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myed109 Purchased

Hello, while testing the app before release, i noticed a bug, when i try to write the description while posting, the keyboard hides the descripton area. so the user will not be able to see what he’s writing, please fix this soon since i want to launch my app.

OK, we will check and update the app today.


tiburti Purchased

Hi, the chat button seems to be very small and even I could not find the chat history. Could you please tell us how to make it bigger and see the chat history at somewhere in the Activity Screen or Ad Details Screen or somewhere else.Thanks

I don’t think we have Chat History functionality. If you need customization, open a ticket please. ;)

please update or provide an approach to set category sort order.

I’ve sent several emails to no avail, I tried reaching the entire team on the trello app, Im not sure what the issue is but I really need support with my woopy app, a response would appreciated.

Can I change the project name without screwing up the entire app? The “woopy” folder which contains the “wooly.entitelments” I’d like to rename my project name without messing up the app and it’s files location.


gr8 Purchased

hi, it appears there’s a problem with selecting category and sorting. the selected category or “sort by” does not stick. please check and fix.

OK, we will check and will update the app. Thanks ;)


gr8 Purchased

i see the update today. which file(s) were updated?

The code is giving me a few errors about how certain features such as UIUserNotificationType have been deprecated in past iOS versions.

Please write me in private with the error codes you are getting.

Any update for the latest xcode & ios 12.2? i got reject by apple because the app crash when click category

Please write me in private the entire error message from Apple. We will investigate on our side. Thanks ;)

I just landed on your listing and have a questions:

I would like to use this application as a “handyman” or “homeadvisor” like chat application. For instance I would like to add categories such as “carpenters”, “electricians”, etc. It is meant to put customers in contact with service providers not necessarily “items for sale”.

Is this real iOS app code and can it be modified in Swift? The template part has me confused.

Looking forward to your response.

Yes of course, this can be customized as per your needs. It’s mostly a classifieds ads app template , but you can modify the app and whole menu for a Handyman chat app. You have the skills to modify the iOS app ? or you need some help here with customization ? Just contact us via the profile page for freelance work ;) .

Can I use this custom mobile app for Android and IOS? is my multivendor photography buy-sell e-commerce site. It is fit for my website ?

Yes, you can customize this app template as you like.

Are you will implement pagination for iOS same as android version?

It is working fine on the android version. iOS you tested ?


edsonz89 Purchased

yes, because it share same database with android and it will effect android too when scrolling down ads. When I downloaded each image some image has 1-2mb size uploaded. This will make app not stable when loading image at ads list. Right now I temporary download image and resize image keep size between 50kb-150kb and replace current image on back4app. This solved that problem now but that should implement on app when users uploading image. I can’t do it manually every time user upload image. Hope you understand


edsonz89 Purchased

Can you update the ads list pagination first? It’s important for us because I have more than 200 ads. For uploading image take your time. I do the temporary method. Thanks

can we create chatting groups like whatsapp and other people can join the group?