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Hello! I am very interested with this game, but I have some questions below:

1.) Can I add words with diacritics? For example word “ŠUŠ?ÁKY”, or it works only with English?

2.) How many words can I add? And how many words can be displayed on the left side of game(list of words)?

3.) Any way to Play again solution after game ends? But with all new words?

4.) It is possible to add Facebook Login, to save current score?

5.) How game looks without theme selector and admin zone? Only game for random player on internet? This demo is with admin and all features. Have that admin zone some security? I talking about some login page to see setting etc.

6.) Where are words save? Mysql database, or?

7.) Any way to make this responzive? For example some max-width CSS rule? Or no way?

8.) Do you plan some new update? Last one about year ago…

Thanks for answers, have a nice day!

Hi friend, I will answer your questions!

1 – I tried some special characters, and I could do. I tested it with ction and others, and it worked. 2 – You can adcicionar many words, depends more on the size of game time. 3 – I do not understand this question =) 4 – It is not possible to add Facebook login, sorry! 5 – The admin is very simple, and has no security. You can block access to your server. You select the topic before sending to the server. In the game have the instructions. 6 – Do you keep on your server. 7 – There is no way to leave the game responsive. The game was created with Construct. 8 – Do not plan any updates friend, because the game did not please many customers.

I hope this helps. Hugs, good job!

Hey, can I create ipa of this game without construct?

Hi friend! Sorry, I did not understand your doubts. Please tell us more details =)

I would like to run this game in iPhone and iPad. Is it possible?

If you are thinking of an app, it is not possible. The game is only for web browsers. You can play the iPad or iPhone by Chrome or Safari.

Hi! Does the script support Greek Characters? Something like this: http://www.stayrolexakias.gr/mobile-test/kryptolexo23/index.php


Hi! I did a test here, with a few words you sent, and it worked yes. Check out this link:


Regards =)

Hi, I mistakenly purchased your plugin. Can you offer me a refund please?

Friend, I will answer you by email =)

Hi I would like to know if your able to create custom a wordsearch puzzle for us?

Hi friend, I answered your email.


jtap Purchased

The highlighting and strikethrough for the words are not aligned properly when using Firefox. Is there a fix for this?

Hi! I did not understand the problem. Please reply me with a print of the screen, with the bug. My email is filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Thank you!

Hi, I want to know if is possible to play my own wordsearch schemas (that i created for my children) with your web app… is it possible to pass the critical data (wordlist,letter grid, ecc..) in a simple way (like a php page or similar)?

Hi! I do not think it’s possible. The game is developed by the Construct program. Can not send to a php page.