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Xenos1995 Purchased

Hi it’s been more than 3 days since I created ticket on your support page but yet I have not head from you guys

Hello Xenos1995,

please check your ticket.

best regards


TatumLD Purchased

Hello. I am waiting for replies to my support tickets. Ticket #1467 is 19 days old. Ticket #1495 is 3 days old.

Hello tatumLD,

please check your tickets.

best regards

Hello WooMatix! I’ve got a question for you! I have already instaled plugin named “Woo Table Based Pricing” I would like to buy your plugin aswell but im afraid of plugin conflict, can you check somehow it can work together or not ? if not can you make it work for some extra cash ? regards

I haven’t checked both plugin together so i can’t rule out any conflict. Most probably both plugin will work separately for their purpose. after purchase if there is any conflict found between both plugins, you will have a option to ask for refund and we will happily approve it.

best regards

Hi ! I need to know if your plugin could work with the theme “Ronneby” and if the “product galerie” will display well after installing your plugin.


I haven’t tested our plugin with theme ronneby yet so i can’t say about it for sure.

but our plugin is supposed to work fine with any theme that follows wordpress and woocommerce standarads.

best regards


PECNET Purchased

Hello I’m interested in your plugins.

I would like to know one thing, I have a variable product With several examples of color blue, green and red.

I would like to know if I switch to the red product, if it will also display the red image group?

Because by color I have several images, I understood that we can switched by color but as I said I would like to know if it also displays the color group image

thank you


Woocommerce by default does not support such image group.You need to set images for respective color into variations tab. Our plugin just converts default dropdowns into color/image swatches. rest of functionality on product page will remain same.

best regards

Ok I bought your script, I combined with another plugin and it works :-)

glad it worked.

best regards

Hi, I have a presales question. I know this has been asked many times and your plugin does not support the features below:

For a color and size attributions:

1) Able to adding additional images to the variables. 2) Selecting color attribute only to change the main product image with additional images. (normally you need to select both color and size) 3) If the 2nd option is not possible, is it possible to give a link to colour attributes to redirect it to the chosen colours product page. 4) Greying out the buttons for “out of stock” sizes

Are you planning to add these features in near future? If you do, I am willing to pay more to buy your plug,n:)

When I click at the image, it didn’t select the option. Can you help me?