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Hello guys i would like to buy also this item from you, but just 1 pre sale question… Is possible to deactivate this plugin just for mobile?

We do not have this option in the plugin at the moment.

Best regards

Hello guys thanks for the answer, ok if there isn’t a option is possible do it by coding? Like if ( ! wp_is_mobile() ) { Yourplugin_FrontendorSimilar(); } ?


I installed the plugin and after the installation, javascript stops working as well as images didn’t load. In addition, plugin itself also doesn’t work. I’ve set it up as described: typed in API & Secret keys as well as account id, but the plugin doesn’t find any product links.

After deactivation all scripts and images started to work perfectly.

Wordpress version: 4.3.1

Please help me out.

Best regards, loverbot

Hi loverbot,
Please open a ticket in our support center so we can take a look at your issue: http://support.aa-team.com/

Best regards

I have a problem with Woozone Contextual: It doesn’t work. Javascript not working etc… sorry to comment here but I opened a ticket more than 7 days ago with NO response. Not even an auto-response to knowledge receipt of my ticket.


I cannot find any tickets with your username, please send a ticket ID and I’ll look into it.

Regards, Alexandra I.

Hey, does it also work with the german version of amazon? thank you

Yes it does.

FYI, using Kingdom Theme with Woozone package, along with recommended revslider. When activated woozone contextual advertising plugin, revslider stopped working. Started up no problem as soon as contextual advertising plugin deactivated. Thought you would want to know.

Thank you. We’ll look into this.

I want to use the theme like a store, with products which are all affiliate … Can i add my own agreements with such Swedish partners in this theme? Or am I locked into Amazon?

You can only add Amazon products to your keyword.

Hi, I bought this plugin but ever time i do the Auto Detect KWs, it always returns “No ASINs found by using Amazon API”. How can I fix this?

Hi, I’m seeing a JS error with your script. Here’s the line: WZC_opt = JSON && JSON.parse(WZC_opt) || $.parseJSON(WZC_opt);

: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data <anonymous> frontend.js:24 n.Callbacks/i() jquery.js:2 n.Callbacks/j.fireWith() jquery.js:2 .ready() jquery.js:2 K() jquery.js:2

Hello, please open a support ticket in our support center ( http://support.aa-team.com/ ) so we can take a better look at your issue.

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Hello, I opened a ticket after buying this. I am having issues with my revolution slider. I am running version 5.1.1. Is this compatible with this plugin? It goes away when this plugin is activated and when it’s not the slider is able to run again. Please help ASAP!.

You guys still haven’t got to the bottom line as to why my plugin isn’t working. You responded to my ticket and didn’t even seem to give a thorough explanation as to why this isn’t working. Original message here…

Dwayne Burgess – Sun, 10 Jul at 4:04 am Ticket: #17265 Hello,

Just purchased this plugin to work with my content post. However it crashes my slider on my home page along with my banner images. I need this fixed up right away as I am running ad’s continuously to my website. I also cannot make a blog post until this is fixed. Please help!


In addition to this... I have to wait probably another week to get help form you. I want my money back from this plugin if you cannot give me some answers.

It’s been almost a month and I have not been able to use my contextual plugin. You guys never got back to me. I want my money back from this plugin. Have fun during you sabbatical.


I am writing in reference to my previous ticket that I had open for two months now and was never resolved (Ticket: #17265]). I would like my money back for this plugin as I was unable to use it since the day I bought it. In addition, I have been trying to reach out for help about it several times and never received any help what so ever. Please return funds for this order.


support, same problem

Hi, Pre-sale question: Can i use Amazon affiliates + Woocommerce. I want few products to be sale by Woo-commece and few still from amazon affiliates. we have store on amazon already? how your plugin will help me in this regard.

Yes you can use them together. Just keep in mind that this is the Contextual plugin not WooZone.

Presales question: Good day, is the plugin still being maintained? Last update ist from 2015. Cheers.

Hi, The plugin is still working so there is not need for an update.

Thanks for the fast reply, just wanted to make sure it is still being kept up to date before buying as do own your other products therefore don’t need to buy the bundle. Cheers from Germany.

I opend a new ticket with the user name Anna. Unfortnately the images do not load Please could u be more consise in your replies Last time I did not understand at all your answrs.

Do you support this PlugIn in the future??

The plugin is still supported.

Hi. My ticket was autoclosed before I had the chance to bring my site back up, and now my license has expired :( The plug-in interferes with the theme I am using: GoodNews (is the name of the theme, cos it is actually a bad news). Your plug-in disables the searchbar- and sign-in pop-up. I hope you can help figuring out why this is. Thanks

Hi peter4576,
What was your ticket number? You do not seem to have the purchased tag here.

Sorry, I think I bought it through my customer’s account. Ticket no. is 20783

Any news on this one?

I like how this plugin works, but as others have mentioned, it breaks a lot of themes, including mine. Is there a way to exclude pages from the plugin? For example, the homepage and the category pages I don’t need to have this functionality on those pages.

Open a ticket so we can see why is the theme changed. http://support.aa-team.com/

I did open a ticket on your site, but I see you didn’t read it entirely. You’re asking me for my WordPress username and password, and I told you I would give it to you through Themeforest because your site is not secured. I have had problems in the past because of no security on support websites. Look in your messages inbox, my Wordpress information will be there. I’ll add my FTP too.

I guess you only provide support for your other plugins that are more in demand. This is terrible – I’m requesting a refund. The plugin destroys websites, just remove this plugin from the store.