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The plugin conflicts with the theme Flatsome!

In what way? Open a ticket so we can have a look http://support.aa-team.com/ There should not be any issues with your theme as the plugin creates it’s own pages and doesn’t use anything from the theme.

the answer of your support ticket#20027 : ” I deactivated the plugin WooSale – Woocommerce Sale Campaign Pages, this issue it is not about our plugin!” – very cool(((

Please check your ticket. We need some input from your side :)

good work, awesome ! :) all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you :)

Thank you

I have purchased this plugin but I cannot install it to my woocommerce. Please help. (korea@tevametic.co.il)

Please open a support ticket at http://support.aa-team.com and we will look into your issue. Thank you.

PRE-SALES Question:

Say I’m selling custom t-Shirts (or whatever); and I want to give certain students (at a University) their own personal campaign… Will this script allow me to register individual students and allow each one to have a password protected campaign? Will it collect their personal information i.e., Name and University… (My Client deals with several different Universities and she wants to setup campaigns for some of the students there… she would also need a log of what student/campaign was used so that the student receives a commision)... can this script handle this?

Hi ragtech,
This plugin can not connect each individual information but you can create a password protected campaign (one password for that campaign) and give that password to all the students.

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hello.a few pre-purchase question.: 1-is it adaptive to RTL wordpress site?can i make it RTL? 2-does it have “spring campaign build-in theme?”or is it possible to build a new theme for spring season with floral rain?(if so,how?) 3-how does it work?is it a pop-up button only?or i can use it as a link in my site? 4-finally,can i use different category on each page? your pleasure if answer me quickly.thnks

Hi hamidsajjadi,
1. You can make the plugin RTL. It’s actually done by WordPress.
2. It doesn’t but you can easily create one.
3. It’s a page that you can get to via a link or replacing the homepage.
4. You can combine them the way you want them.

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thank u .how can i change the snowfall to flower rain?and how can i turn the background image position to fixed or full width??

Unfortunately you can not change the snowfall from this plugin but you can deactivate the snowfall option from our plugin and install a new plugin that can make a flower rain, that should do the trick. For the background image position you can open a ticket and we will guide you there: http://support.aa-team.com

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it is a “Must-have” plugin for every online shop.i was looking for such a pro plugin,finally i,m glade to find it.it is exactly what i was looking for.thank you.it is very easy to use and useful.i hope my business to grow by this.