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hi i don’t understand how to connect admin panel and database

i create database from phpmyadmin from cpanel this true ? and how it but it in ‘database’ folder ??

You mušt have have installed sociál app on phone. You have it in documentation

Have you activated Ads ? And i dont add ads on every page !

Share button does not share the entire recipe. It just sends “I want to share this recipe with you”

You can set in code what you want share

Hi ! I have some question berofe buy. Have portuguese brazillian language? Front End page ? The app run in Android and IOs? I make some modifications in app? Thank´s !

Hello there is no brazilian or portugese language but it can be translated no front end page only admin backend only android yes you can make modifications

It tell me hdclic has not purchased the item

hey , you told in comments that you don’t add ads on every page , How to do that if I want to ? please sir .

You purchase item?

I will , I’m asking before – it’s easy or not ?

Yes it is easy you just copy paste code

I want to check admin panel. Any demo for that?

gabriel7.php5.cz/worcipe admin admin

It has always been updated and is there with errors or not

I don’t update this app now when there is some error we can solve it

Question: IS there any way to add video to this app—like from vimeo or youtube?

No in this version

Demo application is empty there is nothing

Do not open the menu of the phone is not responsive

You should try it in the phone does not respond to the main menu in the admin panel

It works if you open add new recipe and than menu I try to fix it on some pages

Can you help me to solve this errors?

D/skia: - SkImageDecoder::Factory returned null

It makes all images can not be displayed. I’ve tried to converting my images into JPG and PNG, and I’ve also tried to resize it to be smaller but still does not solve the problem.

Hello I want to buy Worcipe App but why the problem in the phone does not respond to the main menu in the admin panel

Yes there is some bug I need to fix it

It was purchased template You’ll work on updating the template is always beautiful I have an idea if this template is designed for anything like the News and books, recipes and more would be a better shopper good job Thank

Send me your idea on email gabi.falis@gmail.com

Demo app has no content please fi x so i can check it Nd buy it

Okay i fix it today

Thanks workong now… and sor when will you make this app works offline with cache? Please its really needed. Thanks


inpryce Purchased


I have a problem with the backend, I upload all files but when I go to my url I get a blank page. I solved this (or I think so) but when I try to log in, I get a HTTP500 error. I’ve changed error_report(0) but stills not showing any error. My DB data is correct…

My server has PHP7 (not compatible with your php code) and I don’t know what to do. Help me, please.

Thanks. Regards.