be a key in pervious versions).

If you disabled Slate (make sure to copy the Import/Export code so you can import your settings) does it still show what you’re describing?