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looks like this author is inactive. no buy

What do you mean by that?

Hello guys i would like to buy also this item from you, but just 1 pre sale question… My blog has short text in posts but many comments. Is this plugin work (analyze and add links) also in comments? Thanks

Hi dani_adra,
Unfortunately no. It will only analyze the content of the the post/page.

Best regards

Am looking into your plugins, I would like to know which once have product sync with prices, I already bought amazon wozone.

Hi almadaco,
WZone has the sync option.

Best regards

Pre-purchase Query:

Will you guys be upgrading this plugin for compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce? If so, when is that likely to occur?

Hi aj5r1gg,
The plugin is working with the latest versions. :)

Best regards

Can I use custom fonts with this theme?

Please be more specific. This is a plugin, not a theme. The plugin does not have a font changing option.

Regards, B

Hello, great plugins. it’s possible to add amazon link in woocommerce product widget ? thanks


I recently purchased this plugin (July 2017), and basically when trying to do anything, it simply doesn’t respond. If I click the “Launch Search Now” in the AutoDetect area, it simply does nothing.

All of the Amazon affiliate information is correctly entered – just basically the plugin is dead, and doesn’t respond or do anything.

I see it has been over 2 years since there was even an update to this plugin.

So – may I ask, now that I’ve paid money for it …. Is this plugin actually still working, and if so, we are now on Wordpress Version 4.8 —can we an expect an update any time soon?

Finally – are you able to provide any kind of feedback as to why the current version simply doesn’t work, and why the AutoDetect doesn’t respond to any requests to launch a search?

ASAP would be great.

Hi tageldart,
It doesn’t look like you have purchased this plugin. You should have a Purchesd badge next to your name if you did.

Best regards

I purchased it as part of the bundle – apologies, I thought you would be able to see that.

Would you prefer I rewrite my comments in the “Bundle Comments Page”, here:

Either way – the problem remains, but I do appreciate you responding.

An addendum to my previous message -

On your support site:

It appears the the plugin you are selling here is not even mentioned in the list of plugins that you have available for support. And as such, there is nearly no way to search for solutions to any issue with the plugin that you are STILL selling here.

Can you please give a clear answer – is this product supported and functional any longer?

Read the answer above.

I purchased it as part of the bundle – apologies, I thought you would be able to see that.

Would you prefer I rewrite my comments in the “Bundle Comments Page”, here:

Either way – the problem remains, but I do appreciate you responding.

I noticed that Woozone breaks Revolution Slider and LayerSlider on my site. When WooZone is active, my slideshows disappears. Is there a fix for this?

Hi AdamKempFitness,
WooZone is another plugin this is WooZone Contextual. If this is the plugin you are referring to, please open a ticket at so we can take a look at your website.

Best regards

Yes I was asking about WooZone Contextual. I just submitted a ticket. Thank you for any help

Hi is possibile configure the plugin for that it work opnly with a certains post?


Hi frengo1970,
Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t have an option like that.

Best regards

Which theme will support this plugin

Hi jpchaudhari,
It should work with any theme.

Best regards

hi ! i got this plugin in woozone kingdom bundle pack. is this plugin works alone or woozone and woocommerce plugin needed to work with this plugin ? bye tk cr

Hi Princewoo,
This plugin works without other plugins like WZone.

Best regards

thanks for your reply , i will use this plugin on my new blog site. bye tk cr

I don’t think this plugin works.

autodetect brings back nothing and it also removes posts image

I want to purchase this plugin. But im not sure the popup are “responsive” because in the demo i cant see well the amazon popups. The amazon window snaps into the mobile

I installed the plugin and locked me out of my website, could not access the wordpress panel of my blog anymore. Tks God I had an updated backup and reinstall everything again or the plugin could make me loose all my content. Not recommended.

i’ve take the plugin on envato elements, every time i try to launch an auto detect…it’s don’t work…how i can fix the problem? I work on Newspaper blog. Ty so much

Someone can help me pls?