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Why this plugin does not work with sub categories?


I will look at it and will get back to you.

Ok, I’ll be waiting …

You can also contact me by email


I sent you an email.


It will be great to have also front end posts filter.

Is possible


There are some plugins that provide front end filtering here on codecanyon :)

Hi I have issue to find the right one.

can you share with me some proposals?

Nice item. Keep it light. ;-)

Limit feature requests to Admin / Backend only related functionality. Adding any frontend related features should end up being another plugin entirely. There’s already too many front end filter plugins anyhow like FacetWP, for example. You don’t want to compete with that.

Otherwise, it may end up bloating an otherwise nice plugin with features that those who buy it for it’s original purpose won’t use. That’s my opinion anyhow.

Well, that’s my intention :) I will keep it for Administration use only since as you have mentioned there are a lot of popular plugins out there that provide the front end functionality :)

Hi, is this plugin Wordpress multi-site (one domain install) compatible?

Is it possible to filter by exact date like 2014-12-12 ? and is it possible to filter not only product section but also at the order section ? I need a filter that can find the product that were sold on some specific date.


Regarding your first question, yes you can filter by the exact value of your custom fields.

Dates of the posts are not yet supported but will be supported very soon.

Regarding the second question, having to filter data by their relation to another entity is not supported with this plugin. Sorry.


A little pre sales questions.

Can you sort columns by values. For example, by date, by price etc?




Right now the plugin does not sort based on the values but it is in the roadmap of the plugin.

I’m not clear on one thing. Is it possible to filter the orders table by orders that contain a particular product?


This depends on the way the product is related to the order. If you’re using WooCommerce, the products are not related directly to the order and therefore can NOT filter using products.

I hope I answered your question.

You’re right. I was thrown off by the screenshots and forgot that this isn’t an e-commerce related plugin. I am interested in your other plugin, Taxonomy reports but I’ll ask my questions there…

Hi, with your plugin can i create filters for post status?(published, draft, etc)

and to filter by author name?


does this work on custom user fields?

Hi why this not work for woocommerce coupons ?

It is compatible with custom post type ?

It would appear this author has abandoned this plugin but still offers it for sale. Why doesn’t Envato clear out no longer supported or updated plugins? The older these plugins get, the more likely they are to be a security risk with less experienced users not being aware.


Thanks for your concern.

The compatible versions are available on the right side of the screen. The plugin is fully tested with the compatible versions listed there.

Thanks again

I bought it. The following error appears when multi effectiveness and AJAX invalid. Uncaught Error: Option ‘multiple’ is not allowed for Select 2 when attached to a <select> element. (...)


Can you please email me through the form available in my profile? I need the WC and WP versions + admin account and FTP account if possible.



I’m interested in this plugin, but I have a question. Is it possible to have dependency between custom taxonomies?

I have 3 taxonomy drop downs. When I select volume on the first it I want to populate the second (hide empty terms in second), when I select volume from the second it populate the third (hide empty terms in third). Is it possible?

Thank you

Could you use this with GravityForms?

Haven’t tested it with Gravity Forms.

Hi Galalaly This plugin looks like exactly what I need to expose some fields in the backend of my site to make searching for content easier – I have a custom content type ‘property’ and a few custom fields I wish to use as filters. Should this plugin still work? I am asking because I see you no longer provide support for the plugin?

Also is there another plugin that will include this same functionality?

Please advise as soon as you can.

Does this work with WooCommerce?

It has been tested with WooCommerce but not with latest versions. WC 2.0.x

Hello i have a pre-sale question. The plugin works with sub-categories and custom taxonomies sub-terms? This plugin creates the admin columns for custom post type ? With Admin Filters we can short the results by custom post meta?

pre-sale: from the video I can see the filter responds to inputs written by the user, which is very smart. However, does it have the option to show also all categories of a custom post in the drop down list?