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I can not admin my game

Hola, cual es el problema exactamente, puedes enviarme un correo desde mi pagina de perfil.

How do I add a basic html table menu above the games menu?

Word Search

<FORM METHOD=”LINK” ACTION=”./”> <INPUT TYPE=”submit” VALUE=”Back” id=”back”> </FORM> <FORM METHOD=”LINK” ACTION=”../logout.php”> <INPUT TYPE=”submit” VALUE=”Log Out” id=”logoff”> </FORM>

another question would be, if I have a basic h1 title in that menu, what could would I put in the h1 to make it auto fill puzzle name /h1. I tried h1 $puzzlename /h1

Can this be easily integrated with other types of PHP?

Just purchased, is there a way to change the saved word searched from .txt file to a DB insert?

in admin/include/Storage.php line 29 is where the word list is saved in a file. you can change all the parts that use the file system for sql queries.

Send me a message through my profile page if you need help with this.

I shall take a look, will contact if i struggle. Im new to HTML5

I need to change it’s layout as per my theme but not found a single html code in the page. I think it is handled by javascript, right? can you tell me how to change it’s html version?


I sent you an email.

Hi Have you received my email. i purchased the extended support package.

I have sent you a couple of messages with no response.

Downloaded this in November and attempted to use for desktop AND mobile as it worked in the demo. From my developer: “Viewing in a mobile viewport reveals that this game does work well with phones. Which is odd, as the demo did.

Going back to the demo I can confirm that it does work and that our CSS files do not include parts that the demo does. I am not sure why this is, but it might be worth asking the author if we have the latest files.”

Please respond.

I just sent you the email again

Thank you! I found it in my spam folder. Will try the newest version and let you know.

Thank you sney2002, it works great on mobile now!

i have not heard back from you please can you let me know what is happening

Its been two weeks and i have not heard anything from you. if this is something that you can not do then please let me know ASAP so that i can be issued with a refund.

Its been two weeks and i have not heard anything from you. if this is something that you can not do then please let me know ASAP so that i can be issued with a refund.

I have not heard back from you

Have not heard from you still.

i am going to ask for a refund

Hi. Cyrillic characters are supported? You can use them instead of English letters

It supports other utf-8 characters like kanji and Hebrew. but I have never tested it with Cyrillic, could you please give me an example of a list of words you want to use (and the alphabet)

Hi, Does it support RTL please? thanks

Hi, is it possible to bypass the wordlist input page and use only the game scheme page with my own wordsearch games and relative wordlists? Thanks for reply Francesco

Yes, you can use the url option, the url should return a list of words (one per line)

var soup = new Soup({
        totalWords: 10,
        size: 20, // 15x15
        every: 3, // 10 seconds
        deduct: 2
        url: "your/url.php" 
Let me know if you need some help.

sorry, ok the word list… but i need to pass to the “app.js” script ALL the puzzle matrix (that is, the letters, and then the words) because for me it is not necessary that the app generates its random soups with the generation routine… in little words: i need only your app UI, for building my own diagrams with the same… another problem is the square size: it is possible to make another size, that is rectangular size? Thanks in advice for your patience ;)

that’s not possible without changing the source code,what is the format of the grid you have? please contact me through my profile page

Hello, Where can we view the scores when they are saved?

The scores are not saved (docs) The script does not save the score, it just sends the info to the server so you can save it

Hi, the mobile version is not working, can you help me please ?

Could you please send me an email through my profile page? Thanks.

Hola, Does it support Arabic and works with WordPress? Can we restrict the solution in all directions but left to write as Arabic is from right to left in its written form? Also, is it possible to create more than one game and the user is able to navigate between different games with a drop-down menu such as game 1, game 2, game 3 etc? Thanks


  • it doesn’t works with wordpress, you can insert it with an iframe but it is not a wordpress plugin
  • Yes, you can restrict the direction in which the words are inserted
  • you can create more than one game but the navigation between games should be coded because it is not built in.



Hey, can you tell me how to customize the appearance of the game? I don’t have deep knowledge of JS, and since the html is mostly auto-generated from JS, I don’t know the way to customize it. Basically, I want to put this in Bootstrap container and add header and footer of my website to it. Please, can you help me with this?


I just sent you an email.

Hi. How to custom language please ?


I sent you an answer to your email

Admin login has stopped working for some reason.

I did a fresh install but still not working. Any ideas?

Can’t tell without looking at it, but could be a server issue, maybe a php upgrade (the admin works with php 5.6)

hi, i just bought the game… nice, but the version i download is not responsive :-( I think i don’t have the lastest version :-( Can you send me the latest version by email please?


I just sent you an email.