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looks good, I’ll have in mind for my next project.

Hi Tavolucas thank you for your kind words. Regards Pablo


Is the ‘one-off fee’ the 14$ plugin price or is there a separate payment to be made to a third party after the plugin purchase?



Hi Kops there is no seperate payment $14 gets you the plugin. Hope that answers your question. Regards Pablo

I would love this application if I was able to chat outside of wordpress Admin area, like my iphone :) this is what I currently have and would love to switch to yours, also you might want to take a look at their options and maybe add them to yours :)

Hi SashaBlack thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated :)

I vote for iPhone iOS solution as well All chat will have to go this way eventually

Will be watching

love it – but I would make the whole box clickable since intuitively people tend to click on the speech bubbles before clicking on the text

Hi Many thanks for your valuable comment :)

Is it possible to handle more than one chat request at a time? If not, what shows if somebody tries to contact you and you are already in a conversation?

Also is it possible to store name/email and conversation history?


Meant to say if you are offline and they fill in the form it will send their message to the email address that you used when you set up your wordpress blog :)

Plus you cannot just store their email/name/conversation without their permission – it would be viewed big time as Spam :(

Awesome thanks…

Is it possible to disable the overlay when somebody is using the chat module?

This plugin looks really nice, I consider using it on a portal I’m making, and I was just wondering about how the opportunities to take the entire box and place it where I need it, instead of a button press to show it? I need it to be in a sidebar you see :)

Hi Zaerdna Thank you for your question. At the present time there is no intention of upgrading the plug in to allow it to be used in the sidebar. It maybe something we will look at in the future. Regards Pablo

I am planing to use this chat for my project. I have some questions.

1.How many agents can use this chat & How many departments can use ? 2.How many chats able to access at a time ?

Hi This is a simple wordpress plugin – what you are asking for you will need to visit one of the big names – Thank you for your enquiry


is this plugin multisite compatible?

regards Patrick

Hi Patrick :) If you mean can you use it on different wordpress sites then the answer is yes! The license gives you unlimited use.

If you meant something else can you be a bit more specific

Regards Pablo

i mean a multisite or network installation

see if it is it is bought as it would be the only one so far…

regards patrick

sry duplicated… pls delete

no demo anymore?

Hi Moccacon My apologies was testing a new plugin and forgot to switch this back on, The demo is now live, many thanks for bringing this to my attention. Regards Pablo

Hi, How does the operator know someone is on their website? Considering operator can be busy at time, does it make any sound? Also, can it ‘PUPOUT’/’SLIDE OUT’ at certain intervals of say every few seconds. Could it be located on the right/left/top?

Hello, I wonder if it is possible to customize the form that the visitor fills before talking with aminstrador.

Hi Thank you for your question regarding my software. What exactly do you have in mind? I can then best answer your question. Regards Pablo

Hello, I would like to make a form, before starting the chat with the visitor where he fills data as Equipment, Model, Brand, Phone, Address, Company, Dealer Name, etc … and then after that he can join the chat administrator. But generally live chat systems do not allow the entry form to be customized with new fields.

Hi The whole idea of live chat is to get the information whilst interacting with them. Much better than form filling.

So that would be a no, sorry!

Can i integrate “Support for Wordpress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin” with gtalk skype jabber or any chat system or chat client ?

Hi Thanks for your question. The 1-2-1 is a stand alone software, so it will not integrate with any other software.

Would like to see it in action, but your link seems to point to an expired domain…

eeek! sorry – wrong page :)

Hi Jon_b Thank you for the heads up – here is a link to see the plug -


can we customise this with our own image/icon?

Also we don’t really want it as a chat feature more as either a feedback form, or place a text widget inside of it?

Hi Micatuca = it is a chat plugin so you should maybe look for what you need elsewhere. Regards Pablo

I’m clicking on the live chat tab in the demo, but nothing is happening

Hi you can view the demo at my blog www.paulconway,biz – thank you for your interest in the 1-2-1 Chat

Dear sirs,

I have one pr-order question for you. As operator, am I able to answer my visitors via my mobile phone, or tablet and get notifications? (Do not need mobile app, just to be logged in to my dashboard).


Hi thank you for your questions.

1. Yes you can answer visitors on both your mobile or tablet 2. You can set the chat to show you are offline and when a visitor sends you a question you will get an email notification, which you can reply to 3. You do not need an app as you access your dashboard via your wordpress admin panel

I hope this has answered your questions. Thank you for taking an interest in premium wordpress 1-2-1 chat plugin


Is the “Chat” plugin able to…

1) – Keep a transcription of the chat ?

2) – Allow files to be uploaded to the admin ? If yes, can we restrict the file types and sizes ?

3) – Optimized for front-end use on a mobile phones or tablets by the visitor ?

4) – Does it have an audible alert for new chats or visitors?

5) – Does it have an email function if admin is not available?

6) – Can it handle between 40 and 80 “admin operators” ?

7) – Will it alert an operator even if the browser window is closed ?

Hi Turner2f I did reply to this via email. I asume you got it! Cheers Pablo

Not certain I did.

Can you please reply here ?

No problem What I said was that you are looking for is a more heavyweight plugin. My plugin covers points numbers: 3,4,5, Thank you for your interest :)