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Just purchased the plugin, however I am getting a tab on my frontend saying ‘NON VERIFIED’. How do I change this? Or is this something I have done wrong?

Thanks in advance

Thanks Mohsin !

Hi Mohsin,

When I select “Use Global Tabs” nothing is happening!? Why? I already seen your video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpiCs19Mhbk

How can I do? Could you fix itsoon please ?

Replied to your email asking for more details. Please always send emails for all support requests.


Getting the ‘NON VERIFIED’ message even though I have added my username, API key and purchase code. Any ideas, please?

Hi there, I replied to your email about 2 weeks ago. Did you manage to resolve the issue?

Hi. I tried to use the plugin in “localhost” mode, but apparently it is not possible. Do I have to activate it in local mode? What happens next when I migrate the site to a production server?.

Hi there,

Thanks for being a customer. Yes you will need to activate the license on your localhost and then you can deactivate it just before you move the site so you can activate it on your production server.

Still getting the “An error occured on license activation. Please try again.” this is starting to piss me off. I already did the new api key and put the correct username etc… How do i fix this?

i was looking forward to my weekend off to work on my site and cant do anything because I cant work on my product page tabs. if this is not fixed by the end of weekend i will leave 1 star feedback.

Sorry about my previous replies I was really upset. I just bought the plugin again and its working fine now. Problem i did was delete my website and installed a different theme. After that wasnt able to reinstall previous plugin. Just sharing so others dont do the same. :)

Hi!. There is a incompatibilty with the theme Emarket Multi-purpose when it edit a product. View this image: http://imgur.com/B5GZLBs

Hello, I tried to activate the plugin but clearly this is not working. I have removed a license in the back-end from one site to add it on another but I keep getting the “An error occured on license activation. Please try again.” error. I have created a new private key and tried again but it didn’t work either. When removing I had an error message and now the old site looks like it is not licensed anymore and when I try to re-license it just to test I have the same error.

How can this be fixed?

I can see three records in your name in the license DB. Can you please send me the URL of the site you tried removing on so I can manually remove it from my end and then you should be able to re-use it. Please use the contact form to send it.


MrMrsT Purchased

Hello, I am having the exact same problem. Installed on a test site, and moved to live site. Can’t seem to deactivate the old and reactivate the new.

“An error occured on license activation. Please try again.”

help us obi wan kenobi you’re our only hope. :-)

Please can you try activating your license again? I have deleted the license record corresponding to the old URL.

Hi, I have a problem: when I add a shortcode in a custom tab the shortcode doesn’work as if I add it into the “description” tab… it seems that some function isn’t load… for example I added a table using the “tblepress” plugin and activated the responsive option, if I add the shortcode in the “main” tab it works perfectly, if i add the shortcode in a custom tab the “responsive” function doesn’t work… and I have the same kindof problem with others shortcodes…. what can I do? Thanks a lot!

Hello, is it possible to make the WooCommerce Variation description appear in a tab?

Hi there,

The tabs only accept static content via an editor, so something as dynamic as that is not possible to show in a tab using the plugins.

Hi, I have a presale question.

I would like to have tabs on my product. Trick is I have to make an import using WP ALL IMPORT PLUGIN, so your plugin has to create me 2 extra fields on product page. Some of the products wont have those information and in that case that tab shouldnt be showing. Thank you for the answer

already WooTabs, awesome plugin! Can I update to Woocommerce 3.0 safely?

Yes, WooTabs should work fine with WooCommerce 3.0.


ammar00 Purchased

Hi, I can not get it work on my site, when I click add global tab, the option to edit the tab name is not visible as in you youtube tutorial video, please assist, thanks


ammar00 Purchased



ammar00 Purchased

It is working after activating license, thanks

How do I translate my global tabs with wpml?

Hello, few pre-sale questions:

- can I have the tabs expanded and order them they way I want. For example the way Amazon shows the product pages, each section (tab in this case) is already opened and layed out one after another throughout the length of the page. I need this for SEO purposes as google disregards the content in tabs and also for easier mobile viewing.

- Is this compatible with WP All Import plugin? For example, can I import data for a “Faq” tab section, or indicate the url to be added for a PDF file download, etc… ? Do you have any type of tutorial or info in uploading information this way through WP All Import (or through any other CSV file import plugin)?

Hi there,

Thanks for the interest. The WooTabs plugin merely feeds content/order using the tabs API within WooCommerce and has no bearing on how they are displayed. It’s left to WooCommerce and the theme to determine whether to have them horizontal or vertical, open or closed.

I haven’t tested it with WP All Import, the additional tab data is stored in a meta key but as serialised array, so if you try adding tabs via WP admin you can then check the DB and see how it looks like. If WP All import can feed arrays into meta keys then it might work.

Hi there, is it possible to show related or featured products in the tabs?

Yes, it is possible by dropping in shortcodes from Woocommerce. Their shortcodes can be found here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-shortcodes/

You’d need to input something like:

[related_products per_page=”12”]


[featured_products per_page=”12” columns=”4”]

You’ll need to adjust these according to the parameters that they provide.

after updating to version 2 all the past work is gone!


Quardt Purchased

Can one create a global tab (disabled) and then enable it on individual products and have it appear?

For example, having a global video tab (global default disabled) which staff might use only for products which have videos associated with them, but to still have the tab present in all products on the back end, and be able to enable the tab only on selected products?

This has stopped working with the latest Woo Commerce update

still supported? last update 9 months ago?


kyzcreig Purchased

Just purchased, styling is broken, can you please fix, it will confuse our employees: https://www.useloom.com/share/b9533fb782bc43088957e2c41dd78bce