Discussion on Word Search Premium

Discussion on Word Search Premium

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About Word Search Premium…

Hello, The matrix is 20 letters horizontally and 15 letters vertically in your example on codecanyon… Is it possible in the parameters to reduce this matrix (10 letters horizontally and 10 letters vertically for example)? Sincerely

Hey! Yes, it is possible. In the admin you change the distance of the letters. And what is important is the size of the iframe. If the iframe is bigger, it fits more letters.

Hi there. I purchased your Word Search Premium and it works fine for default theme. If I follow the instructions to change to “Christmas” theme, the frame goes black and nothing appears.

How do I change the theme? The instructions don’t seem to work.


Hi, thanks for purchasing my file =)

Could you send me the link so I can see how it looks on your site? That makes it better for me to see the problem. My email is

Hi, do you have update the game? does it support Arabic? Thanks

Hey! I updated this game last year, but I haven’t tested Arabico support. But if the font is on Google Fonts, and it supports Arabic, then I believe it will work.

Hi. I am interested in buying this game but I have a few quesions:

1) Can we set how many words they have to find? 2) Can we determine the size of the grid?



The amount of words changes according to the size of the iframe. Check it out:

Hi. Do you do freelance development? I need some changes made to the game.

Unfortunately I can’t help it, I’m not doing freelance work right now. But I can help with other questions you may have.

Best regards!

Hi, can we use SQLite instead of MySQL for this?

Hey! I replied in your email =)

I understand your suggestion, I will try to update this file soon. Thanks for the tip!


Please open this image:

The blue dashed area, we have appropriately skinned with a custom image. Can the lower portion, indicated by yellow dashes also be skinned? We are not using timing or high scores. We simply want to have a nice, big, image that fills that blue and yellow area. Cutting the image in half is okay.

Please advise the image name to fill the lower portion indicated by yellow dashes.

Hi! I don’t think I quite understand what you want, but come on. You expect to place an image as a background in the indicated area, right?

If so, unfortunately it is not possible. There is no image there. To make this change, the Construct program is required, and a lot of editing.

But you could put everything in one image. In this case, the image you are already using has changed. Or you can change the color of the funfo to one that matches.

What do you think, solve your problem?

Can I embed the code in a WordPress page so I can have a different puzzle for each post – sort of like a new puzzle each day but user’s can go back to previous days?

Hi! I don’t know if that is possible, but you can change the words of the game every day. To return to other days, you would need a schedule on your website, not the game.

If there are more doubts, you can ask. Best regards!

hey can you help me install this game on my website i will pay you to do it. am i using godday enhance business hosting.

Hi friend, thanks for purchasing my game. Yes, I can help. Please send me more details to my email:

Best regards.

hello. I can’t upload the zip file how do i install game.

Hi friend, thanks for purchasing my file. Please check the help file that came with the game, there is all the necessary procedure.

If there is more doubt, you can contact us. Best regards!

So basically you can only have One puzzle at a time? Also, no categories?

And then, install multiple game “pages” afterwards?

You copy the folder with the game and rename it. It looks like the preview of the game. Is that what you want?

Ok…that’s cool, basically I can reinstall the game, to have multiple games. Then create a page above those games, that have categories for those games. Cool! I understand now. Hey thanks

Hello, I have purchased this game and you have a screenshot (img_admin_01) showing a very user friendly admin panel for channging words, and customizing. But inside the admin folder there is no user friendly tool like what you show in the image. Instead, the only place I see to change out words is in the “your_game.xml” file. Is there supposed to be a more user friendly admin panel included in the game?

Hi! There is an admin, a php page that you can edit the game info. But this page is only visible on the site because it is php. Check the instructions, everything is well detailed. Or send me the link of your game so I can check with all the details. My email is

Best regards1

Hi, I purchased word search a while back and due to work constraints am just getting to start working with it. I have a few questions/issues to address if possible. 1) I see when changing the word list that if I use for example 3 letter words it has multiple repeats that fail even when correct ie: the word “far” is shown about 20 times but doesn’t seem error check if it a true string. 2) I have the DB set up and after completing game I enter player name but it isn’t showing in DB table and returns only < br/> in game. Is there something that needs to be changed, from what I read the game is set up to post as long as the table and db are setup. 3) my admin page has an error at line 90 ” Undefined variable: hex in C:\wamp64\www\WS\admin\index.php on line 90” that is affecting lines 83-87 I can send a screen shot if need be. 5) Lastly if I change the admin directory per your instruction I get an xml error. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I already have the answer to some of your questions, and the others I’m researching and testing. As are many things, please send an email to

It will be best for you to respond and talk.

Best regards!

Construct Problem with XML

Hi! Sorry about that. Please, send me a problem printscreen for my email:

Hi, it comes with the Construct source files? thanks!

Yes, the game’s Construct file accompanies the file.

hello, I want this game for my promotion but I need it as android app. Can you do it? I need some edits. I want player name, email ID and contact number to be saved as local data. I need a button which can send user data to my email as excel or CSV. I want game to be customized as my choice of words. I want words to be random place every time and need 1 minute timer. This game will be used for a electric car campaign. so client want when user find correct word top view of the car will pass through word and make words to change color green.

If you can do it how much it will cost? I have 4 days for this app.

please reply


Hi! I replied in your email.

Hello Friend,

Good day! I want to make android app word search game. are you providing construct file in package? If I have Construct 2, Can I export android apk from construct? I want to add user data to be filed in it, Can I save User data?


and If you can do it in construct how much will it cost?

Hi! The Construct file is included with the game, but it is not ready to export as apk. If you have an average knowledge, I think you can get change and export.

To use a database, I’ll explain step-by-step in the help file.


word search game. This includes the .capx file correct? is the word base in xml or can you use json to poll a database?

Hi. Yes, it includes the capx file. I do not know about json, because I never used it. But I think you can.

Hi, I want to know if is possible to play my own wordsearch schemas (that i created for my children) with your web app… is it possible to pass the critical data (wordlist,letter grid, ecc..) in a simple way (like a php page or similar)?

Hi! I do not think it’s possible. The game is developed by the Construct program. Can not send to a php page.


The highlighting and strikethrough for the words are not aligned properly when using Firefox. Is there a fix for this?

Hi! I did not understand the problem. Please reply me with a print of the screen, with the bug. My email is

Thank you!

Hi I would like to know if your able to create custom a wordsearch puzzle for us?

Hi friend, I answered your email.


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