Discussion on Wordly - Word Guessing Game

Discussion on Wordly - Word Guessing Game

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I’m interested in this product but i see that it hasn’t been updated since 3 may 2022 are the devs still active to fix any errors ?

Hi, The project so far is at it’s most stable version. Currently we are working on other projects but we are planning to deliver a new update soon.

Hello, the keyboard keys are very small, how much do we need to adjust the settings in css to make the keys a little larger, and could you specify exactly where this line of code is? I’m giving a sample button image, I want to make it vertical


We have reached to you through this email If it is your email can you please reply for further information else can you please send us an email with your main email address.

Hello, I am interested in purchasing this game, but I would like to have it in English and Bulgarian. Is that possible, and if so how?


Thanks for your interest in the game. Yes you can add multiple languages as you like. The game has a custom mode where the user chooses the language + time interval to play. Setting up the languages is easy you can add the language (name, alphabets, words list…etc) through the Config file, the process is detailed in the documentations and if you have any questions or issues feel free to contact us.

hello, can you help me please?

Hi, We have received your email. Can you please check your email for the response. Thanks

hi how to disable 24 hour quiz? i want to user play without limit time

Hi, Please contact us on for more details. Thanks

Don’t see “Word Definition” in Demo ?

any unique feature coming?

How to change the settings of the keyboard keys. so cramped!! can you make the keyboard like in this picture?? The letters on the keyboard show only in English. Alphabets are not shown according to Turkish language.


Can you send an email to with a screenshot of how the keyboard looks like + more details about how you set up the keyboard (

Thank you,

How many levels this game have ?

There’s 2 modes in this game: - NORMAL: no levels, new words are generated every 24 hours - CUSTOM: you can make your own game setting the time, language and number of letters. Here the difficulty levels are the number of letters (3 letters words = Easy, 4 letters words = Normal, 5 letters words = Hard, 6 letters words = Extreme)

You said that there will be an update in 1 month? What kind of update will come?


If you’re referencing to the email reply concerning the update with new UI. The update got delayed for reasons out of our control.

If you want to reskin your app you can benefit from our reskinning service to change the UI of the game with only 20$. The service contains: Changing colors, backgrounds, fonts, customized keyboard layout and any other custom basic changes to the UI that are not related to the original Layout Structure.

Thanks, Regards

:D very good

Hi, It keep crashing just after opening game on Android 11 and 12. I tried on Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s and Pixel 5. It crashes on both just after opening.

I downloaded the apk from “Download Apk Demo” green button on description.

Hi, Link is updated. You can redownload the APK and try it.

what did you change in the new update? you should bring a feature for colorblind..

Mainly Changes related to responsivity of the game and word checking and bug fixes plus introduction of customizable keyboard based on language. Check Change Log for more details.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will make sure to include it in future versions.

hello, thanks for the great game, can we add the “next game timer” in the game screen after win or lose ? so when the user restart the new game, will know the next word time and no need to click the statistics button


Yes it can be added, please can you contact us on this email for more details:

Hi! I would like also to know if this can be used hosted in a website maybe with HTML. Thanks!

Hi, Unfortunately it can’t be hosted as a website.

Quick questions before I buy:-

1. How easy is it for a non-coder to install ?
2. Can the new word be generated every few seconds (for unlimited fun) ?
3. If we buy, will we get future updates free – or do we have to pay again?
4. How much extra to add a simple HTML box for adsense code ?
5. Is this ONLY for Android (hence APK and no demo) or will it work on the web too?

Thank you.

Hi, Sorry for the late reply

1 – You will find Documentation included in the files with an easy to follow steps to create your app. No codding experience is required and if there’s any questions just contact us through email and we will go with you through the process of setting up your app.

2 – The current version of app doesn’t include the unlimited game mode, but we can provide it to you as a custom service.

3 – Yes, you will get any future updates for free.

4 – Since this is a mobile app, there’s already Admob (Admob is part of Adsense) and there’s 3 types of Ads that are already provided with the app (Banner ads, Interstitial Ads, Rewarded Ads) – Check Admob official website for more details

5 – Unfortunately, this is a mobile Android app and can’t be published for web.

If there’s any questions or queries, contact us via:

Hope the next update will have a leaderboard and be connected to google play games

Thanks for your suggestion, We will make sure to include it in the next major update.

Is only admob is configured or Facebook and other ad providers also easy to confirm? Lot of time google admob suspend account( it’s happens to me 2-3 times)


Concerning Ad Providers, Admob is the main Ad Provider used in this app with mediation (Facebook, AppLovin, IronSource, UnityAds)

But once admob is suspend account then it’s not possible to login to admob account itself so it’s not possible to update it.


We don’t understand what is the problem in particular. Are you asking whether there is other ad providers because you have problems with your Admob account? If that is the case then unfortunately the app has only Admob as the primary ad provider but if you want you can contact us on our email: so we can deliver you a customized version with your preferred ad provider.

Demo link ?


In the details page you will find the demo link “Download APK Demo”.

I think there should be an option to change the letters part to uppercase and lowercase letters and a flag option button as a language option! and the instructions section should not be empty!


About Uppercase and Lowercase, it adds more complexity that is not necessary and the game can be played normally with Uppercase or Lowercase alone (Check original game). About the flag option button, it is a good idea we will try to include it in the upcoming versions. Finally, concerning instructions, it is not empty. The client is the one responsible of creating a web page and include the URL in the settings of that page.

Thanks for your suggestions.


There is one little bug in the duplicatesCheck method in js file. You need to change it to function duplicatesCheck(letter) { if (duplicates.includes(letter)) { if ((targetWord.match(new RegExp(letter, "g")) || []).length >= (duplicates.match(new RegExp(letter, "g")) || []).length){ duplicates += letter return false } else return true } else { duplicates += letter return false } }


Thanks for your suggestion, we will check this out and roll an update later with the appropriate changes. Please, if there’s any other problems or suggestions consider contacting us via email instead since the comment section is dedicated for people who are interested in getting the code for any questions or queries.

Thank you


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