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Hello I haven’t received and answer on my ticket #1957. I need it ASAP, thanks

Hello optimized,

Please check your ticket. I have updated your ticket with solution.

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Hi, When I create a product with variations SIZE and COLORS with WP all import there is no variations color in open swatch and the Enable Openswatch for this product is setup with YES, Why ? can you help me please ?

I believe you are commenting on wrong product page.

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Is this plugin compatible with any quick view plugins?

As of now plugin does not support any third party quick view features since it is not a part of woocommerce core. default dropdowns will show instead of swatches on quick view.

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Hello, please I need an answer on this ticket #1957. THIS IS URGENT!

Hello optimized,

Please check your ticket. I have updated your ticket with solution.

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Looking to buy this, but have a question. Will the attribute image show on the product page (not attribute tab) for simple products? I need multiple attribute small icons but not in a variable product.- thank you

No. this plugin only works for variable products not simple products.

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MattCrux Purchased

Hey I put in a ticket a long time ago to get some help for my pricing issue, can you please help me out? It’s been over a month and I really need to get this problem fixed… ticket number is #1921

Hi, I’m wondering if this plugin is compatible with the Atelier Theme? Thank you!

Also, would like to check that this plugin supports multiple images per variation, correct? That means when a variant is already picked on the product page, only the images that belongs to the selected variant will be displayed?

1. I haven’t tested our plugin with atelier theme. though it should work fine with all the theme that follows WP/WC standards. In case of incompatibility , you will have a option to ask for refund.

2. No. this plugin does not support multiple images per variation. for that you will need separate plugin like woothumbs and additional variations images like

https://codecanyon.net/item/woothumbs-awesome-product-imagery/2867927 https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-additional-variation-images/

3. Yes that is possible. WooCommerce supports default attribute options which are selected automatically on page load.

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Do you plan to ever make the sold out variations to fade out?

I’m desperately in need of this feature…

Thanks for your time!

As of now we don’t have such plan. Plugins shows out of stock options as this functionality is required for third party plugins like “out of stock notification”.

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boltmason Purchased

My ticket is almost 5 days old with no response: #1978 URGENT Glitch – Variables do not grey out properly when out of stock. Please assist.

Hello boltmason,

Please check your ticket.

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optimized Purchased

Hello I Need Help with the Ticket #1957

Urgently please!

Hello optimized,

please check your ticket.

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Quick question, lets say you have an item with two attributes (color and size) but only want to show the available color attributes on the shop/archive/category pages – will this plugin allow that option?

Yes. This plugin only shows any one attribute on shop/category/archive pages. If you chose color to be displayed on shop/archive pages, all the colors which are showing on single product page will show on shop/category/archive page also.

Please see plugin demo page https://woomatrix.com/wooswatches/

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Hey there! I like your variable product attributes plugin and want to buy it, however had one question.

On selecting a different color variation on product page, instead of just changing the image on the page, can we redirect visitor to that color product page with all the images. This makes product / inventory management a lot easier.

Check this site for example: https://biink.com/products/biink-athleisure-hoodie-black?variant=18585063301

On choosing different color it actually redirects visitor to that page. Which is perfect!

Please advise.


Good idea but woocommerce does not work this way. Woocommerce handles all variation triggering functionality on same page without reloading them. Our plugin does not change that behavior.

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Does your plugin support Woocommerce Variable subscription?

This plugin just converts default dropdowns into color/image swatches. Rest of woocommerce functionality remains same.

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Pre sale question: What happens when a variation is out of stock? Is the swatch greyed out or does it dissapear?

When out of stock variation options are selected , user will get message like “this variation is out of stock”. It is same as it is with default dropdowns. it does not grey out or disappear.

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Hi,Image swatches are working on shop and single product page, Can you please have a look into it? Shop Page: http://mfg-devs.com/demo-themes/maxontshirts/shop/ Single Page http://mfg-devs.com/demo-themes/maxontshirts/shop/second-product/


1. Images not changing on shop page.

It seems that you have not set hover images for chosen attribute. Please visit wooswatches tab and upload your hover image for each attribute options. It will work.

2. Image not changing on single product page.

what happens if you deactivate our plugin and test with default dropdowns ? does image change with default dropdowns ?

if image does not change with default dropdowns then there is something else which is causing this.First make sure you have setup images for each variation into variations tab. if still not working It could be due to your theme or third party plugins. Change your theme to default twenty-twelve theme and test weather problem persists or not . if it is working with default theme then its a conflict created by theme. In case Issue still persists deactivate all plugins except woocommerce and and see if issue is resolved or not. if resolved activate other plugins each one by one to find the conflicting one .

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