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d3colors Purchased

Why does it take 6 days to get an answer to a ticket? (ticket number #1835)

Hello d3colors,

Please check your ticket.

best regards

Are the colours meant to show on the Swatch Widget in the sidebar? And if you select one of the swatches in the side bar, should the others remain, so you can “switch between the filters”?

Hello 79design,

Have you set color/images for attribute options under product/attributes ? see this. i believe you haven’t set it.

I have tested this feature on localhost and it is working as expected.

best regards

Sorry – are you asking if we have set some colours in the Attributes, because yes, we have dozen and dozens of products using the colours. When we hover over them on the category pages, the image changes. When we choose them on the product page, the image changes and it works. EXCEPT… when you add the widget on the left, it does NOT show the colours.

You see to be asking if we have even started using it…. of course we have!!

Hi. It’s now been Two whole weeks since we raised a format ticket on your website, and nothing has been replied. We are really extremely disappointed.

We came to this screen because you seem to reply here, rather than on your own support website. We have added all products and colours and everything, yet the Color Swatch on the side bar widgets works only for Text swatches. ie. S, M, L. But it does not render any ‘code’ for the colours. This is the issue.

Please respond. We feel rather let down.


maxarman Purchased

There is a way to hide a swatch instead of disable it when the variation is out of stock?


Hello maxarman,

Sorry Plugin does not hide out of stock options as of now. It is required to show them to make them work with third party plugins like “out of stock notification”.

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it takes weeks for tickets. Where are you guys now?

Does it work with LaBomba theme?

Hello angelcapitalventures,

I haven’t tested with LaBomba theme. so i can’t say for sure but if after purchase if plugin does not work for you as it should , you will have a option to ask for refund.

best regards

Hi, can you please follow up on ticket #1844? I have purchased the plugin a week ago and can’t use it because the images on the product page don’t change when a color is selected.


Hi dchristof,

Please check your tiket.

best regards

Hello WP world!

Does this plugin works with WooCommerce Products Filter PRO? We had a conflict with another Variation plugin (WooCommerce Show Single Variations) and WooCommerce Products Filter PRO.

https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-products-filter/ https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-show-single-variations/13523915

Before buying, we just want to be sure.

Thank you.

Never had chance to test these plugins together so i can’t say for sure. But after purchase plugin if our product doesn’t work for you as it should then you will have a option to ask for refund.

best regards

your plugin don’t work with avada theme, in widget area last color isnt’ clickable and in the product page don’t online with color text and whne click don’t change price. www.grassocchiali.it

hello cdsdevid,

Please check your ticket #1885.

best regards

Sent in a ticket a couple days ago: Ticket #1881 to see why the plugin stopped working on our site (clicking on any of the variation images on the product page does not seem to work: http://nakoaleather.com). Everything is up to date. Please help us out.

Hello aaquitaine,

Please check your ticket and respond.

best regards

Hi, We already have hundreds of products in our shop with images set for each variation. Would this plugin grap the default variation image by default? Or do we have to update each product manually in a new field? Thank you

It will work the same way it works with default dropdowns.

best regards

I have written many tickets to your site but to date I have not received your answer. I installed the avada theme in my site www.grassocchiali.it but the color choice is not visible in the shop page and on the page of the single product the colors are out of line respect to the “color” text and when i go to change color seen Changing the price below should show the price tag what it does only if you disable the plugin and use the avada dropdown menu.

Hello cdsdevid,

issue 1 :- color choice is not visible in the shop page

First make sure you have enabled shop swatches as per this article.


if still not showing , then most probably your theme is not including the core template hooks on archive page template same way most of other themes do. Please visit woocommerce/settings/wooswatches tab and try other two options for “shop swatches location” dropdown.

if still does not work with any option then your theme is not including any of these 3 core template hooks.

woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title woocommerce_before_shop_loop_item_title woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item

Please refer the code of content-product.php file inside your theme’s woocommerce/templates directory.

issue 2:- price not showing on product page

This is a theme specific issue. your theme is hiding pricing template by default using javascript . To fix this open avada-woocommerce.js and around line 157-161 find below given code

file location :- wp-content/themes/Avada/assets/min/js/general/avada-woocommerce.js

jQuery( '.variations_form' ).on( 'show_variation', function() {
      jQuery( '.product-type-variable .variations_form > .single_variation_wrap .woocommerce-variation-price' ).remove();
      jQuery( '.product-type-variable .variations_form > .single_variation_wrap .woocommerce-variation-availability' ).remove();

and replace it with /* jQuery( ’.variations_form’ ).on( ‘show_variation’, function() { jQuery( ’.product-type-variable .variations_form > .single_variation_wrap .woocommerce-variation-price’ ).remove(); jQuery( ’.product-type-variable .variations_form > .single_variation_wrap .woocommerce-variation-availability’ ).remove(); }); */

Then add below given extra css to your theme’s extra css section.

.woocommerce-variation-price { display: !important; }

best regards

i use your guide to active color on shop page, http://www.grassocchiali.it/shop/page/2/ but if you go and view when you click on color it don’t change image

It seems that you have not set hover images for chosen attribute. Please visit variation select tab and upload your hover image for each attribute options. It will work. see this http://imgur.com/a/BphfI

best regards

Will this work with search filters and category pages?

It will not work with search filters. and category pages will show any one attribute swatches like http://woomatrix.com/wooswatches/

best regards


santolla Purchased

how do I enable the variations in a single product shortcode?

use [product_page id=”“] shortcode.

best regards


skpsoft Purchased

Why does it takes about 2 days to response a (tickets # 1894)???


skpsoft Purchased

Still not received response from the seller. clicking on any of the variation images on the product page does not seem to work. Everything is up to date. Please help us out.

Hello skpsoft,

Please check your ticket. i have responded there with step to resolve the conflict.

best regards

I have been waiting for a reply on my ticket now for 18 days. My college left the same ticket 43 days and you haven’t replied to either.

Please respond to ticket #1845!!

Hello davidthomas19,

Please check your ticket. I have responded there.

best regards

We deeply unhappy with the support. We raised a format ticket on your website, and this is what it now says: “Being Processed since 20 days 18 hours”. No one has replied. And no one has replied to our very clear description of the problem. The COLORS in the Widget bar do not show. Yet this is what it is all about. For WooMatrix, please visit this ticket: http://support.woomatrix.com/support/tickets/1849

Hello 79design,

Kindly check your ticket and respond there.

best regards

hi this plugin looks like it could be good for my site. i have a shop where about half the poducts have attributes like size, color, dimensions, style etc. some sizes are only available in one color. for example, i have a tshirt in green, blue and red, and in S, M, L. the blue tshirt only comes in size S. i want that when the customer clicks on blue, the other 2 sizes will get greyed out automatically. will that be possible? or will i have to set the stock status to out of stock for every single possible unavailable combination?

i imported all my products using a csv file in wp allimport. will the settings of your plugin be able to override the import settings? or will i have to change everything manually?

the best thing would be if you could grant me access to the admin side of the plugin, so that i can try it out.

i’d appreciate your quick response. thanks

1. the other 2 sizes will get greyed out automatically. will that be possible?

It does gey out unavailable options but does not grey out out of stock options.

2. will the settings of your plugin be able to override the import settings?

you can override the settings globally from settings page.

3. the best thing would be if you could grant me access to the admin side of the plugin, so that i can try it out.

It is against envato policy. so i can not grant you access. But after purchase if our plugin does not work for you , you will have a option to ask for refund.

best regards

Hello, In my website I have products with 40 colors. There are many red variations for example, but I want to show in filter only one red color. Is there any way to group them? It’s not ok for me to show 40 colors in the filter.

Sorry what you are looking for is not possible in woocommerce. In Woocommerce when you create two variants of same color , woocommerce treats it as a separate attribute options. Technically these are just attribute options with different texts. There is not inbuilt color attributes.

best regards

Hi I ‘ve purchased your plugin. I use Wordpress 4.8 and Woocomerce 3.1.1. I’ve a problem with the plugin. It doesn’t really work like it should be. When a user clicks on a variant on shop category level he is moved to product page but without displayed picture of a product, that he have chosen. Another problem is that when the user changes the variant from one the other the plugin doesn’t display the correct picture of a variant.

I have created a one product page in order for to have a better picture of what I’m experiencing: https://goodair.pl/sklep/maska-respro-sportsa/

what happens if you deactivate our plugin and test with default dropdowns ? does image change with default dropdowns ? Please remember that this is a core woocommerce feature and image should change with default dropdowns also.

if image does not change with default dropdowns then there is something else which is causing this.First make sure you have setup images for each variation into variations tab. if still not working It could be due to your theme or third party plugins. Change your theme to default twenty-twelve theme and test weather problem persists or not . if it is working with default theme then its a conflict created by theme.contact theme author in that case.

In case Issue still persists deactivate all plugins except woocommerce and and see if issue is resolved or not. if resolved activate other plugins each one by one to find the conflicting one . Once you find the conflict plugin , ask its author for more help.

best regards

Hi thanks for quick response. I have deactivated plugin but still there is a problem. So this i a issue with my woocommerce. Do you have any idea about where to look for?