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ivax23 Purchased


I am waiting for thumbs on videos. I asked this question several weeks ago and it did seem this new feature was imminent. Do you have any estimation?

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Hey Xavi, it will be soon. I will have more time to focus on it from next week onwards. Thanks for your patience!

Will this product carousel additional images in the description or related product images?

Does this do anything with the related product images?

No, just the main single product images!

I’ve added a ticket 6 days ago on your support page but still no response. Please see https://iconicwp.ticksy.com/ticket/1190740

Hey, sorry for the delay – replied!

Hi, I have a question related to invoicing, our tax law requires getting something called as “certificate of residence” of companies we buying something from. I have contacted Evanto and they told me Author should provide such document to the buyer (not Evanto), can you please send such document to me ?

Date: 15 Feb 2017 Invoice No: IVIP15975231 Order No: 52335969

I’ve sent a request to HMRC for one. I’ll let you know when/if it comes through.

ok, thanks

I have to say the support is awesome! Very friendly and professionnal.

The plugin is very efficient, works like a charm even with very complex (variable products). The cherry on top of the cake is the ‘woo thumb bulk image’ feature. Incredibly efficient for products with tons of variations ! a MUST HAVE in my opinion !

Thanks for the feedback!

You’re welcome ! Today, watching what i have done thanks to your plugin, i was also wondering about a feature request. It would be awesme to let your users from the woothumbs configuration view to add an option allowing to switch main catalogue (feature image) with the first one from the galery (carousel) just by mouse hovering it from the product page (main catalogue).

for now it requires an extra plugin to add this functionnality, it would be awesome to perfect yours with this missing feature.

Thank you very much considering it for a future update !

Hey, I’ll definitely consider it!

I have been waiting for 6 days for a response to a support ticket, 1205280. Please advise?

Hey, sorry – I have been away. I will be going through all tickets over the next couple of days.

The support is not awesome! Friendly and professional, yes but time to respond any requests can days or weeks…especially with the new ticket system without any public access. I feel wretched to come post a message here with the hope that someone will respond faster :) Still waiting…

Hi, I have a Freemius premium. My user ID 496900. The Email is same used in my account. Thanks

Hey, it says I replied on the 14th June and you read it 12:30pm – I’d asked what theme you were using and for you to send it over so I could test. This was the day after you submitted the ticket. I can only see the one email from you though, was there more?

Hi, Of course there was more. I’m pretty sure you have it somewhere in your inbox.You have been unavailable for a while (about 2 weeks)... you said it yourself “I have been away. I will be going through all tickets over the next couple of days.” but its OK now… it works pretty well now ! Very nice plugin. However, I know what to expect from the support. Thank you

I purchased your plugin way back and never used it and now i like to use this plugin but once i activate there are two product gallery shown on product page, so disabled it, can i get help from you? i know the support has been expired for my purchase…

Yes i tried now but unable to make it work…

Ah, you would need to renew your support and email support@iconicwp.com if you want me to assist. Thanks, James

Ok understand will do.

not working when i use WP ALL IMPORT and my variation product only have 1 attribute…. what can i do?

Hey, please submit a support request to support@iconicwp.com with your purchase code. Thanks!

Hi, Is your plugin compatible with flatsome theme?

Hey, yes it is!

Why did you file a DMCA against my plugin – Woocommerce 3 Slider Videos. I did not use ANY of your assets and do not even know who you are. Please explain yourself. That is messed up.

I see the issue and it was resolved but CC still hard removed the plugin. Sorry for the mistake.

Hey guys,

Awesome plugin. It seems to be a good fit for my next project.

I want to ask you if the images can be lazy loaded or if the thumbnails can be set to a smaller size and when clicking on the zoom button, to display the full/big size? At this moment, it seems that the demo shows the same size for the thumbnail and fullscreen image.


Hey, there are 3 different sizes in use: Thumbnails for the smallest images below the main image. Single Image size for the mail slider of images, and then a large image size (of your choosing, defaults to “Full”) for zoomed/lightbox images!