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I can create Ads and an Ad Zones but when I click on “No Ads so far. Go and add one!” or the “Add one” button, nothing happens.

Suggestions? I’m using firefox and chrome.

Can you send me the URL to your installation and a login please? I will see what’s wrong.

Also… why do I get this error when I click on an ad?

You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-544421-wordpress-admanager/track-click.php on this server.

Please make sure the permissions are set correctly (normally 755, sometimes 777).

Hi, activated your Plugin and tried to create new Ads:

Every New Ad has the Name “name ?>”

Nothing work´s on my site!

I Think it´s a Conflict with my theme. Any Idea how to solve?

It is the same Error like in Comment from NeutrinoTeam, Do you have the updated files?

Update: Found one more Error-Message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/xlxcsqnb/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-admanager/menu-edit.php on line 88


- i deleted my Plugin, - reset all Settings on my Provider, - reinstalled Wordpress

After hours of trying to bring my blog back to life my provider had to backup my whole webspace! That cost me 30 €. Nothing, compared with all the Work i had to do! After 4 Days of Work my site is running again!


It can’t be an error of my script, especially because the message you reported was in the Wordpress core, not the plugin. If you want your money back, you will have to contact Envato, but I doubt that they will agree.

Hi Geardev, THX for Answer, i´d realy like your Plugin, it will fit all my needs.

I don´t like to do all the work with coding. I paid for a working Version. If you can send me a recoded Version without Shorttag i´ll try, and if it works i will give you 5 Stars :-)

I think for further Versions youl have to do this anyway, to avoid Conflicts like these :-)

Please send it to (If you decide to recode)

THX Michael

Hello Partner,

I’d like to put my ads alongside one another, but unfortunately I could not. When placed over code – an ad – it is one over the other. The following sample page for you to see more or less as I would like to stay: I look back

Yes, because it is meant to work like that. You will have to change the CSS code in order to make it work like you want it.

Can you help me with that?

Sorry, I have too many active projects currently. You will have to search for another coder.

I would like a refund. I thought this plugin would allow me to run campaigns but there is no feature to manage a campaign so I can not use it for my project. Thank you.

Seems like a great plugin but I can not use it. I guess I wasted my money. Live and learn.

I just checked, you can only request a refund if the download fails etc, not if it doesn’t fit your needs, sorry.

Yeah sucks for me then.


I managed to solve the problems I had. I hate to say it, because I do love the simplicity of this plugin, but it is not best coded – that’s why I had some issues, including that the widget didn’t work, so I made another one. Maybe it’s just my installation, but I think the coding should be more precise and carefully ordered.

Thanks ! Now it works for me and the job is done :)

Can you tell me what you changed exactly? You can send it to if you want. Can’t think of anything I did wrong.

Hi, I got a problem just after installation.. :( I have extracted the .zip file, and moved the extracted files into a folder and that folder into the plugins folder. I’ve activated the plugin and then went to create new ad zone. So far so good. But when created the zone, I got an error message: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …[removed]...\wp-content\plugins\codecanyon-wordpress-ad-manager\menu-zones.php on line 12

I think it is related to the face that you wasn’t cautious enough and used <?= instead of <?php echo I will try to change that and will update…

hi, i bought the plugin and it’s working great so far.

one problem i’m having is with google adsense (in internet explorer only) where i’m getting a “webpage cannot be displayed” message for ads inserted into posts.

any ideas?

Can you provide me the URL to the post and the blog where you installed the script?

do you have an email address to send to?

OFF TOPIC : @ axxo.. are your really the famous axxo? The one who transcode great videos :)

Just curious :)

I watched the video and it seems all method is to add the shortcode manually. Is it possible to add the codes on every post automatically. letsay every end of post. without having to add the short code.

You just have to edit your template and add one of the template tags to the single.php for example.

Hello, just bought this plugin. It works as expected, thank you!

One question – I tried to add a «custom text widget» (wordpress default widget) into my sidebar. So I’ve entered e.g. my AdZone [ad z1]. But this text will show up in plaintext in the fronted, no ads show up.

If I place exactly the same shortcode into a regular article, the ads from this zone are showing up.

I’d like to use this «custom text widget» cause I want to place several ads beside each other (125px ads).

Thank you for your help.

Cheers -a

At the monent you will have to use the provided ad widget, because sidebar texts are not filtered.

Greetings, Before I purchase this, have there been any upgrades now that WP is at 3.3?? Thanks

I have tested it with Wordpress 3.3 and everything works fine, so there don’t have do be any updates ;)

If i had 10 ads the same size, and 4 spaces on one page to use those 10 random options, will this plugin ensure that one ad wont be repeated?


The plugin chooses the ads randomly, but it doesn’t make sure that an ad isn’t displayed twice.

Ok, thanks. This would be a GREAT feature to add if it could be coded. :)


Have a quick question regarding using the “ad zones.”

I have a WP theme that has 3 custom top widget areas and 3 custom bottom areas that I intend on using for advertising. Each custom widget area has it’s own widget box in the admin/appearance/widgets section.

Can I drop the ad manager widget into each of these six boxes and assign the same ad zone to each one using random ads and have the plugin select a random ad to display without showing the same ad in two or more spots at the same time?

Basically, I would like to create 6 different ads and have them displayed randomly with each one in it’s own widget area so all 6 appear on the page at the same time but move around as each time the page is refreshed.

The whole idea is to be able to always show the same 6 ads but never showing the same ad in 2 or more widget areas at the same time.

Wow, hope you got that… :)


I got it, but it is not guaranteed that an ad ist not displayed twice ;) At the moment they are just displayed randomly.

For me this plugin never works, send me errors all time, i already tested on new wordpress installations, some of my other blogs and sites and this errors all time:

You don’t have permission to access /im/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-admanager/track-click.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I guess i have to buy other ad manager plugin.

Hello, i juts bought this plug in but i get an error when click on an ad Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access /im/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-admanager/track-click.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

this error is only to target url out of the domain for example if the target url is and internal page then all is ok.

Thanks and hope you can help me

Is there a shortcode for ad rotation? or only the php include?

I really would like to see a shortcode that could be used w/o having to hack a template.

Please advise.

Thanks, T

You can include a random ad with the [ads] shortcode, like it is described in the documentation.

Great plugin!

I am having a problem tho. Everything works perfect except for the Ad Zone Template Tag

Outputs Ad 7 just fine <?php echo adManager::specific_ad( 7 ); ?>

Outputs “Ad Not Found” <?php echo adManager::ad_zone( 5 ); ?>

I have an ad in assigned to that zone so not sure why its displaying the null message

Thanks for your help in advance

The correct usage is adManager::ad_zone( ‘z5’ ); ;)

Does this work in WordPress multisite? If so, is there a way to filter the HTML -snippets to prevent users from using PHP or other unsafe code?



It should, but I didn’t test it. It doesn’t execute PHP code, but there is no way to “filter” code as the idea of an HTML -snippet was that you can do anything you want with it.

This is the best premium advertisement solution I’ve found full stop. I’ve used around ten (more expensive) alternatives and this beats them hands down.

Only (minor) feature requests would be:

- Checkboxes/dropdowns in the widget rather than having to remember zones and ads.

- Abilty to upload Flash the same way as images.

All round fantastic solution though.

1) Thank you very much :)

2) Would be a mess with many ads ;)

3) I will think about it.