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doesn’t it work in IOS?

All WordApp plugins and Ionic support Windows, iOS and Andriod platforms. But I test WordApp only with Android platform and can’t guaranteed perfect work on other platforms.

I have tested the android app and I realized that only the bookmarked posts are cached, Is there any option to cache all posts loaded?

if i use images in my wordpress posts not in full dimension – only small etc, wordapp doesn’t show me the images. Is ng-bind-html=”content | html_filters in post.html the problem?

my wordpress gives for an image – back … so i think, this is the reason why wordpress doesn’t show me the image. i testet with an other wordpress installation – the image in a post doesn’t get the data:image/gif;base64 attribut, so i can see the image.

any chance to see the images from a post (with my theme) in wordapp?

Give link to your WP

cool, a news version … how can i update the app with the new features, with my app of a previous version?

Build new app based on this version


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Hello author,

May app it doesn’t show the last post when I open or try to refresh…

I know that by default WP come with REST API, but I also can’t see post images… you can try this address www.bantumen.com

Because you don’t have medium size images. Replace in post.html and posts/your_template.html better_featured_image.media_details.sizes.medium.source_url to better_featured_image.media_details.sizes.medium_large.source_url

Hello kingstakh, is there a solution for displaying the first article as Card but all the others as list?


Use mixed template