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Will this plugin automatically be applied to all my pages? I am looking for a plugin that I will not have to manually attach a short code to each page.

Additionally, can we have custom css styling?

hi, yes you can. the plugin includes a widget. p.s. pay attention, this plugin can print (pdf) only content of posts database table (so shortcodes content not will be printed)

Warning Doesn’t work with Visual Composer!!!


My template brings Visual Composer and I need to add the possibility for users directly through the website to print some pages and some custom posts in PDF (not all).

The problem with the PDF printers/ PDF generators for WP that I’ve tested is that they only print the visible part of the info or VC shortcodes.

Can I use your plugin to generate a PDF for a specif page/custom post?


i can’t mount a demo at this moment. if you want you can purchase plugin, then if you have problem you can ask a refund (no problem)


Thank you for your feedback.

I’m going to buy it with a different account and if I have any issue I’ll let you know.


no problem, i’m at your disposal


No problem.

Thanks for your attention.

I believe that if you add the VC compability to your plugin and that it printed the page exactly has it appears and capture all the tabs/drop-down info you would boost your sales.

Thanks again

thank you for suggestion, i’ll try to update plugins for these features. stay tuned ;)

hello. the pdf creation works, but there are no images! i work with the “Avia Layout Architekt” and all pictures are included in the post table. I do not use post types.

Best Regards.

sure, no problem. you can contact me on skype too

i wrote a message via contact formular

sent an email but i receive an auto message from you. please if you have skype can you add me there? i will be available from 16:00

tor method for WP_Widget in ptp_widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use


instead. in C:\xampp\htdocs\Annex\wp-includes\functions.php on line 390

refunded, sorry for inconvenience

So far this plugin is working great! I have an issue where I have tables (from Tablepress plugin) looking great on the page but styling seems to be removed in published PDF. Is there a way to have those styles publish or defined somewhere so they control the PDF table? Thanks a lot

hi, thank you for purchase. unfortunately this plugin uses tcpdf to make pdf file and this class not support all css. I will try to do something for this problem, but i can’t ensure you of anything

Is the PDF creation executed only when the form is submitted? I need a populated form to be output to a PDF. I don’t want the data to be emailed/savedToDB. I’d love you know your thoughts. Thank you

hi, sorry but this plugin has not this type of feature, it transforms posts into a pdf page simply