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Hi, I’m interested in your plugin.

I’m just wondering if it works with this plugin “WooCommerce Extra Product Options ” https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-extra-product-options/7908619

I want to add another option that affects total price.

Yes, you should have an issue!

Hi support, quick question.

I am using your plugin in conjunction with Fancy Product Designer and one of the features of FancyProduct is it changes the product image with the customizations visible when added to the basket. This seems to work fine when I switch off WooThumbs but when i switch it on, the image change does not happen. Any ideas how I get around this?

I understand I can disable WooThumbs on individual products and I will do this for certain types of fancy products but on the whole I would like to run WooThumbs and FancyProduct together and to have the picture update when the product is customised and added to basket as it does when WooThumbs is disabled.

Thanks for your time

Hey, I’m not sure you;d be able to use WooThumbs for any of your fancy product pages. I know with our product configurator it uses a different display for the images in order to work properly.

Thanks Iconicwp, I was thinking the same but worth the ask. I will just disable Woothumbs for the fancy products or not have the updated image.

Thanks again

No problem!

I just submitted a ticket. I am having an issue with product pages of products with more than one image or variation to display. The images are not showing up on the page. It just leaves a big blank area beneath the header. Hopefully you get my message and can help me out.

I am excited to use the plugin. It was highly recommended to me.



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I set up the envato market plugin to automatically update your plugins. I did it and now the admin bar disapeared. If I try to directly access to wp-admin/admin.php?page=iconicwp it is saying I have not enough permissions… and I am the admin.

Best regards,


Hey, that’s odd! The URL should actually be: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=iconic-woothumbs-settings

Also note that the market plugin is authored by Envato themselves, so if there is any issues there, it would be them you need to speak too!

A suggestion that would make your plugin 100% perfect: The option to change the Display mode for mobile devices.

Why? People love the Vertical mode, but unfortunately when you use a mobile device the usability is compromised. When scrolling down or up to move through the page, you can get stuck a little on the image… (although you seem to have some sort of great security build in for this as users can still manage to scroll up, all be it a bit interrupted.) For mobile users the Horizontal mode would be the best option.

Would be so wonderful if you could implement this option. : ) It’s already the best out there, this is the only thing missing imo.

Have a great day.

Hey, good idea! I’ll add it to the dev list.


This plugin is awesome. But I’ve decided to use this plugin to format my single product pages, and the woo thumbs works for my products out the door on all products except the products that are formatted using this plugin.


Here’s a link to a product using the page builder that does Not work:


All others work. How can I get this to work for products that use this?

Hey, it’s here, but I could probably go into more detail! https://iconicwp.com/docs/woothumbs/#shortcodes

ok I see it now on that link. Initially I search your help center. then I tried searching Theme Integration because I figured it was along those lines. Maybe have a section on like Troubleshooting or reasons why things might not work. But thanks for your help!

Yeah, I need to add more docs really (as separate documents). Will do so over time! Thanks for pointing it out :)

Hello, wonderful plugin and has many features of the one i need. Will it work with this plugin -> https://woocommerce.com/products/variation-swatches-and-photos/ And also with the XStore Theme ?

Hey, we have our own swatches plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-attribute-swatches/16435757

And yes, XStore theme should be fine!

Perfect! So will all of them work together flawlessly ? I will take your swatches and this plugin we are talking about.

Since we are talking, i also want to include a plugin like this one -> https://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoom/modules/woocommerce/

maybe you have one of the same so i can take all from you ?

WooThumbs comes with zoom!

Hi, A small question (i hope). I want to sell t shits. I have two selections. 1 for color and 1 for size. Now i have made variations for all of those and set a product image, but the product image only shows when both selections are made. However the image is the same for all sizes. So i was wondering if it is possible for the image to show when only the color has been chosen…?

Also, i can set multiple images per variation correct? Thanks.

Hey, the way to do this is to set a default size (like Medium), that way, choosing a colour means the final variation is selected. Yes, you can have multiple images per variation!

Is this compatible with The Retailer – Responsive WordPress Theme?

Yup, should be! If you have any issues, just get in touch :)


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Hi, Does this works with Flatsome theme? Because the woocommerce variations images doesn’t.

Yes, it does indeed!


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Hello! How are you?

I would like to know when the tumbnail for videos will be ready? It is a feature really important to me.

Several weeks ago I asked the same question and you told me it was a matter of a couple of weeks.

Best regards!

Very close now! Was put on hold for a little bit for the next Woo release, but made some good progress on it the last few days. It is coming!


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Is there a way to exclude the full-sized zoomed version of the images from being pinned on Pinterest? I need to add the attribute `data-pin-nopin`=’true’ to the full-size zoomed image, but I can’t figure out where to put it. Currently, two copies of each image are shown for pinning when clicking the Pinterest “Pin It” button.


Hey, drop me a support ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com and I’ll add it in for you to test!

Curious… do you know of a plugin that does this same thing, using just images, not woocommerce product images? Main image can be swapped out, with preview thumbnails? thanks!

I do not! (although it has been asked before). What would you want to use it for?

Love switching product variation images with thumbnails presented below main image, this plugin rocks! Would love this for a gallery of any kind of artwork…main image of art, variations of the detail closeups of different parts of the art piece, for example. Thanks for the quick reply :)!

Interesting, I’ll have a think about that!