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Hi, I have purchased your plug in and it works well except that when I go to a product with variations it displays only a blank page after the header, like there is nothing on that page… How can I fix this issue, since it is useless if the issue is presists?

Thanks, Best Regards

Hey, this sounds like a PHP error. Can you check your debug log?

Yes, I have checked and pasted it into support ticket in your website.


user5599 Purchased

Product variable images are loading very slow. Is there a way to speed this up?

Hey, have you got an example link?

Also, yes, you can put the thumbnails on the side :)

I just opened a ticket and sent a link

OK, great. I’ll check it out.

never mind, got it sorted it



sthambi Purchased

Hi, Does this create any conflict with TM Extra Product Options plugin? That’s our primary source for complex product page, and all options appears twice after installing this plugin. I tried deactivating but it’s not fixing. Please advise. Also, the thumbnails are blurred in product gallery. how to remove the blur? thank you. Thambi

Hey, it shouldn’t affect anything to do with select options etc, it only modifies the images. See this regarding the image: https://iconicwp.com/docs/product-image-cropped-blurry/

Hi, I have installed the plugin here in flat some responsive theme but on product detail page image is showing very small. This is my setting page. http://prnt.sc/e24dhs And this is my product detail page. http://prnt.sc/e24dxj


Hey, change the width setting to 100% :)

Thanks :)

Plugin returns error in the error_log for every website I tested it on, the error is this: Array\n(\n)\n but it is for every page, every user visit on the website. Please check and fix that.

Cool! Give me a min and I’ll send it over.

Just updated and everything works great now! :)



marhab Purchased


I have a little problem. I use the plugin Woocommerce Page Builder for Visual Composer. -> Https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-page-builder/15534462

Unfortunately, your plugin does not work when WCPB is enabed. Just as if it was not turned on. Can You help me somehow?

Best regards!

I can indeed! If you drop me a ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com, I’ll send you the latest version. You’re should then be able to use the [woothumbs-gallery] shortcode in a VC module


marhab Purchased

Thank you for the quick reply! Ticket added :)

Hi, is it possible to increase the opacity of the product slider images (thumbnails) which are at the bottom of the main image, since they are too invisible before a user clicks or hovers on them?


Yep, you can do that with some custom CSS! If you share a link I can let you know what to use.

I opened a ticket on the site. Thanks :)


jonny365 Purchased

Great plugin :) One issue is the auto carousel will ‘pause on hover’ but doesn’t restart rotating when you move the mouse away. Often a page loads and the carousel never gets started because the mouse was hovering straight away. Is there a fix I can apply for this? Many thanks. (PS. It would be nice to have ‘pause on hover’ in the settings)


jonny365 Purchased

An Issue! :/ I’ve added an image per variation (standard variation image not gallery images) but the image doesn’t switch for any attribute on the frontend. The default product images remain. Is there anything I need to check to get this working?

Can you submit a ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com with WP logins? I’ll take a look for you!

Hey there, is there a way of adding a video as one of the variation images? Like each variation would have a different video.

Hey, currently no, but it will be in the next update :)


Tkidd1 Purchased

Can your plugin be used at the category/archive results level?I’d like to use it to display thumbnails at the result layout. Is this possible?


Tkidd1 Purchased

I went ahead and purchased, but I’m having trouble getting it to play nice with product page builder I use. As an alternate solution, I tried using the shortcode method by adding [woothumbs-gallery] but that just renders the shortcode literally. Any suggestions?

Yes! Drop me a ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com – I think you need the latest unreleased version.


I have bought the Woothumbs plugin from you before for another website (artfullish, an online art gallery) and it created some small errors on the site. It seemed the theme and the plugin were not 100% compatible.

I just tried installing Enhanced Catalog Images Plugin on a new website and it seems to completely break the product pages. The effect does not work and it duplicates all products.

I currently have the following plugins in my envato shopping cart:

- WooThumbs – Awesome Product Imagery

- WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

However I am not sure if I should continue with my purchases if the Theme and plugins are not compatible.

I have created a temporary user for you to check the website.

The ticket number is: #1064490


It does always depend on your theme, but I’m happy to look into issues and fix them where possible. Happy to refund if you’re not satisfied within 14 days of purchase!

Hello zoom hover did not work for me . Please check screenshot my seting, what is wrong please. version woothum 4.6.1 https://pl.vc/1ibo9y
Ticket opened: #1066767

Hey, someone will look into your ticket soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi there was 2 days, no one reply me yet. But i fixed issue
1) What is template and detail number of line that i want to change icon “” become another icon. I mean hover will appear icon “” for zoom. I want to change. Give me detail direction file please.
2) When i make autoplay, when i keep mouse on picture for zoom , but pic did not stand. It always autoplay. How to fix this?
3) How do i make appear play/stop? Because i want to not autoplay, but when user want they can click play.
Please help. If there is no reply, i should apply refund, because my web is life now. Need work done.