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Hi Makis77, just sent you an email, hope you received it! Thanks! :)

I have tried this plugin for a while and found that it works very well. However, one has to have ALL your out of stock products visible in order for this to work. For me, I have way too many products that could never be replenished bogging down my product pages. I have recommended that this plugin work on a per product basis so that you can add the waitlist to any product you choose, instead of to all of them. In the meantime, I cannot use the plugin.

How can I manually enter a wait list for a product?

Hello there. You can either perform a direct import into the MySQL table which stores the waitlist. Or sign up others manually from the product pages like they would do themselves.

Hi there

Does your plugin allow to place a notify option (perhaps with popup/overlay) on the shop/archive/category page under the out of stock product?

Hi there, the plugin only allows placing it on the single product page and not on archive type pages.

Does the plugin work without actual stock management (as in if I do not keep track of quantities)

My online store features multiple sellers products for only 3 to 7 days at a time and then the products automatically gets set to draft. If these products sell out and are out of stock during this time and some customers opt in to receive the notification. Will it effect it sense our products get set to draft? if the vendor decides to feature this product again and adds more stock and it then goes live again will it then send the notification to these customers even tho the product went to draft and then went live again?

It should work regardless of the fact that products went live after being in draft mode.

disappointed It doesn’t work for variation as motioned on description, I sent you email please respond me ASAP we are holding out project for this reason Thanks

Are you going to add the feature to be able to change the text in the intitial email as well as the “back in stock” email ?

Also being able to add/delete/edit the waitlist entries from within the product page would be excellent.

Also i noticed there hasn’t been an update to the app in over 6 months, is it compatible with the latest version off woocomm ?

It is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. We are looking to add emails to WooCommerce’s built in email section so you can modify them.


We are using your plugin on my client’s website, however, no emails are sent out when the product is back in stock.

We would like some help to fix that.

Sincerely, Mika

Hi there,

I can’t verify your purchase. Please use the support form here and quote your purchase code.

Best Regards, Mohsin


I am writing on behalf of my clinet, who purchased the plugin.

Sincerely, Mika

Hi Mika,

You still need to quote the purchase code and send it via the form. Cheers.

Hi Makis,

Any plans to add to the SKU to the export, I know you said it would be in the next version, when is this due out?


Are you still working on this plugin?

Yes, the new version is out due this week. And SKU has been added to the export in it.

Thanks Makis, Looking forward to the new version, SKU is going to make this much better, so can automate our stock reports.


Is´t possible to add a guest that sign up to the list to automatically be added as a wordpress user?

Hi there,

Thanks for the interest. It’s possible if you want to edit the plugin. The plugin itself won’t add a user.

Best Regards, Mohsin


ipat111 Purchased



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Hi, is there a way I can see at a glance or create a report to see the waitlist per product… even if I was able to have this as a tab on the products page that would be also beneficial…

The plugin already includes an export button on each product so you can use that. It also features an export option on the waitlist table so you can export all in one go.

I’m trying to disable our lisence on our current site so I can add it to our new site, but it’s giving me an error.

“An error occured on license deactivation. Please try again.”

Hi there,

Thanks for being a customer. Please can you try activating your license again? I have deleted the license record corresponding to the old URL.


That seems to have fixed it. Thanks!

I am having a problem with the plugin on the catalogue/shop view however. For some reason it is appearing underneath some products in the catalogue view, how can I stop this?

That will stop in the upcoming version.

Hello still waiting for your answer to my problem…

Replied via email

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Hi Makis, Please fix the bug : Notice: Undefined index: _manage_stock in /public_html/ on line 1506

This bug is being thrown regularly around the site and causing havok with a few other plugins since the upgrade

Please send your support request through the contact form and I will look into the issue.

Demos not available!


You don’t have permission to access /index.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Can you fix?

Many thanks!


Hi Igor,

It should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience.


Hello, I saw comments from 1 year ago about using this plugin with woocommerce product bundles. Are there any updates on this topic? – does it work with product bundles?

Our plugin has not been tested with product bundles add-on, so unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you.

Is it will auto get email in user profile. So user just click to button . Done. OR they need to input email? Do they have a page product waitlist? Like a cart? I know this plugin is not support vendor such as dokan, wc vendor. Is there any support code for this work?

Yes, for logged in users, it will only show a button and pick the email address automatically. Also you can add a shortcode to any page and that will allow the users to manage their own waitlists.