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How do I remove the “WooWaitlist Activation required” warning and activate my licence?

You must activate your licence and insert your API code, to do so follow the instructions below:

Keep in mind that the username should used as its shown in the order email, for example: “Makis77” Step 1: Go to your CodeCanyon Profile Page
Step 2: Go to your CodeCanyon Profile Settings Page
Step 3: Generate your API Key
Step 4: Copy your API Key
Step 5: Go to your WooWaitlist Settings Page and Activate your Licence

Why Back in stock emails are not delivered to my guests/users?

  • Try and subscribe yourself in the waitlist of a product and then check out your inbox for the notification emails.
  • If you don’t see any then go to your spam folder(if any) because you may have your email flagged as spam. If the notification emails are found there then let your customers know about it.
  • If you don’t find any notification email in your inbox nor the spam folder then there is a big possibility that your host doesn’t let you use the mail() function. In that case install the WP Mail SMTP plugin that replaces mail() function with SMTP and set the send email feature with php(mail) function.

How can I install WooWaitlist?

First of all download the zip file from CodeCanyon, next extract it to your pc and finally select the new zip file with name and install it using the regular WP installation procedure.

How Do I update WooWaitlist?

In order to update WooWaitlist please follow the following steps:
  1. Download the updated plugin
  2. Unzip the downloaded file
  3. Go to your site WooWaitlist Settings and make sure you have
  4. unchecked the “Remove WooWaitlist Data on Plugin Uninstall ” option
  5. Then go and disable and delete WooWaitlist plugin
  6. When finished select the new zip file under the name
  7. “” install it and activate it
  8. In case you have a cache plugin installed clear your cache

WooWaitlist Quick Setup

  1. Install WooWaitlist
  2. Create a new page which will act as your Unsubscribe Landing Page for your clients and add the following shortcode: (wew_unsubscribe_waitlist). Replace ( and ) with [ and ].
  3. Visit WooWaitlist Settings Page and configure it as you wish, don’t forget to attach the Unsubscribe page option with the page you just created in the previous installation step
  4. WooCommerce admin can receive an email notification each time someone subscribes to a Product Waitlist.
  5. Pay special attention to the setting where you Enable/Disable the “Remove WooWaitlist Data on Plugin Uninstall ” option because it will save or wipe your WooWaitlist Data in case you decide to remove the plugin. Please make sure you leave this as Unchecked

My product variation even though is out of stock it shows the out of stock notice but doesn’t show the WooWaitlist subscription field.

If you have enabled the Managed Stock option on the product variation(screenshot below).

Manage Stock Enabled for Product Variation

Then you must enable the related WooWaitlist Setting Display subscribe field based on from Stock Status to Managed Stock Quantity(screenshot below).

Activate Manage Stock Quantity WooWaitlist Settings.png

How can I edit the Subscribe button?

If you want to move or edit the Subscribe button then add the following inside your theme or child theme style.css
#wew-submit-email-to-notify {}
#wew-notification-action_wrapper .add_to_cart_button button {}

inside { and } you will put your own css code.

WooWatilist does work but it shows twice in my product page

This looks like an issue related to your theme not following WooCommerce theme guidelines.
You can troubleshoot by making active WooCommerce or WordPress default theme and then reload your product page.

If WooWaitlist works as expected then its surely an issue with your theme.

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