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I’ve installed and uploaded to PlayStore, however I did not want to have ADMOB and removed plugin from config.xml:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-admobpro" spec="2.19.1" />

After uploading to PlayStore I do not receive notifications, however it was working in DEBUG version.

How can I disable ADMOB and still have PUSH NOTIFICATIONS working? Is there different plugin? What is the best way to keep push and disable admob?

ORANGE BOX counter added by Android platform with version 6 and higher not by App. > Should I change my config.js from WordApp.config to HGVNEWS.config? – No

How many Push notification you receive when send it from Wordpress?

1) When I compare it with other apps i.e. Instagram - when ORANGE icon is shown and I open APP – the ORANGE disappears Skype: - when I open Skype and click on relevant conversation, the NUMBER in ORANGE is reduced by one (single notification is removed)

You app never removes the notification in my Android app – unless start clicking the notifications on the main screen.

There are 2 ways to handle the removal of ORANGE:

- remove ORANGE BOX when app is opened (simple version – Instagram way) - reduce by 1 each time user reads UNREAD POST (app should show which posts are new/unread – Skype way)

How to implement either of this?

2) When I click notification on the main screen as they arrive, I’m taken to the MOBILE WEBSITE, not the APP.

Is there a way to open the notification in the APP and reduce ORANGE COUNT at the same time?

Thank you.

1) I tested on weekend and don’t have problem with Orange Box. When click on Push box is removed from WordApp icon. 2) You install plugin “Push notify OneSignal Filter”?

When i buy the 12$ license, can I buy the 90$ license for 78$?

If you want buy Extended license you don’t need buy Regular license. And now Extended license — $60

Can i Test the App on my iOS Device? I have an iOS DEV Account and i Know how to make an IPA in PhoneGap

You can test it with Ionic View. App Id for test 03c6a859

You can test it with Ionic View. App Id for test 03c6a859

Looks Nice. Do i have acces to Change the Coulor For the App. (Example the Theme in red.)

Could you send me some screenshots from the new version?:)

It’s possible to Customize the design? (Buttons with the same size etc.)

Hi. So when i buy the 12$ License, I don’t have the permission to sell the app, right? But i have all app features like in the 60$ license, or?


I sent one! The right color for the App (Hex Code): 007AFF

is there any possibility to have offline sync of posts ?

what about offline sync ? does this app caches online content ?

what about offline sync ? does this app caches online content ?

WordApp don’t caches online content

Hi, how does this plugin handle private wordpress sites? is authentication supported?

No authentication is not supported

Is there any option to add post-view count as the app is showing full contents

Is there any option to add post-view count as the app is showing full contents

“td-post-views”. Also see that I send you on personal email. My app is very slow check here. also the icon of app is not changed. https://build.phonegap.com/apps/2651302/install

Broken link to app, can’t download. You can open ticket here for more questions https://goo.gl/cGO12t

Ticket submitted sir

I have a classified ads WP website here are my concerns: 1. Does it support and play audios with audio tags like radio stream embedded on pages? 2. Does it support file and photo upload by camera during ad posting or profile update? 3. Does it play embedded youtube video post without leaving the app? Thanks, will wait for a reply.

No by default, this needs big changes

Hi I have a music website: app.wlojii.com will this work on my website?

I think no

Pre Sale Question :

  • Can we show multiple sub category in wordapp menu ? like :
    – Categories
    -> Songs
    -> Pop
  • Interstitial Mob Ad is showing just on startup , can we show it after every 5 minutes ?


alright thanks , one more question , does your app search from wordpress posts tags or just from post title ?

Post title and content

alright , is this possible to search from post tags ? if yes then i will buy your app :) thanks