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Hello, can i use your Color swatches plugin while the store is in catalog mode. Will the color swatches be displayed when the cart is inactive? thank you

yes it can be used.

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pshu123 Purchased


I have a few comments.

The size of the swatches when text/image do not appear the same. For example, I have a product with both image and text attributes that are both 22×22, but they do not appear the same.

In addition, the square boxes for text are not actually squares. The corners are rounded off. But with images, the boxes are actually squares.

If an attribute is out of stock, there is no display that the attribute is out of stock at all. A guest has to click on the swatch for any indication of that. Can this be changed?

Hello pshu123,

1. The size of the swatches when text/image do not appear the same.

width does not apply on text swatches simply because width of text swatches is determined by length of text. Still you can override it using css like
label.wcva_single_textblock {
 min-width:22px !important;

2. the square boxes for text are not actually squares

It has been designed that way. you can easily override it using extra css like
label.wcva_single_textblock {
border-radius: 05% !important;

3. If an attribute is out of stock, there is no display that the attribute is out of stock at all.

Right now plugin does allow customer to chose out of stock options. Woocommerce by default also has same behavior with default dropdowns. when customer selects options of out of stock variation , they get message that variation is out of stock. this is essential for third party plugins like “out of stock notification”. As of now plugin works this way. we may improve it in upcoming updates.

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Hi, please can you check ticket #1552, I need help. Thanks in advance. Regards

please I will pay extra if I need, just help me to fix this issue.

Hello coolnotifier,

Please check your ticket. i have responded there.

best regards

great supoort, thank you for help!

Requested support over a month ago on your support system but haven’t heard anything back, so I’ll air out my problem here:

I need to update my product inventory pretty frequently using WP All Import and I notice that after every import, it unchecks the “Enable one attribute swatches On shop/archive pages” option on every product, which forces me to go through every single product and recheck that box.

I was wondering if there was a way to just make the plugin display the color attribute on the shop/archive pages by default without having to check this checkbox?

Thank you so much, that worked like a charm! I did have to remove the double == and just use a single = to get it to work, but everything showing up like I want it to now.

I have another question. Our website has size and color variations: is it possible to get the product image to change when a user chooses just the color thumbnail BUT without clicking the size? Or can we disable the color options until someone chooses a size?

In woocommerce variation triggers only when all concerned options are selected. What you can do is to set default size into variations tab. once you have default size set for size attribute , that will be auto selected on page load so that users don’t need to select it first.

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Hello, I’d like to know how I can change the color of the swatch title in single product? For some reasons, “color” is written in orange and I would like to change this to white. And is there a reason why the tooltips are not showing in single product, even if the option is selected? Thanks!


groupeUTD Purchased

Hi! On the demo, I see that label of variation show when hovering the variation. How to do that please?

Visit Woocommerce/settings/swatches tab and enable tooltips there.

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groupeUTD Purchased

Thank you :)

Hi! Pre-purchase question:

Can the color swatches be in a dropdown grid?

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sorry for delay in response.

what you are looking for is not possible with our plugin.



wzshop Purchased

Can i get some support on my ticket 1569 ??

Hello wzshop ,

please check your ticket.

best regards

How does this plugin fair with import/export extensions? How is the data stored? Is there a backend usage demo I can see? I am looking to purchase an advanced variations plugin much like this one but I want to make sure it will work the way I need it to with WP All Import/Export.

HI, Before i buy, i want to know if this plug-in works with the flatsome theme.


yes. it should work fine.

best regards

Hi, we have the problem that some colors (color switcher) are not appears. There are only blank boxes. All colors are created in the backend in the same way.

For example on this product page: https://aby-shirt.de/produkt/mantis-mens-superstar-hoodie-ben/


Hi Admin,

Cant compatible with WPML, please have a look Eng ver : http://www.mineyo.com.my/shop/product/color-game-dewy-lip-pencil/ Chinese Ver : http://www.mineyo.com.my/shop/product/%E7%8E%A9%E8%89%B2%E7%9B%88%E6%B6%A6%E5%8F%A3%E7%BA%A2%E7%AC%94/?lang=zh-hans

The Variable Thumbnails unable to display, please advise.

Cheers Dsteam