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Hello ,

I want to create Lyrics app with help of my current website : https://goo.gl/EDsUgX

Is this possible from this app to have this kind of application which shows particular category or pages from word press website ?

You website is Trojan infected

I dont find any , can you please point out ?

Do we have to pay extra if we reach the 100 minutes/month? (like this says: https://appetize.io/pricing)

Is it hard to make it run without any knowledge with Phonegap/Cordova?


Hi! No it’s easy to run, if you have some troubles I help you. No additional payments will be required, no limits to use WordApp

Hi, any update very soon?

Hi, any update very soon?

Next update I planing in January. In next release I add Walkthrough, Langfile for easy translate to any language, New Posts Search

Sounds great :)

Hi, Do i need to purchase ionic plan? http://ionic.io/pricing

No additional payments will be required

Hi author,

New wordpress 4.7 built in Rest API by default, and now comments disabled anonymous by default, you can see here, any updates or trick to enable that? - https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/38855

If you use WP 4.7 just add this line to your theme functions.php:

add_filter( ‘rest_allow_anonymous_comments’, ‘__return_true’ );

hey nice app i got a wordpress news website and i wanted this app connect to that site so could you help because if i buy it i don’t know anything about apps and i can’t configure anything so could you tell me if you can do it for me

Hi! You can look documentation http://test.1871.by/documentation/v2/ If you have problem after – I help you.

can i get your skype id so u could help me

will other wordpress plugins shortcodes work inside a post ?

I can not guarantee the performance of third-party plug-ins