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supports any languages?

Yes all the languages which android supports.

Can you provide Demo apk?

There is not any link.

Click on download apk image.

game is good but graphics is very poor.

Well, you can purchase it and reskin it with good graphics. :)

Good luck with sales.

Thanks. :)

is the word list external or internal?


hello sir i bought word mind game from you from codcanyon i want to know how to change the white background under the letters A..Z ( the letter that the player will change their places .). thank you very much to respond me as soon as possible .

Please send email at support@desk87.com

Nice Game.

I have a few presale questions:

1) Entire words (9000 words) will be there on the source code? 2) Is it fully customizable? 3) Can we add new words through admin?

Hi, thanks for the kind words. Yes all words will be with source code. Yes, it is fully customizable and more words can be added in the txt file which is in the source code. All documentation is given along with the package.

Thanks again, Sandy

Hi, Can’t download sample app from dropbox. (Error (429) This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! ) Can you share again or send build to me.

Nice game. Good luck with sales. Do you accept any ideas to make applications?

Thanks. Yes, please email us at support@desk87.com

Can you import it to android studio and send it to me after i buy?

Okay, just wait for a day. Let us do it first, then you can buy.


Ok, let me know. Thanks

Hello When you leave the application announcement is contrary Admob shows just how TO DELETE Thank

Interstitial ad appears when you exit the application

This is contrary to the policies of Admob

Okay we will solve this, if you purchase this.