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Very cool! Good luck with sales!


Excellent but what would make it very useful would be either a high scores table or a form to send your score/time to an email.

that way it could be used as a website competition

I agree, but it wouldn’t work well with being able to choose your own words. People could just do a search with one word.

Could you not have an option for someone to turn the customisation off?

Files/Games will only work on a website when there is scoring/reward for finishing it.

Thats why people keep coming back to games… beat a score or attempt to win a reward of some kind.

You could, yes. That wasn’t really the goal with this script though. Schoolteachers are always using programs to create these for their students. This is just an easier browser version of those programs.

The other problem with score keeping is that this is done in Javascript. There is no way to store information on the server, like scores, with Javascript. You can use jQuery to send a PHP request, but then you have a security issue. It would be very easy to hack the scores.

So in a nutshell, for the script you’re wanting, it would have to be slower, less customizable, and reprogrammed in a completely different language. All of that is perfectly fine, but it’s beyond the scope of what I was trying to do.

hello words can is and other language or only english ?

Words can be whatever you put in the box. English or not. Try the demo to see.

How many puzzles i can create? I want unlimited amount to always have something new to offer!

There is no limit to the amount of puzzles you can create. Go crazy.

my wife wants this, but if we post it on her school website, the kids have to type in the vocabulary? or can the list be preset and just give a url?

how is the list sent to jquery after they hit ‘start’? xml?

The default list is stored in a seperate JS file that looks like this: var defaultwords = [“word”,”search”,”english”,”letters”,”hidden”];

She would basically just edit or add words in quotes. jQuery basically just grabs whatever is in the textarea once the start button is hit.

thats cool so i can probably just add that in the header. i’ll hack it up. buying it now..

Let me know if you have any problems. I’ll be happy to help.

how can this be customized so people just solve the puzzles that I build?


This would depend on how much you know about HTML , but you can just set the default words, then delete the textarea that lets people edit the words from index.html.

I would like it if it was set up how Elramirez mentioned. Not so people can CREATE but so that I can Create, post it online and people can come only PLAY ???

You can set up the default words as mentioned in the readme that comes with the script.

Bought this script 20 days ago, have emailed the author directly but not had any response so I’m placing this so everyone can see it. Have installed it then when i identify the demo words successfully the colour does not change, nor does it finish when I complete the search. I’ve downloaded the script twice, removed it from my server, reinstalled but yet am unable to get the correctly identified words to change colour or explode when completed. I’ve tried this on firefox, chrome and safari Any ideas?

Are you sure you emailed me? I don’t have anything in my inbox from the name “optime_uk”.

Also, this bug has already been fixed. Please download the latest version of the script.

If you have any other problems, please email me using the form at the bottom right of this site. Thanks!

I’ve downloaded the script yet again from my purchases section but still no success. How do I access the latest version?

Ugh. For some reason, it didn’t get through the review when I changed it. It should be up, but for some reason it isn’t. I’ve attempted to resubmit it. (Edit – resubmit didn’t work. The site is bugged for some reason. No wonder no one can download the proper file.)

You can email me at or post your email address here and I’ll email you the updated script. If not, hopefully they’ll get the issue fixed soon so I can upload the zip.

hi i am really interested in this to go on my personal website.

are the results catchable at the end of the game so it can be put into a leader board using php?


Assuming you know PHP , yes that is possible.

Thank you, i have purchased and ill rate once used :)


Just a quick question.. Is there a way that you can manually input data rather than having the settings page?

For instance i would use the .ready with a function that gives the details.

The script doesn’t naturally do that, but it’s easy to find the variables in the js file and change them.

Hi i can see the variables but how to i stop the settings page from showing, instead it only shows the crossword?

I don’t have it in front of me, but you’ll probably have to make some modifications to the index.html page.

The file ad.txt not work. I had to insert the ad code in index.html under: div id=”adscreen”

Were you testing offline? The ad.txt file will only work when the files have been uploaded to a server.

Hello, good afternoon, I just bought your app and is great, but I have a question, is it possible that if the user does not find the solution with a button to show it?.

Likewise, the puzzle could be always the same?

Sorry for my English.


No, there is no auto-solve option currently. This may or may not change in the future.

Also, the puzzle can’t always be the same, but there is the option of printing off the puzzle.

Thanks for purchasing!

is the user able to create the word list or just the admin?


Yes, the user is able to create the word list. It works just as it does in the demo.


Is there a way to create a predetermined list of words that the user has to find?

The default words that first show up in the box can be set. If you want it rigged so that the user does not have the ability to edit the words, you can do this with Javascript.

Can the size of the font be changed?

Yes, with a small CSS change.