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As I have already published the app, instead of downloading the app update, it would have been better if you could specifically state what changes/update you have made in the new update.

In which file you have made changes of 6-7 lines of code.

In activity java files and the xml layout files they use.

How many times I will have to ask? Please mention the actual file names (java and xml) where you have made the changes.

You haven’t replied yet. Which files (java or xml) you have modified in the new update? Please reply soon.

Can you customized the app for me? I want multiplayer 1 to 1 function in this app.

The change is in: WordSearchPagerAdapter.java I don’t do customizations.

Karde?im selamlar; oyunda multiplayer seçene?i ba?kalar? ile oynama modu mevcut mudur ekstra geli?tirebilir miyiz bir de sana ula?abilece?im bir e-mail adresi verebilir misin?

Merhaba, oyunda multiplayer seçene?i yok, ekstra i? yapm?yorum. Email için bana PM gönderebilirsiniz.

We have seen your app and we are interested in it but we want some to ask something, can we modify and update it as per our needs and resell to our customers? If so which license is required to do so?

I think extended license will allow you do that. For a definite answer, Envato support will gladly help you.

kindly tell me charges if i want categories of words to choose in this game i need this functionality how much you will charge?

Sorry, I don’t do custom work, I don’t have time for that.

hi some problems . the gameboard on tablets sw600dp (galaxy tab a) and sw720dp is overlappen the end of the screen. The last line is behind pause/sound/continue …. i hope you can fix this

Please send me a screen shot.

hi which email ?

Can you send me eclipse version for this game? i’m not familiar with android studio.


There is no eclipse version.

hi are you still offering support for this ?

Getting tons of Nullpointerexceptions here


word = mWordProvider.getWord();

Do you know how to fix this ?

also i´m getting tons of nullpointer here


mRoundTime = WordSearchManager.getInstance().getGameMode().getTime();

My own copy of the project doesn’t crash. If it is private to you then, yes, you are on your own.

But i think do you not know how to fix it. It crashes only on some phones and not on every phone.

So if the bug is not on your phone this does not mean that the bug does not exists !!

On the other side i see that you did not program this app …only a part to make it multilanguage.

But its still full of bugs. The bugs i mentioned and also other inflate exceptions in wordsearchfragment.java on line 39 (many of this)

You didn’t do what I offered to solve the problem.

My app is rejected by Google Play because of libpng vulnerabilities issues, what to do for making fix of this issue and update the apk on play? Please respond fast.

Otherwise, I have to ask for a refund.

Thanks for your response.

I have not added anything else other than my details to the app like admob ids and update package name, update app icon.

The same issues reported to you by another buyer as well, but you have not provided the right solution.

Please do update with fixes to the issue and send me updated code asap.

I’ve updated my own app in google store without any rejections: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.codecanyon.trimax.wordsearchchallenge

Nobody has ever had such an issue before you.

Ohh, no. Sorry Sorry. I have commented on the wrong item. Yes, My app is also published and no issues in updating the app. This is a good app with great documentation. Thanks