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Hi, i want to buy this app can you tell me What language? (Objective C, C++, Swift) What Framework (SpriteKit, Cocos2d)

Is 64 bit compatible?

I have buy your app’s source code, it’s awesome. The problem is apple ask us to be compatible with 64 bit since Feb, 1st, 2015. When I archive your code in Xcode 6.1, it show error: “Unknown register name ‘q0’”, the solution go to Architectures and change $(ARCHS_STANDARD) to $(ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT) is not suitable right now. Please help us fix this problem!

Please check README file for instruction to fix this problem. thanks.

I already read it, it says “go to Architectures and change $(ARCHS_STANDARD) to $(ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT)”. That’s not a suitable solution right now. We can’t upload 32 bit apps to app store since Feb, 1st, 2015, just a few days left. You know that.

Oh, this app is not compatible with 64bit for now. In order to make it 64bit compatible, I would have to rewrite the whole thing from scratch. I plan to do that in the future. Thanks.


What am i supposed to replace in the “r98ym0d” in the line of code bellow ??

define kGameID @”r98ym0d” // this is game_id for JewelWar // jewel war 1: sed8ha9

Please do not touch anything in the code if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thanks.


You say the game is multiplayer. Do i need to create a PARSE key to the game ? And if YES, Where do i replace the PARSE key in the code ?

No, you don’t need Parse. This was done using Apple Game Center. Thanks.


Where is the button of the in app purchase ?

No IAP available for this game. Thanks.

Could you please add 64 bit support? :D

I will try but it will take a long time as I have to rewrite the whole game completely from scratch. Thank you for your purchase.

Hmm okay, awesome

Thank you for your understanding

Hi, will the graphics be updated as it has a black border when used in iphone 5 up?


What’s ETA? Thanks.

estimated time when the update will come out? Thanks.

ah, i’m not sure as I have to do a complete rewrite of this game. You will be notified by codecanyon when update is available. Thanks.

I would like to discuss with you, you can give your e-mail address?

Please send via envato system. thanks.

Hi, How do I add new words ?

Hi, is this game already support 64 bit ?

I love the game, except the build fails for iPad and IPhone 6. File -(WordWar/libs/kazmath/src/neon_matrix_impl.c: Error – Unknown register name ‘q0’ in asm ).: “memory”, “q0”, “q1”, “q8”, “q9”, “q10”, “q11” //clobber );

never mind, small change to the code and all is good

Hi, really nice script, im happy to have already buy it I got a little problem, the Setting section is not pop up when we click on the button, any idea? Thanks

I try the Setting button from the original files just after unzip it Same problem PS, sorry for my bad english ;)

please help

Why no support?

Help! plz! It won’t Archive, so can not upload to app store.

support another language. example: arabic

Is this app still working and supported? Thanks.

hi i want buy but i have one question about the game .. can i change language for words Into arabic ? thank you

does this game support iOS 9 ?