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Hi there,

Live demo is broken!

Please let us know, we are looking a zoom plugin fora client’s e-store.

Regards, Igor

Live preview is in action now.

You can directly visit our demo link as well: http://products.jst-technologies.com/wc/product/happy-ninja/

Please watch video for more understanding.


please check http://www.mhrs.xyz/ i think has wong

very nice work ! :) i whish you all the best for your sales


Nice work, GLWS

Hi, I was trying to use the lens (the other types work fine), but instead it shows a teeny tiny rectangle with almost no inner space. I have tried adjusting the pixel size and it still is the same. Can you think of what might be conflicting with the lens option?

Hi ygorla,

Thanks for purchasing the Plugin. Can you please provide me your website details on my Email-ID info@jst-technologies.com so that i can see the exact issue you are facing AND THE REASON BEHIND IT?


Might be a theme issue. I am waiting to hear back from the author. I’ll contact you if the problem persists. :)

I also think so that the conflict shouldn’t be because of our plugin. If you still face any issue after theme fix, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Not working correctly. The primary image is overly large at top as well as the thumbnails under the primary image.

Jsttech, I sent you an email yesterday and I haven’t heard back yet.

I can see the issue on your website and working on the fix. I am close to the solution and most probably i will fix this by next working day (Monday). I have replied on your email.

I appreciate the prompt response and fix. I apologize for my late response…thanks for your help!

Hi Ive bought your plugin, but didn’t work the lightbox function on click, here you can see one page:


I use total theme and last woocommerce.

Thanks in advance.

I am working on update for the plugin and it will be ready till tomorrow. Hope updated version will fix the issue on your website as well.

Hi Abucceri,

Please download the latest version from codecanyon once you get notification for Updation. This will fix the popup issue when click on large image. Regarding image popup being open when click on image thumbnail, it happens because of theme’s functionality you are using currently. So you have to contact theme support for this.


Hi, i have updated the plugin and it’s work fine. Thanks for you support.

Hi, I have been trying to use the function but none of the options (Lens, Inner or Window) working with my woocomerce. Can you please help

It is not working on my website, I cant get zoom, window or maginifier to work on my photo. The thumb gallery works though. Please this is urgent i want it to work. Website is http://puzant.novaproduction.net/paloma/collections/style-4667/

Hi Jsttech, Unfortunately its not working. I still dont see the inner, or magnifier under the product page. Can you check further. Thank you

It looks like its working on IE, Firefox but not Chrome, Can you please fix it so it works on chrome and also safari. Thank you

Hi Anton,

Please check it now. It should no more have any issue with the website.


Please check it now. It should no more have any issue with the website.


It’s not working at all. None of the functions work.

See demo site here: http://www.deliciae.org/demos/demo1/product/legging-sand/#

Have to say though, quite disappointed with how it work on a mobile or tablet. It doesn’t resize properly and sometimes it stops the page from working. Like it overflows the content.

Hi Naomivd,

We are working on that. it will take some more time.


Hi Naomivd

I have fixed the issues and update latest version on Envato. Please update your plugin.


I have just downloaded you plugin, and it seems to be making the images huge, is there any way to control the sizes of the images?


Are you using premium version of the plugin or free one? Also can you share the web details with me at info@jst-technologies.com so that I can see and fix it for you.

Hi Pirretjp,

I am still waiting for your reply. please let me know if you need any help.


Hey, sorry for the delay, I managed to get it working.

Hi, I try to use your plug in on my website but when I install and activate it my single product page is rearranged in the way that product description section is moved below the product thumbnails. Would you have a look at it (www.najafi.ae/web) By the way your plug in is great!




I have fixed the issue on your server. Please check it now. Soon I will add the fix to the plugin as well and you will receive a notification for plugin next version.


This is in response to James10200 comment

Hi James:

I’m Sunil, the CEO of JST Technologies. Thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Our Woozoom developer is unwell today and will be back tomorrow. Please give me another day to fix your issue.

Meanwhile, please mail us your FTP details so we can examine the issue. Our email ID’s: info@jst-technologies.com.

Thanks, and sorry to keep you waiting.


Can I be refunded this plugin did not work on my site and I had to use an alternative.

Hi there,

I would have no issue to refund you in case if you first come up for our support and after this also if it don’t work for you. Saying directly that the plugin didn’t work for you is not a way to get the refund. Still can you explain me what issues you faced while setting up the plugin so that I can see if its the plugin which wasn’t working as per expected or was it you who didn’t setup it correctly.

With regards, JST Tech.

please check and answer my mail


We are working on that, will get back to you ASAP.

I have sent you email with solution.

Hi I just bought your plugin, it seems to work ok except for 2 things, first there is a stupid dot on top of my thumbnails, second the thumbnails are now spaced out where as before they were together, how can i remove the stupid dot and also make the thumbnails as they were

Yes that fixed the problem. Ok this was only test site, please give me css for real site www.thebedshack.com

Thanks Adiel

are you going to answer my question?

check your email.

Hi! I am currently using WooZoom for a site and when the site goes responsive for mobile, the product images just duplicate on top of themselves and makes it hard to scroll down. Is there a fix for this or a way to turn off WooZoom when the site is mobile?



Hi lotothezo,

I think you are using free version. Also provide me your web details at info@jst-technologies.com so that I can add the fix directly on your website to disable the zoom on mobile devices.


the plugin is not working on my site.

Thanks for purchasing.

Please send me website URL and login detail at info@jst-technologies.com


Hello! I’ve just bought your pugin. But I have a big broblem. Check the screenshot please: https://yadi.sk/i/rZ_DLRi43F92rp (It became after activating plugin). Normally it should look like this. Please, check: https://yadi.sk/i/htkFikgr3F9495 Could you please tell me what should I do to use your plugin normally? My purchase code is: db63668a-bfb9-4509-8620-dbeb5f954bb7

Hi Seoperrot,

Thank you for purchasing our plugin.

Please share your website details with me at info@jst-technologies.com as its requires a little theme work for the fix issue.


Hello! I’m sorry but I didn’t receive any answer about my problem. Please tell me if you can help me. Unfortunately, I can’t use you the plugin yet.


I have sent you email. please check.