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Can I add my own words to find?

Well, I don’t think so. But let me ask the game’s programmer about it. I will give you the answer in a few days.

I just talked with the game’s programmer and he said you can replace the words with what you want or change other text elements of the game if you like. Currently this game supports about 50 words, but if you like we can even increase this number for you.

Hi. Does the game come with your website branded on it? I would prefer it to be completely unbranded.



Only the address of our website is written in the game which can be easily edited. This applies to all of our products and all the links, logos and addresses can be edited or even removed.

Nice game.Best of luck for sales.

Thank you!

Hi, Good script. Thank you. Do you have a php index file for this game. I want to include the game on my site with an php include call.


Hi and sorry for answering late.

The fact is I didn’t understand what you exactly want. Can you email us and give us more details there?

Great game ( 5 Stars ) and even better support! Thank you.


Thank you! :D

Hello friend, okay? I would buy the game before but I wonder if I can use words of Portuguese Brazil language?

Hi and thank you for contacting us,

This game supports left to right languages and so it supports Portuguese Brazil language. If you faced any issues in adding your language to the game and editing it, ask us and we will do our best to help you.

Hi, Can I add my words and does it support Arabic script?

Hi there,

Unfortunately it doesn’t support Arabic, but you can change the default words.

hey, does it support Arabic script? thanks


Unfortunately no. It doesn’t support Arabic or other right to left languages.

Hi, Would this be something you might consider in the near future?


Well, we are busy with other projects and so don’t plan on updating this game any time soon. But if you really need it, we can do this for you for a price.


dmarcion Purchased

How can I have the start of the game be Zen mode instead of Arcade mode?


dmarcion Purchased

ALSO… Is there a way to increase the size of the grid so you can have a word that is greater than 10 characters long? Like “hippopotamus”?

Hi there and thank you for your purchase,

In general, it is possible to do these changes if you want. But I suggest that you contact us via our email so that we can talk about the details.