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doesn’t it work in IOS?

All WordApp plugins and Ionic support Windows, iOS and Andriod platforms. But I test WordApp only with Android platform and can’t guaranteed perfect work on other platforms.

I have tested the android app and I realized that only the bookmarked posts are cached, Is there any option to cache all posts loaded?

if i use images in my wordpress posts not in full dimension – only small etc, wordapp doesn’t show me the images. Is ng-bind-html=”content | html_filters in post.html the problem?

my wordpress gives for an image – back … so i think, this is the reason why wordpress doesn’t show me the image. i testet with an other wordpress installation – the image in a post doesn’t get the data:image/gif;base64 attribut, so i can see the image.

any chance to see the images from a post (with my theme) in wordapp?

Give link to your WP

cool, a news version … how can i update the app with the new features, with my app of a previous version?

Build new app based on this version


slay3r Purchased

Hello author,

May app it doesn’t show the last post when I open or try to refresh…

I know that by default WP come with REST API, but I also can’t see post images… you can try this address www.bantumen.com

Because you don’t have medium size images. Replace in post.html and posts/your_template.html better_featured_image.media_details.sizes.medium.source_url to better_featured_image.media_details.sizes.medium_large.source_url

Hello kingstakh, is there a solution for displaying the first article as Card but all the others as list?


Use mixed template


my app is rejected by google

below reason how to fix this

Your app has an apk with version code 10001 that requests the following permission(s): android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE. Apps using these permissions in an APK are required to have a privacy policy set.

Privacy Policy mandatory for apps using permissions…please add menu item Privacy Policy as default in app menu..

Hi, It’s me again. I can’t display featured image in the posts list when I updated to version 1.0.3 using version wordpress 4.7.2.

Hello, how can i localize the time format in german or other langue. amMoment.changeLocale(‘de’); doesn’t work in app.js

hello, congratulations for this app !!! I would like to know if I can enter the title of the category instead of the page title. I try to explain when I click on the business category would that business appears at the top as the title of the page .Thanks Sorry for my bad English

This can work on my site? My site use wp 4.7.3

Yes WordApp work with all versions WP

I need an app that my customers can view your schedule appointment and receives a push notification when it’s near to the date. Do you think that I can use this template for begin this project?

You can schedule push notification in Onesignal Dashboard


I want to buy your plugin but I need to know if the plugin uses Webview? I did an app for a client using some cheap plugins from the wordpress repository and the app does is unable to upload audio, video or pics…I did a bit of research and found out that Webview does not support media uploads for android versions below 6.0.1…Does your plugin use Webview to convert my wordpress website to native android/iOS app?

WordApp is not plugin, and uses Wordpress API, not Webview

Push Notification opens the app but then the article will be shown in the inapp browser (mobile website) – is it possible to open the article directly in the app without inappbrowser?

Hi! Sorry for long silence! I test now PUSH opens in APP

yeah, push opens the app but the article will not show native in the app – only the inappbrowser starts and shows the article … :/

It’s a push which is sent by publishing a wordpress article

i think you can test it with your own app … post a article on your wp testsite and let sending a push notification – you will see that the app is starting but then in your app starts the inappbrowser to show you your article.

Good day how would this app work with a complex directory theme like Superlist?

How to setting comments in nested mode?

Hi can i open web url in app on start in app with sidemenu not on new window