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I tested your demo app and it doesn’t go next level? I finish a level and then i see green checkmark and then admob interstitial ad load. once the ad is finished or i close it, the game goes back to the same old finished game. It should go to next word game. This is a bug in your project ?

What is your device and android version?

OK I purchase the code. I am stuck on strings.xml. I see <string name=”admob_pid” translatable=”false”>

but the ID is not a typical admob id that start with pub-XXXXXX

What field is this? What should be in here?

Thanks for the purchase. The admob id typically starts with ca-app-pub-XXX. In the admob interface, you get this id after creating a banner/interstitial ad.

can we add category ?

No unfortunately.

I see in the comments many have the same problem with the Admob_pid which is not a typical admob id that start with pub-XXXXXX

Do you mean PID=Publisher ID or the ad unit id? It’s the first time i hear it and i don’t know whether to buy your product or not.

I think you should first purchase the item, before asking the question.

I will, thank you!

hi are you going to make something new for android ?? this app is very good so far !! would be nice if you invent something new :)

Thank you. Currently, I work on an android flip book and some html5 games.

I’ve just released a new kind of word search. You can check it here:http://codecanyon.net/item/word-search-challenge/16074365

Can I add new language by myself?

Yes you can easily, just follow the instructions in the help file.

Hi, it been a while since I looked at this app. Have you updated the DB word with more words?

How can one add more words?

Is there a restriction to length of word?

Hi, I didn’t add any words. Restriction to word size is the size of the board.

Thanks for reply. Just to confirm, if I add words that are too long, it will not be shown on board?

Also I see you have leaderboard in the new one, any chance of adding same for this one?

If the number of letters in new words are greater than board size they won’t show up. No leaderboard planned for your game.

i wanna buy, but i need to ask something, can i add multiplayer feature in this code??

Sorry, it is designed for a single user.


RGVida Purchased

Hello ‘trimax’

I’ve opened your game app with my updated Android Studio version 2.1.2 & SDK Manager and I get the following:

Failed to sync Gradle project ‘WordSearch – Android – Studio’ failed to find Build Tools revision 23.0.0 rc3 Install Build Tools 23.0.0 rc3 and sync project

And this pop-up when I click on the link:

Packages Unavailable All packages are not available for download! The following packages are not available: - Package id build-tools;23.0.0-preview

It seems that this Build Tools is an older version…so according to my research, people have resolved the issue by going to ‘File>Project Structure…>App’ and to go down to 22.0.1 or up to 23.0.1. After doing that, it gives me more errors. I’m back to square one.

Is there a way for you to correct that in your Android Studio to a more current Build Tools version? Without correcting this, it will not allow me to get into the project.

First make sure your SDK is up to date. There are a number of places in the project where the version is written so please perform a global search by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+F.


RGVida Purchased

Well, first, I did mention that my SDK is up to date and that your preview is out of date – but that didn’t work, though got it fixed through another solution. Thanks for the code anyways – great game to pass the time!

please help me in fixing this issue

I am getting with this app only


Error:(16, 0) Gradle DSL method not found: ‘android()’ Possible causes:

hi im getting very often the same app crash at this point here : Do you know how to fix this ? Any solution would be very nice …its a bug in the app

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.content.res.Resources android.content.Context.getResources()' on a null object reference at .game.Word.equals(Word.java:139) at java.util.HashMap.put(HashMap.java:389) at java.util.HashSet.add(HashSet.java:95) at game.GameActivity.embedWord(GameActivity.java:663) at .game.GameActivity.onCreate(GameActivity.java:161)

in word.java in line 139

boolean substringAllowed = Settings.getBooleanValue(context, context.getResources().getString(R.string.pref_allow_substring), false);

is this the problem ? because this object is always null because the pref key allow_substring was never set ?

I’m on holiday currently, I can have a look at it about 10 days later.

do u have skype coz i have a lot of problem with eclipse

Yes it is ready, you can download the latest.


rabiich Purchased

from where can send me the link please

From envato download where you purchased the item from.


Frankyz Purchased

hi can you tell me please what you have changed ! Did you fix the bug i have mentioned or something else ?

It is an Android Studio version update. Removed Eclipse project. Please try it now


Frankyz Purchased

i have never uses Eclipse because its to old. i mean the bug i have mentioned 12 days ago

Yes it works with the latest AS.


sysads Purchased

Whats in this update? can you put something in the description so we don’t keep asking. thanks

I thought you could see it. It is just an Android Studio version update. Removed Eclipse project.


sonydei Purchased

Trimax Hello, I downloaded the update, I changed the version in the java file and the AndroidManifest, but when I change the .db, the application stops working. I open with Eclipse and I get corrupt.

What do you change in db? There is no more Eclipse project, only Android Studio.

hey i want to try to add a word? where can I change a word in which there is at what I can change dp db file seek guidance

You can do it in the database easily

Hi trimax in the doc. ”...find the following line in MainActivity.java:” do you mean GameActivity

Can i change java code to make grade size start with other value like 6*6?

Yes it is possible Please check prefs.xml and Constants.java.

Thanks trimax

Please check the gameactivity.java file.


rabiich Purchased

I’m not programmer tell what should be to do

You shouldn’t show it on start because the ad may not have been loaded.


xdoddyx Purchased

Can you send me eclipse version for this game? i’m not familiar with android studio.


Hi Today I purchased your code. Tried to Hindi as new language. I did as you have instructed. But display in the game shows strings ( Hindi is Unicode characters multi-byte). in separate boxes. Any help? Like: स ॉ अ ॅ

Please look at the WSLayout/populateBoard method. The board is populated there.

i viewed your arabic now and learnt same thing happens in Arabic also. the letters shown in grids are not full letters (conjuncts are separately shown).

There are special accents in arabic that are not displayed but they don’t cause a problem (No one has reported). Did you try logging, displaying your characters in logcat?