Discussion on Word Up! - HTML5 Word Game

Discussion on Word Up! - HTML5 Word Game

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Hi, is this still working now?

Hi there are there any updates coming this software isnt working anymore

I havent tested on a apple device, are you no longer working on this?

What type of device/browser are you using in which it’s not working?

windows and android browsers

Hi! Is it possible to make the game in Russian language, without Latin letters.

Yes, it’s possible. But, if you’re asking me to do it it’s going to cost a lot more than $16…

I already have a list of words. The price depends on it?

If you’re asking me to make the update it would be a customization that I would charge an hourly rate to do, most likely $300+

do you have the version in spanish ? or how can i edit it ? thanks

No, I only have an English version. Changing the language for this game is more challenging since it’s a word game. Changing it would require implementing a Spanish dictionary and updating the letter graphics and letters logic.

Wow ! Awesome game ! I like it so much ! GLWS ! :)

Thank you! :D


Your game is simply wonderful! Any chance of adding a leaderboard to the game?

Thank you! And thank you for the purchase! Yes, I am working on a standalone leader board system that can be used in my games (or, just about any game). I’ll be updating my games with instructions when it’s complete.

Is possible that include Words in spanish ?

i have purchased the app, great aplication. I have a questions :

- i see files thats seems a APK ( manifest ) . With eclipse can i create an apk file of this game ( with word spanish ) or i must tu use “CORDOVA” ( phone gap ) to emulate HTML ?

- The letters thats appears into game are random ? Thank you.

Where can i change the time ? thanks

1.) If you want to create an Android app from the game, yes, you’d need to use a cross-platform library like CocoonJS, Cordova, PhoneGap, etc. I’ve not tried any of these, so you may want to Google something like “Phaser CocoonJS”.

2.) The letters are mostly random. One word is randomly selected from the dictionary and letters mixed in to ensure there is at least one valid word on the board.

3.) You can change the time in Game.js, at the top:

// Game time (in seconds) gameTime = 120;

Works great and just want to add that the author is quite helpful. They assisted me with some questions I had regarding a modification I wanted to make.

Hello friend, okay? I would buy the game before but I wonder if I can use words of Portuguese Brazil language?

Sure. There would be some work to do. You would need to add a few letters, and have a Portuguese word dictionary formatted like my example above (my response to 3rd comment from “STripepi”).

Not running on the TAP3.(Samsung P5210 Galaxy Tab 3 Android 4.2.2)

Hi! Thanks for reporting. What browser? The Android default browser? Did you try Chrome?

Stock-Browser of course

Phaser.AUTO might be trying to load the WebGL rendering engine vs. the Canvas rendering engine. The Canvas rendering engine would do just fine with a game like this, so perhaps (for now) I’ll just update the code to use Phaser.CANVAS. Meanwhile, I’ll look into how the engine is checking for WebGL support when using Phaser.AUTO. Thanks again for the feedback.

Great game and even better support!

Thank You!

Very addictive game. A Facebook share button would be fantastic! Any chance of this happening?

Yes, I’m working on an elegant way to include such things. For example, see UBLThemes’ comment above. They’d prefer a custom event to handle posting to their own database. I’ve also heard from customers who prefer it as-is (no sharing, etc.) So, I definitely plan to beef up my games with a score posting/sharing system, that can be configured easily. Thanks for the comment!

Excellent! I will follow closely.

Really Happy with my purchase! – i love it – I trying to change the background color of the the game – I have made the background.png transparent as an image and I have changed this.stage.backgroundColor to transparent— yet the background color remains black – how can I make the entire background transparent/ and or use a transparent png as the background ( my goal is to make a glass blurry semi transparent image as a png and put it as the background)

Thanks again and great work! ryan

Excellent! I am so glad to hear it :)

Try this:

In index.html, change this line:

var game = new Phaser.Game(640, 960, Phaser.AUTO, 'game');

To this:

var game = new Phaser.Game(640, 960, Phaser.AUTO, 'game', null, true);

(From Phaser Docs:

Then, just remove the line in /js/Preloader.js

this.stage.backgroundColor = '#222222';

That should do it! If you have any further questions, feel free to send a message from my profile (bottom right):

And, if you have a spare moment, I’d greatly appreciate your rating!

Thank you! :D


worked like a charm – 5 stars

Good deal. Thank you! :D

Very nice.

How extensive is the ‘master English word list’ you reference and can this list be augmented or replaced by another word list?


Hi! Thanks! The included word list is quite extensive, with 173,089 words. You can add/remove words, or replace the list, but note that it is a Javascript object containing arrays of words, sorted by length. This is appropriate to keep the word check overhead low.

Like this:

var words = {};
words.l3 = ["aah", "aal", "aas", "aba", "abb", "abo", "...etc"];
words.l4 = ["aahs", "aals", "abas", "abba", "abbe", "...etc"];
words.l5 = ["aahed", "aalii", "aargh", "abaca", "...etc"];
words.l6 = ["aahing", "aaliis", "aarrgh", "abacas", "...etc"];
words.l7 = ["aarrghh", "abalone", "abandon", "abasers", "...etc"];
words.l8 = ["aardvark", "aardwolf", "aasvogel",  "...etc"];
words.l9 = ["aardvarks", "aasvogels", "abamperes",  "...etc"];
words.l10 = ["aardwolves", "abacterial", "abandoners", "...etc"];
words.l11 = ["abandonment", "abbreviated",  "...etc"];
words.l12 = ["abandonments", "abbreviating",  "...etc"];
words.l13 = ["abbreviations", "abiogenically",  "...etc"];
words.l14 = ["abortifacients", "abortivenesses", "...etc"];
words.l15 = ["absentmindedness", "absentmindednesses", "...etc"];

can you please tell me if it is possible to retrieve final score and be able to input personal best?


Sorry, but I’m having trouble answering since I don’t understand what you want to accomplish.

Is it possible to get the final score from the game?

So it can be put within a sql database?

Plus be able to input the best score?

For instance my clients website games all have a way of doing this.

For instance you can get the results like this:

$(oMain).on("save_score", function(evt,iScore) {
//do you ajax query to the database here

I think you have already answered my question though as you have no idea what I mean, which lets me believe the answer is no.



It’s not that I had no idea what you meant, I just didn’t quite understand what you were wanting to do, so just throwing out the ambiguous answer of “Yes, of course.” didn’t seem fair. I appreciate the details, now I can answer.

I didn’t build a handler like that into the game (cool idea, though), but you could add your AJAX to the source that handles the game over screen.


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