Discussion on woopy | iOS Universal Listings + Chat App Template (Swift)

Discussion on woopy | iOS Universal Listings + Chat App Template (Swift)

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why is this written in parse and not firebase backend

is there a way to make the listings made by users?

Try to open a ticket , we will help ;)

Is there anyway to get 1 on 1 support with this because i have purchased the code but it keeps saying build failed etc…can i get some help?

Yes, please submit a ticket here ;)

Hi, Is it possible to add a rental feature?

Yes sure, if you need any customization, contact me via my profile page. ș)

Good luck with your sales

I am getting the following issue:

cubycodeteam-woopy-ios-a0763e85a89f/woopy.xcodeproj Building for iOS, but the linked and embedded framework ‘Stripe.framework’ was built for iOS + iOS Simulator.

Could you please help? Thank you

Hi, please open a ticket here : , we will help you ;)

hi whats the payment gateways stripe and apple pay for?

You can use them in your live app.

my question was what will the payment gateways be used for? because i don’t see any feature in the app to bump ads or pay for ad upgrades. so i am wondering what the payment gateways are for? or is there payment features inside the app already that i missed?

As if you see the woopy app scope, then you will find that this is pureply the e-commerce app where users can buy and sell the products against the ads. So here is the purpose for payment gateway (Apple Pay), which we introduced in our app for user payments and integrated with Stripe. So that users can see all the of sold products with total balance on Stripe backend.

I have not received a refund. I am still waiting on a refund.

1. How do I utilize the subcategories! 2. Can you provide a tutorial/step by step on adding fields to the app? I can add to the database and to the storyboard, but can’t see how to link them together.


You can open a ticket for this here:

Heading there now. ty

Is there a new version? I just purchased yesterday and I have the latest software versions (just updated everything) and I am getting multiple errors upon compiling.

Swift Compiler Warning Group
'MPMoviePlayerController' was deprecated in iOS 9.0: Use AVPlayerViewController in AVKit.
'MPMoviePlayerController' was deprecated in iOS 9.0: Use AVPlayerViewController in AVKit.
'public' modifier is redundant for property declared in a public extension
'UIUserNotificationType' was deprecated in iOS 10.0: Use UserNotifications Framework's UNAuthorizationOptions
'UIUserNotificationSettings' was deprecated in iOS 10.0: Use UserNotifications Framework's UNNotificationSettings
'registerUserNotificationSettings' was deprecated in iOS 10.0: Use UserNotifications Framework's -[UNUserNotificationCenter requestAuthorizationWithOptions:completionHandler:] and -[UNUserNotificationCenter setNotificationCategories:]
Treating a forced downcast to 'String' as optional will never produce 'nil'
Use 'as?' to perform a conditional downcast to 'String'
Add parentheses around the cast to silence this warning
Unnecessary check for 'iOS'; enclosing scope ensures guard will always be true
Enclosing scope here
Initialization of immutable value 'credential' was never used; consider replacing with assignment to '_' or removing it
Initialization of immutable value 'appleUsername' was never used; consider replacing with assignment to '_' or removing it
Initialization of immutable value 'applePassword' was never used; consider replacing with assignment to '_' or removing it
Expression implicitly coerced from '[PFObject]?' to 'Any'
Provide a default value to avoid this warning
Force-unwrap the value to avoid this warning
Explicitly cast to 'Any' with 'as Any' to silence this warning
Warning Group
Launch images are deprecated in iOS 13.0. Use a launch storyboard or XIB instead.
'UILaunchImages' has been deprecated, use launch storyboards instead.

try to download now the latest version.

I downlaoded the version you added today. It’s still filled with errors.

so u guys still haven’t fixed that chat icon by placing it in a better more visible and obvious place? wow! cant believe it! this has been more than 1 year request.

where is new screenshots of app design?

Hi Octopos we are not working on the new design currently and when we update the design we will get notified. Regards CubyCode

is there an update planned?

Hi Octopos, its in the pipeline Regards CubyCode

Congratulations nice job.

Hello! I am ready to launch my app but you guys did an update recently… How do I update the app without overwriting all my work??

Do you have Old version ?? Means which we have before than this design??

Reason being we have made changes only in design and enhance UI experience. We have not change and feature and back-end structure of App. So it will not effect any work.

Feel free to ask any question over here:

Is it possible to add IAP function? Any guideline?

Yes its easily do able , you can integrate that module, our app is supportive in this manner.

Can you help me?

Yes. just open a ticket via

Any update for the latest ios? Also Pagination, subcategory, and chat icon (adsdetail page)

We have a plan to update the apps but not at the moment, you can customize them if you want these features, or we can provide you the services to do so but that would be paid.

You can open up a ticket here if you have any question.

still no redesign of chat icon?

Hi, can you please let me know what you want exactly ?

At first I can’t build because of pod AlamofireImage. After done some clear temp file and rebuild pod I manage to build it. But so sad to see ads list performance. it keep loading when scrolling down. Image keep changing. Help us test again with 50 ads and try scroll down see the different. and one thing. There’s huge different between android and iOS now.

New update was ok. but, pagination still not apply on this update. It only show my ads until 3 weeks ago. My ads list start from January last year :)

Yes we will consider the pagination for next release.

May i know what is the latest update? I don’t see any changelog

The new update isn’t able to build

Neither one of them work, I got 4 Alamofire issues, Swift Compiler Error, Expected Module Declaration, Skipping Stray Token, Underlying Objective-C module “Alamofie” not found, Could not build Objective-C module ‘System Configuration’

let me check it again and i will update you accordingly

Error: Underlying objective-c module not found. Solution: The main problem is with Swift compiler, Steps to remove this error. Step1: Clean the project and build again.

Alternative Step: If you still see the same error, then open podfile by using terminal (Commands to open file: go to that folder of project by typing “cd with path of project’s folder”), then type “open podfile” and remove “Almofire and AlamofireImage”, Then again go to terminal and type “pod install” (This will remove alamofire and its representing libraries from your project)

Now again go to podfile and install alamofire again in the project I am also sending you some helping links on Ticksy.


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