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How many images can show at same time? Has pagination?

The latest version has full pagination support

Great I’ll take a look, and buy soon.


Thanks for your enquiry. There’s no limit from our end to number of images you can display, it’s configured via a parameter. The Instagram API must have a higher limit which we will have to check. The pagination is not included in the first version but we plan to add it this week in the next version.

Thanks, 99Walls Team

I just bought this plugin and i fail to be uploaded and installed? What should do ? SEE Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-7224200-wordpress-2-instagram-ultimate-plugin(1).zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugins page


It looks like you are trying to install the zip file, which is not correct. You will have to unzip the file manually and then follow the instructions in the readme to install the plugin. Basically, there’s a ‘wp-instagram-ultimate’ folder within the zip, that you need to copy under ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder and then activate it via admin panel, that’s all If you still encounter any issues, please send a screenshot to our email – ninetyninewalls@gmail.com

Thanks, 99Walls Team

Is there ANY support for this plugin??? I purchased your “WP2Instagram – Wordpress 2 Instragram Ultimate” plugin. I really like it and it works fine alone but it affects other plugins from working (which also causes the website to be slow loading).

I thought there was an issue with my other plugins until one of the developers found the problem. This is what he said:

“The problem is the Instagram plugin! It causes the ajax to stop because it searches for a file that doesn’t exist. The file that is missing is this one . . ./wp-content/plugins/wp-instagram-ultimate/js/jquery.min.map If you know the author tell them to update and fix it. For now I just deactivated this plugin and tweets show up again!”

So with your plugin deactivated, our other plugins work fine. I tested it again. I turned your plugin back on and the other plugins did not work (and the site slowed down again).

Is there something you can do to fix this issue as we do like this plugin.

We will investigate and get back to you..thanks

Does this plugin allow WordPress to post to Instagram? I am looking for a plugin to take my featured image on my blog post to automatically post to my Instagram. Does this plugin have this functionality?

Hello i insert my id and secret key from instagram account but the plugin doesn’t works. I press the update button but nothing change.


I get an error when trying to view the demo.

Nice Work and Welcome to Envato. Good Luck