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Can i change database words to other language?


Great Product. Good Luck with Sales :)

Thanks bro. :)

nice work mate . good luck

Thanks. :)

super product. but code price is little high IMO. btw, Good Luck for Sales…

Do you think the quality codes should be sold at just $13-$15 ?? Isn;t it an insult for a developer who have worked hard on developing that code ? BTW thanks. :)

hi just tested your demo ! I think you should fix a lot of bugs first.

Sorry not a good quality yet !

in the puzzles words do not exists and for example escargo is overlapping with cargo and you cannot select escargo and so on and some of the words even do not “exist” in the selected puzzle !! Something is going wrong there.

For example puzzle car chase ! Also on galaxy s7 edge the font size is very little and it is not possible to read the text

Send screenshot along with the list of lot of bugs you found. Also do you think quality code be sold at $39 only ? Go and check on freelancer websites, post a project, and see how much you have to pay to build such apps.

I did not discuss the price :) For a good code quality the price is ok no problem . Also i know that you have to pay almost 50 % to codecanyon.

Also i do not want to blame your app ! It´s a nice idea but still has bugs

But your demo on google play was updated one year ago ! Thats a long time. So my logic is that you have programmed the game more than one year ago :)

But please i think you should play your game and check the bugs by yourself  and fix them . Play the puzzle i have mentioned and you will see that it does not match. I cannot spend my freetime to make a list of all bugs.

Well, users who will be interesting to purchase this game, will let us know the bugs. :)

I was looking this code to buy it because I think it looks pretty nice, but reading the previous comments and your responses, I do not want to spend time waiting for you to fix the errors. If your code have bugs, you should fix the bugs before put the code for sale.This will save a lot of time to the person who buy the code. At the end, you will lose if everybody is talking bad about your code. Is not about the price, support is more important.

It is your wish. :) but i never said I am not giving support to this item.We provide full support untill customer is satisfied.

Also this isn’t a bad code at all. Though the app on playstore is not updated, here is the updated APK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uts5vdb4vhuh0x6/wosega.apk?dl=0

Thanks, Sandy

Hello Desk87 nice app :+1

there is any possibility to add RTL language ? if yes there is any documentation or help from you to do it :)

PS: does this addictive game contain ads & push notification system

Best regards

Yes, it is very easy to add RTL language. Just add the words in the database, and it will show up in the app. It contains both banner and interstitial ads (admob). Push notification system can be implemented using FCM.

Thanks, Sandy

Hi Deskbabe, Is it possible i add my own categories that contains my own words into the puzzles. Waiting for your reply.

Yes, you can add your own categories and words in the database.

Thanks, Sandy

Hello I need added features in word search like categories to choose how much you charge for this functionality?

Please email at support@desk87.com with more details about your requirement.

Thanks, Sandy

Do I get to pick which app from you I want free for your special

Yes, except the latest uploaded one.

That’s the one I want. Somewhere you should specify the exceptions in your promotion. Kinda misleading.

Lol. Okay, we have updated the description now. Thanks for letting us know.

how do we get the free app? Also the documentation needs updated as i dont know where to add new words / packs etc?

Hi, do you have any recommendations? Thanks, Sandy

Leaderboards? Push notifications, categories section, hints, in app purchases to open new word searches etc…

Regarding leaderboard, we used it in the past, but it was giving us the conflict errors, so we dropped that. Regarding categories section, it is already categorized. We will implement push notifications, hints, in-app purchases to open new word searches

Thanks, Sandy

1- I can add my own ads….2- Will product updates continue? 3-Can we make design changes like colors,font size….thanks

Yes, you can add your own words in the sql database. What updates you want to see in the app ? Yes, it is easy to change design like colors and font size.


If I accept this app, is another app free? If so what app.

Buy 1 and get 1 free – Offer till Thanks Giving Day. < The offer is expired now, it was till Thanks Giving Day 2016. Thanks for showing interest in our apps. :)

Please let us know if you campaign again for this application..Thanks…

Will let you know when will start again. Thanks.

android studio or eclipse?

Android Studio.

thanks, one more thing i see that the interstitial ads show after every game, can we easely change it to like after 2 or 3 games?

Yes possible.

Why Game(Apk) is not working in My Device? I have One Plus 3T with android 7.1.1, when i click on Play Now it takes me to the Game but then it closes by itself.

Hi, let us check it and get back to you at the earliest.


The game demo apk is not working on my Samsung J7 Neo with Android 7.0. Closes down app after a few seconds.

Open ticket at http://support.desk87.com/ along with your purchase code.