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Presale question: the plugin looks great! Could you please tell me, how would this system handle a large amount of color options (40+) ?



BMacko Purchased

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve verified in the settings: “Enable Tooltip on Swatches” is ON and “Unavailable Options Behavior” is set to DISABLE UNAVAILABLE OPTIONS

Unfortunately the tooltip still does not display, and products variations that are unavailable are not being greyed out.

Using wooswatches 2.4, woocommerce 3.2.1., WordPress 4.8.3.


It should work.

Make sure you have cleaned your cache. If still not working please open support ticket with one product url on which issue is visible.


best regards


BMacko Purchased

Thank you for the reply. I believe I will be opening a ticket shortly. Before I do so, do you know if it’s possible to have a red X or some other other graphic-overlay to be shown ontop of the “out of stock/unavailable” items as opposed to the greyed out style? The greyed out version just makes the color swatches look like a different color.


Posted a support ticket within the support area 21 days ago and it still has not been answered? Ticket number #2020 – can someone please respond to this ASAP?

Can someone please come back to me regarding my support query within 24 hours as I’ve waited too long now for support on my issue?

WooMatrix, I am still awaiting support regarding my query, please can you update me or provide details on how I can get a refund?

The issue has now been resolved

hi have this problem

product-frontend.js:37 Uncaught TypeError: parent.jQuery is not a function at HTMLLabelElement.<anonymous> (product-frontend.js:37) at HTMLFormElement.dispatch (jquery.js:3) at a.r.hadle (jquery.js:3)

look https://horomidis.gr/product/γλάστρες/cilindro-pastel/

the conflict is beetween yours and YITH WOOCOMMERCE CATEGORY ACCORDION when subcategories are open

Do you know of a way to layer the product variations using PNG images to stack on top of each other?

  • 1) Object (base) – Shows a bottom image
  • 2) Detail 1 – Layers an image on top of the Base image
  • 3) Detail 2 – Layers an additional image atop the previous
  • 4) so on…

I’m asking about this because the amount of images I need to create without stacking PNG’s is over 1 billion. So, I’m looking for a better solution.

This functionality is controlled by core woocommerce. Our plugin does not change it at all. So first you need to find a plugin that makes it work with default dropdowns. Our plugin just converts default dropdown into color/image swatches. rest of WC functionality remains same.

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Hi, I am working for a client with your plugin, the client does not have the price section, how do I display the filter if the plugin only has the option to display post or before the price?

Are there any php tags?

I guess you are asking about the location of shop swatches.

On shop page our plugin uses below given three template hooks

woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title woocommerce_before_shop_loop_item_title woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item

if your theme does not include any of them then shop swatches will not show. in that case you will need to insert hook into template code menually by editing template code. like

<?php do_action(‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title ‘); ?>

if I want to put in the single of the products?

on single product page variable.php template controls the location of price/add-to-cart button and swatches.

Please check the code of wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-colororimage-variation-select\woocommerce\single-product\add-to-cart\variable.php

best regards


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Hello, Is there any way to change the product image on the product page without selecting all the variations like size and color? I have products that have size and color and the product image is changed only when both are selected. I want to be changed when someone clicks on the color.

In woocommerce variation triggers only when all concerned options are selected. What you can do is to set default size into variations tab. once you have default size set for size attribute , that will be auto selected on page load so that users don’t need to select it first.

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I’ve asked a question via support 6 days and 22 hours ago with no response.


Could I get a response ASAP?

Kind Regards

Hello brunodeneve,

Please check your ticket.

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Scheuing Purchased

Hi! I wrote to the support page 6 days ago and nobody answer to me till today. The ID ticket is #2064 . Can you help me please? Or I have to ask for a refund?


Scheuing Purchased

The dropdown works well with your plugin deactivated. I have a problem with your procedure. All my products are translated duplicating and not copying ora creating they. So every time I tried to modify each language versione, WPML suggest me to translate wit Woocommerce Multilingual. More detail on my support ticket.


Scheuing Purchased

Where is the priority you wrote in your last message? 3 days waiting..

Please try below given method. It will work. I have verified it with latest WPML versions.

You need to enable color/image swatches globally first. Visit wooswatches tab into woocommerce/settings menu and there check “Enable default attribute options ” and then enable color/image swatches there. then click on “set color/images” button for that attribute. Configure color/images for that attribute values as shown into

Now swatches should show with all the languages if not open edit product page and make sure that product has “global values” as display type in wooswatches tab. If you copy from any existing product , make sure it has “global values” as display type.

This method will work on all the new products you create.

best regards

Hello, Can you have a look at this ticket. The plugin sometimes doesn”t work on mobiles. http://support.woomatrix.com/helpdesk/tickets/2076

Hello stanconstantin18,

Please check your ticket.

best regards

have any website can see out of stock display?

No we don’t have demo site for that. As of now plugin allows users to select out of stock options, when selected user gets message that this variation is out of stock. Behavior is same as default dropdowns. this way our plugin works with third party plugins like out of stock notifications.

best regards

Hello!. I have an inquiry…

How does the variation options look when a variation is sold out?.

I need the option to appear with a light opacity or not exactly like when the variation of the product it’s available at least… didn’t see an example of that in the preview website or in the screenshots.

Thank you!.

As of now plugin allows users to select out of stock options, when selected user gets message that this variation is out of stock. Behavior is same as default dropdowns. this way our plugin works with third party plugins like out of stock notifications.

best regards

Presale Question:

Is this plugin able to dynamically change the product image based on a customer’s selection using a color picker? I have a custom color option on my product, and would like for the customer to be able to use a color picker to dynamically change the product image based on their selection. Please advise if this is possible using your plugin, and if so I will purchase.



Sorry not possible.

best regards

Please, I wrote to support 14 and 9 days ago and no answer. I love this plugin and I don’t wanna ask a refound and switch to another one… Thank’s

Hello enricomaggio,

Sorry for the delay.

Please check your tickets.

best regards


Scheuing Purchased

A suggestion for anyone who want to buy any plugin from this vendor : I bought so many plugins or themes in Themeforest’s Market and I never found a worst support than this one. They spend like 6 or more days to answer to a ticket. If the first answer doesn’t work, more 6 days (or never) to check you answer and found another solution. Bad bad bad!

Hello scheuing ,

Please check your ticket.


best regards

Hey, the main picture on the product page those not change when you change the colors. I tried everything do solve this: I deactivated all other plugins, I deactivated this plugin and it works fine with the drop down menu. How can I change this? Thank you! https://www.nimbi.at/shop/0-morgentau-vgp-1

Hello nimbi_paperjewelry,

Please check your ticket.


best regards

Be warned – a polite warning…. if your website uses NGINX or possible Apache, and you have your Object Cache deactivated (which can help speed up the Admin Dashboard), it will REMOVE your Variables and Attributes from the screen. It keeps them in the database, but the plugin somehow seems to take the content into a Cache, and use the Cache only. If the Object Cache (not the general Super Cache type thing) is deactivated, no products’ Add to Cart will appear, and the Variables tab in Edit Product become empty.

Support: If there is a fix for this, please let us know. We had 4 hours of downtime as a result of this flaw. I did email the developers of this plugin about another issue, never had a satisfactory reply, so posting it here in case others have come across it.

Thanks for your feedback.

Are you sure that cause of this issue lies into our plugin ? I m surprised to hear this because entire functionality and database of Variables/Attributes is managed by woocommerce core. Our plugin builds its data on that data(stores as post meta). It does not touch core variable/attribute data/functionality in anyway.

I believe this issue will stay even if you deactivate our plugin. Also rule out any max_input_var related issue.


Also deactivate our plugin and then setup same cache settings and see if issue stays or not.

Though i will investigate more on it.

best regards

To quote our hosts who are investigating this: “To give you an idea I’ve turned of the object cache on the staging area, uninstalled the WooSwatches plugin, removed references it in the database. Killed the cache both the object and the wp_options one. Install the plugin, and it fails to show, reenable the object cache and as if by magic it has returned.

My current thoughts, are the plugin author have implemented some attempt at fragment caching, which they are storing as an object somewhere but are reference in the DB. So when the Object cache is there the object is recreated, but when its not there its simply being returned false and returning nothing.”

So the WooSwatch works ONLY if Object Cache is enabled (which slows the Admin side down and isn’t really necessary).

Strange issue. are you getting any debug errors from our plugin when admin side is down ?

“are the plugin author have implemented some attempt at fragment caching”

Not at all. Our plugin has no business to interfere with caching functionality in anyway. It doesn’t make sense for variation plugin to mess with caching related things.

Do you have any idea what part of our plugin code or file could be creating this issue ?

I want to show the color picker under the add to cart button. How can I accomplish that? Standard it shows above the add to cart button. Thanks!

There is no purchase badge along with this comment. Kindly contact us with verified purchase account.

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