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hello. wanted to show a few potential clients this – however all demos are down everywhere. additionally, your support isnt working??

Hey, I’ve been moving demos to a new host: https://demos.iconicwp.com/woothumbs/product/ship-your-idea-3/

Support is now done via email at support@ionicwp.com

Hope this helps!

I have recently purchased this plugin but I am having a few issues with the way it is functioning on my site.

Once I have added a product from Aliexpress using the Aliexpress Dropship for Woocommerce plugin when I hover over an item either on my homepage or shop our store page I would like it to say ‘Add to Cart’ but with products that have different colours available or different sizes this defaults to ‘Select Options’ rather than ‘Add to Cart’. How can I get round this? Also once the product is selected I would like a drop down menu within the product page that shows the various options and in the case of colours for the main image to change to that colour options that is selected in the drop down menu. How can I achieve this?


I feel like there’s some confusion here regarding what WooThumbs does.

WooThumbs is an image gallery plugin. On the single product page it will replace your image display with a new one, giving you some new features like multiple images per variation.

The “Select options” issue is not something WooThumbs can or will affect – that is a theme request for your theme author. However, you should note that “Select options” is the default WooCommerce behaviour.

When looking at the single product page, I see that WooThumbs is not actually in use. This is either because it isn’t enabled, or your theme has hardcoded the images in the template. It’s worth testing with the Storefront theme enabled to see if the theme is the issue.

With WooThumbs enabled, the images will change as you select a new variation, assuming you have images assigned to the variations.

No, WooThumbs does not add related or cross sell products. This is the theme (Storefront) and is default WooCommerce functionality.

Hope this clears things up!

okay thanks How do configure your plugin so that the zoom feature works when the mouse hovers over the main product image?

Please submit a support request to support@iconicwp.com with WP logins and I’ll take a look for you.


I checked to your blog hot to hide Featured Image from a spesific category. If i want to hide to more categories categories how can i do it?

I want to hide tshirts + childtshirts

add_filter( ‘iconic_woothumbs_all_image_ids’, ‘iconic_remove_featured_on_single’, 10, 2 );

function iconic_remove_featured_on_single( $all_images, $id ) {

// If our product is not in the "t-shirts" category,
// return the images as normal.
if( !has_term('t-shirts', 'product_cat', $id) )
    return $all_images;
// otherwise, unset the featured image.
unset( $all_images['featured'] );
return $all_images;


Hey, you can do:

if( ! has_term( array( 'tshirts', 'childtshirts' ), 'product_cat', $id ) )

when i change the variation of size, my thumbs images disappear… what can i do?? i want to set same images to all variation

Hey, when you select a final variation, it will show only the images for that variation. I will be adding an option to maintain the parent images soon, if that would help?


elipr Purchased

Hi there I have a pre-sale question, if possible that when i click the image appears the pop up lightbox with images gallery , it’s the same action that have your bouton of the Low right corner

I hope you understand what im trying to say Thanks

hey, zoom type and fullscreen are different functionalities. Make sure you have full screen enabled in the fullscreen settings tab


elipr Purchased

yes i have enabled, but doesn’t work, when i click in the image nothing happen

Hey please email with WP logins to support@iconicwp.com