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will u add Levels Feature on something new functions. thanks

It has interstitial ad, it is more profitable.

There is integrated Banner Ads & Interstitial too ?

It has only interstitial, you need to integrate the banner.

Dear Trimax. I followed the steps in your documentation. I am in step 5) but still getting the errors. Can you help? See Screenshot https://snag.gy/2hS1Cz.jpg

There is an inconsistency among class paths, package names and class names in android manifest. They must all point to the correct path where class files reside.

hi , whats the procedure to add new language?

You first purchase, it is easy to add another language

I read the document and generated signed APK. But I don’t understand the part from Importing into Eclipce? Can you please give me some detailed and more clear instruction for this steps.

Sen ne hata aldığını söylemezsen sana yardım etmem mümkün değil.

Burada yazışmaya devam edersek ben ne hatayı sana anlatabilirim, neden sen bana çözümü. Ekran görüntüleri aldım. Eposta ve telefon numara verirsen paylaşırım. Olay çok basit neden anlatamadım? APK yı telefonuma indirdim. Telefonumda APK yı acıp yüklemek istediğimde, aldığm hata sadece “uygulama yüklenmedi”.

Codecanyon profil sayfamdan pm gönderirsen email hesabıma gelir, ondan sonra bana ek gönderebilirsin.


I cannot find MainActivity.xml to work with AdMob. can you help me with that please?

mainactivity is a java file not xml. Look at folders to find it.

On the documentation: “You shouldnt use the default identifier, because it was found randomly after a google search….” 

Which identifier are you referring to?

You can find it on strings.xml. You should copy it from admob site when you create a new interstitial/banner ad.

Thank you! So its just the ID that I added in strings. Thought something else needs to be done.

Can you make a video about how to reskin and editing this game?

You should do skinning by editing xml files.

How to add rating button or dialogue to make the player rate the game


Wisam07 Purchased

codecanyon-12444203-word-search\WordSearch – Codecanyon\app\src\main\res\drawable-xxxhdpi

This folder is empty without any pictures

and I don’t know how to add rate us Code from stackoverflow.com website to my game.