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Plugin is causing issues with product pages for woocommerce not loading/showing variations, add to cart, etc. Everything past the image and title of the page is blank/white. Once disabled, the webpages load correctly.

Do you know of these issues with the plugin at the moment?

Hi Damiafaw,

We haven’t had any issues that sound familiar to that. Would you mind sending us an email with your URL and login credentials to support@wpcream.com so that we can investigate it?


I disabled the plugin to resolve the issue and when trying to reactivate I get the following error – I am running 4.0.3 Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Product_Simple::get_stock_status() in /home/XXXXXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-waitlist/public/class-woocommerce-waitlist.php on line 1538

I hsvent updated to woocommerce 3 yet.

looks like upgrading to woocommerce 3 has resolved the fatal error.

Fatal error updating the plugin. help!!!!

Hi Charrame, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues updating. Could you please provide us with wp-admin details at support@wpcream.com so that we can take a further look?

is this PHP 7.0 compatible ?

hello does your plugin works with the Woocommerce Variations to Table plugin?

Dear support, how can I please hide the Waitlist menu Item from the MyAccount Menu? I’m having some issues there with the Waitlist Page, and since I do not need my customers to change their Waitlist settings, I’d like to take it completely off the MyAccount Menu. Besides that: GREAT PLUGIN! WORKS! Thanks for your help :-)

... oh, and I did purchase your plugin. I don’t see the tag … maybe I’m logged in under a different account? (... I’ve got two.). Gotta check… but I’m a regular customer :-)

Hi McNitefly, we sent a followup email to check on whether everything was resolved. Feel free to shoot us another email if anything comes up!


TH_PF Purchased

YEP, wrong account. The last question was me :-)

Hey Team.

Why does WooWaitlist keep saying it needs updating when it already is ? Is anybody else having this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

“WooWaitlist You have version 4.0.3 installed. Update to 4.0.3. View version 4.0.3 details. Compatibility with WordPress 4.8: Unknown”




Innovie Purchased

Hi, still waiting for solving me submitted issue!!!

We have issues with multilingual Waitlist Email.

Subject is translated via WPML and Email via PO file.

but if i restock my Product it sends the email always in English (also to Registrants who registered in the German Website).

any ideas on that?

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It seems this no longer works for “Chained Products” which is a Woocommerce Plugin. If I disable waitlist on the product all is well, but people can’t add themselves to the waitlist any longer.

Please add support in a future version. Thanks…Gary

Hello, I have a problem with variations because when 1 size is out stock if the costumer select this option the button for suscriber to waitlist not appear :( Can you help me please?

Hi, have sent to this to support previously – still waiting for response – We’re having some difficulty in getting the subscribe message to appear when using with back order products in woocommerce

Many thanks

Hi Kate,

We’re working on fix for this, and it appears to be working. We should be sending you a followup email here shortly.

Best, - WPCream

Your demo comes up with internal server error, fyi.

Does this plugin support WP Multisite?

In all of sudden the “join the waiting list” -button under the variation does not work anymore. Nothing just happens when it is clicked. Manual adding from product edit still works.

Site is www.alpa.fi

Hi, Could you please send us a link to the page you’re having issues with, and if possible, temporary admin details so that we can check how the product is set up? It appears that it was working previously? If you could also provide us with any changes made (updated Woocommerce, etc).

Thanks, - WPCream

Not working with variable products ;/ add to wishlist not appear for variations…

Hi, Variable product should be working fine, though some customers are having issues with themes and older versions of Woo. Could you please send us a link to the page you’re having issues with, and if possible, temporary admin details so that we can check how the product is set up? Our email is support@wpcream.com.

Thanks, - WPCream

Sent a support request via the form on Oct. 26 but never received an automated reply or a reply. Also just tried again via the form. In both cases, received a note on the form site that said “your message has been sent. Please allow for up to 1 business day for the author to get back to you.”

Zero comment responses here in more than three weeks. Neither of my support request forms have been responded to. Submitted on Oct. 26 and Oct. 31. I guess my money was not well spent…

Again … no reply at all? Did you receive the support email or not? Come on now, I’ve got zero issues paying for plugins as long as the developer is willing to provide support.

Hi, We apologize for the delay. We have sent a followup email and hope that it helps pinpoint the issue.

Best, - WPcream

Hi – we sent you an email several days ago – could you please take a look and let us know what or what’s not possible within in it – would really appreciate it – thanks

Hi Kate, We’re still taking a look at this request, but it’s taking a bit longer than expected. Thank you for the very detailed email and photos, by the way. We should be reaching out via email shortly.

Best, - WPCream

Thank you :)

Hi, sent a couple of support requestes, but maybe will get a faster response from community here…

Back in stock emails do not appear to be going out once I put products back into stock. I’ve checked all settings, and the inventory threshold, but the emails don’t go out, at least not to my test gmail account (checked spam folder). Are the emails sent via a WP Cron? How to troubleshoot this please? I risk losing sales, or having to manually notify customers on the waitlist…

Thanks, Mike

Look, I get it – not an expensive plugin. But I paid my money, and the product is listed as supported.

I understand that it’s not always easy being a developer, and conflicts with other plugins may possibly be the cause…but I’m losing either business or time here.

Losing business if I trust the plugin to do what it says it is supposed to, or losing time manually emailing people who’ve subscribed to a waitlist.

We’re all busy, and we all have a product to sell or support. But it’s been DAYS since I first reached out, and feeling ignored is not a way to foster good business relationships…

Either help me please, or tell me you won’t – just some sort of response please!

Presale question: Do you use security token in subscription form example wp nonce. I’m using static cache for product pages. Token will be expired and subscription form will not working. Do you use nonce in ajax form post?